Monday, December 9, 2013

Inside the Home of a Furniture Designer.

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Alejandro Sticotti is a furniture designer and his beautiful home located in Buenos Aires is simply divine.

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Seriously, what’s not to love? xx

photos by Cristobal  Palma

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  1. Stacy,
    Hello Sweetheart. Where to begin. I know I love the street that is paved in bricks. That tells me that is a very old area. In New Orleans, there are several brick paved streets. The home is drop dead gorgeous. Rooms spacious. I do like a little bit of heavier furniture, but this works well here.
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    Check out the video.
    Merry Christmas and best wishes year round Dearest,
    Marie Antoinette

  2. Nice furniture. I always like new designed furniture for my room.
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  3. WOW! And that kitchen? Bring it on! So much light, that's the type of kitchen I love. Happy day Stacey! Anita

  4. The natural light everywhere is the perfect touch for this home decor!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. What a fantastic kitchen, I love it!!!

  6. Totally agree with you!! Beautiful, personal home. The butterfly chairs always comes close to my heart. Wishing you a Great Day!!

  7. Seriously cool!! Such taste and style. This is a home one does not forget! xo Loi

  8. This is a gorgeous space. I love the mixing of old and new materials.

  9. Amen! Love the no fuzz decorating and all the clean lines but sense of comfort despite it all!

  10. The furniture is really very awesome and I too would like to buy such type of furniture for my home.


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