Monday, December 30, 2013

The Best Craft Cocktails and Bartending with Flair: A Review

Craft Cocktails
Just in time for New Year’s Eve

I am a coffee and cocktail snob. I love a classy, sophisticated looking cocktail although ones behavior may be quite the opposite at the end of consumption( though we should always drink responsibly). I just love when things look pretty! This book overflows with hip, fresh, and modern takes on cocktail creations. It’s no surprise since both authors are trendsetters. One of the the authors, Christine Dionese is a co-founder of Garden Eats, a place to learn about organic kitchen gardening that provides easy and tasty ways to facilitate a healthier lifestyle. The other author, Jeremy LeBlanc is the head mixologist for the well known Altitude Sky Lounge.

well dressed bartender
A well dressed bartender with a winning smile greeted me as soon as I opened the book AND then I flipped a few pages ahead where I saw this:

Craft Cocktails
Of course since I have almost all of these already here, I plan on actually giving this a test try tomorrow for a New Year’s Eve "shinding" that I’m hosting.

I’ve highlighted a couple of my faves from the book below. I am also really smitten with their presentation.

Shake Twist
Shake, Shake Twist on page 25

Basil Julep
Basil Julep(perfect for Kentucky Derby parties too), page 39

Mon Cheri Moscow Mule
Mon Cheri Moscow Mule. A mixture of cherries, ginger, vodka in carbonated ginger beer has to taste divine! I am in love with the container too! Page 115

craft cocktail
Pressed and Minted can only mean refreshing and earthy. I imagine this would be a go to cocktail especially in the Summer. Page 182.

In the book, a craft cocktail is defined as one that has been constructed with time and thoughtfulness, intended to imprint an unforgettable taste.  I am looking forward to impressing guests and leaving an unforgettable taste in their mouths. Heck, I want to leave an unforgettable taste in my mouth so I will be trying these even if I am not entertaining!  It’s definitely worth your perusal. It’s almost 2014!! How amazing is that!? Blessings and one love. xx

P.S. I was given the book to review but the thoughts, adjectives, and unique expressions are all my own.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Happy Friday
I snapped this with my phone the other day. He was searching for juice. Nowadays,  he goes to the pantry to get food on his own. It’s just unbelievable to me how much he has grown! Happy Friday everyone! Oh and he’s responsible for those pics that are barely hanging on to the wall. They get into everything, don’t they?Smile xx

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pared Down and Cozy in Berlin and a Winner!

Happy Boxing Day
NB: Winner of the giveaway is announced below via

Happy Boxing Day everyone! I hope you are all still having a joyous holiday with loved ones. Today we are off to Berlin to admire this beautiful minimal, yet cozy home with colour in all the right places.  I am looking forward to doing a lot of paring down and getting rid of unwanted “stuff” for 2014.  How about you?

Kitchen Interior
my kitchen is never this tidy!

Home Interior design
Home decor
Decorated Book Shelf
house design interior
home interior designers
Blessings and a happy day to all. xx

The Winner!

Congrats to Vel! You are the lucky winner of the Versona Accessories giveaway! I’m so happy for you!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas at our Home.

Christmas home décor
Here it is everyone, nothing extravagant, but there is lots of happy in our Christmas décor. I stayed up until about 1 am a few days ago cleaning the house and making things somewhat presentable. Lea Hartman flew in with her cape and performed her magic in capturing our Christmas essence. Thanks Lea! No long narrative here as mama is super exhausted, but I hope you like it…

Simple Holiday Mantel
Our mantel is see through and double sided. I refer to this side as the modern side; very simple.

Christmas at our Home.

Christmas Tree
For the first time ever, we have real trees. I bought two small ones. The other is in Zion’s bedroom.

DIY Alternative Post its Christmas Tree
An alternative tree from post its and Z’s small village advent calendar that I printed and made from Mr. Printables.

Sunroom Decorated for the Holidays
In the sunroom where the main tree is. It’s all about colour explosion in here!

Colorful Christmas Tree
Christmas special Home decor
The other side of the mantel that faces the sunroom.

Christmas at our Home.
Christmas Tree ornaments
One of a Kind Christmas Ornament
Christmas at our Home.
Christmas at our Home.
Simple Christmas Table Styling
a simple tablescape  for the boys and myself

Christmas Table

Simple Christmas Table Styling

Simple Christmas Table Styling

Christmas Front Door decor
Merry Christmas one and all! I may be able to pop back in one more time before Christmas day, but with my schedule, the chances are slim! We shall see what happens. Until then, stay blessed and sending lots of love to every single one of you! Muah, muah!! xx

photography by Lea Hartman

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

What I’m Loving: Rooms and Gifts.

Photo Dec 19, 10 36 09 AM
I recently found out that blogger extraordinaire, Mary Jo, had a store. Did you know that? Seriously, I am so behind the times. Anyway, I paired some of my favourite items from her store with rooms that match their personalitySmile. There is still time to do a little procrastinator’s shopping too!  I want everything above, how about you?
Photo Dec 19, 10 34 04 AM
Photo Dec 19, 10 40 51 AM
Photo Dec 19, 10 43 21 AM
Click on any of the links below to view the items above from Mary Jo’s shop:

Magical Lovelies:

Leopard Fold Over Clutch:
Stingray Credit Card holder (makes a great gift for men and women):
Black Calf Hair Mini Wallet
Leopard Key Fob

Perfect Stocking Stuffers

Myth Hunter Tartan Surf Wallet:
Cloudy With A Chance of Surfing Surf Wallet:
Laguna Winter Surf Nail Trio:
Diamond Drop Earrings:

Be sure to stop by tomorrow as I managed to do some tidying up so I could show you a bit of our holiday décor! xx

{room images} via

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blogger Style: Deck the Halls Part 2.

Photo Dec 16, 11 05 35 PM
I forgot to mention that I turned comments off in my prior post. I wanted to catch up on your blogs because I was so behind, plus I have been so busy with appointments etc. here. Anyway, we need to talk about this lovely home all decked out for the holidays today.

I am sure Vel needs no introduction, but in case you don’t know who she is; well, Vel is the awesome lady behind the extraordinary blog called Life and Home @ 2012.  Diy pro and design addict like myself, we instantly connected and have been inseparableSmile. I adore her!  I was floored when she recently showcased her Christmas décor. Look at the façade of her home above; so beautiful! Ok, let’s explore the inside…

Photo Dec 16, 11 04 27 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 04 37 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 04 54 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 04 41 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 04 45 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 04 50 PM Photo Dec 16, 11 05 00 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 05 17 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 05 50 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 06 03 PM
Photo Dec 16, 11 05 05 PM
There are many more pictures of her jaw dropping décor on her blog. Hop on over to check them out. Happy day all! xx