Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Mod Podge DIY with Ferm Living Wallpaper.

mod podge diy coasters with ferm living wallpaper
It smells like Thanksgiving here. Lots of seasoning and scents whiffing in the air! What are you up to? I am also sipping wine before noon; tis the season!Smile. Well, while things are baking and soaking, I figured I would share this mod podge project that I recently completed with you. I did a variation of this for my local paper using pictures, but today I am sharing the wallpaper version that I did for myself. I had this ferm living wallpaper left over from when we papered a wall in our prior home and I was excited to finally use it!

Getting Creative with Mod Podge: DIY Wallpaper Tile Coasters

I enjoyed doing this diy and I was thoroughly pleased with the results. Here are the details:

Materials Needed:

Tiles: I used  white subway tiles that I had left over from a building project. However, you can purchase inexpensive white tiles from your local hardware store.
Wallpaper: I used leftover wallpaper that I already had. If you do not have wallpaper, you can substitute wrapping paper or printed paper. You can also use pictures if you prefer. Remember, this diy can be tailored to suit any style or colour palette.

An Exacto Knife or a pair of scissors if you are precise at making a straight line.

Mod Podge Gloss Sealer:They are available at craft stores like Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics, or AC Moore.

Craft Felt: It's a great idea to adhere felts to the back of the tiles so they will not scrape or damage any furniture. Craft felts can be purchased at Walmart or any of your local craft stores.

The Process:

Trace your tiles onto your photo or paper.

Cut out the shape of your tile with an exacto knife or a pair of scissors. I left about 1/4 inch on each side because I wanted to see some of the tile as a border on each side.

Apply a small amount of any type of liquid adhesive(available at craft stores or walmart) to each tile. Use your fingers to gently press your photo or paper into place. Allow each tile to dry for approximately 20 minutes.

While they are drying using an extra tile, cut out felt shapes to place on the back of each tile.

Apply mod podge gloss sealant to each tile after it is dry. Repeat the process about 5 times allowing 20 minutes of drying time between each application.

When your tiles are thoroughly dry, apply precut felt to the back with an adhesive of your choice. Wait a day before using the coasters or before wrapping them as gifts.

The Results/Setting the Table with Mod Podge  Tiles:

mod podge diy coasters with ferm living wallpaper
A peek at our Thanksgiving table. I kept the utensils off because the boys tend to think all sharp things are toys.  The tiles look fab and pick up on the green from the plates which I already had and they were purchased from CB2 a couple years ago.  Don’t you just love that table covering? It’s a vintage laminated fabric that I scored at Hancock Fabrics some months ago! Oh, the table runner was a purchase from Pier 1 years ago and the chargers are from Target. The napkins are Kate Spade and guess what, I spent nada for this table setting. I used what I had and hoped it would all work togetherSmile.  Have you used mod podge before? Enjoy your special day my friends. xx

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some Last Minute Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration.

Hi there everyone! I am popping in to showcase some last minute tablescape ideas if you’re going to be setting the table this Thanksgiving. Currently my table looks like the one above; lacking in any type of festive table décor. Although it will be just the kiddos and myself, I am still going to dine in style. Here is a look at some Thanksgiving tablescapes that caught my eye…

Here’s to a beautiful Thanksgiving where laughter, good company, time spent with family and or friends, great food, and awesome wine will reign! Cheers to you my friends! Cheers to you too if you won’t be celebrating ThanksgivingSmile.

p.s. I have been insanely busy, but a good type of busy! I also have a few giveaways on the horizon so stay tuned…

images: {apartmenttherapy, pinterest, crateandbarrel, potterbarn, westelmpinterest, justbesplendidtumblr}

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Art in Paris.

Art in Paris
Black reigns in this drool worthy architectural gem of a Parisian home. The pops of colour, golden accessories, the variety of wood tones, and art sprinkled throughout  add panache, glamour,  and personality.

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Bathroom Design
Don’t you just love those lacquered darkly stained parquet floors! Everything about this place is just delicious! Blessings and a happy Wednesday! xx

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
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Hello everyone! Welcome to the big reveal! I can’t believe that I was able to accomplish all I did within 6 weeks.  While there are still some missing elements like window treatments and a big rug under the bed, I am very pleased with how the bedroom now  looks and the touch of feminine bohemian vibe that the room now exudes. Let’s take a look at the details…

A quick reminder of the before:

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal(before pic)
One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
For the design of this space, I went out of my comfort zone a bit with the choice of the wall paper. I am not usually inclined to florals, especially not floral wallpapers.  However, I wanted to exude feminine with a romantic flair. I also love how it juxtaposes with my modern Nelson chandelier(which many of you actually noticed and commented on when I revealed the paper in week 3). Another great feature about this wall paper is  that while  it provides a focal wall for the bed, it doesn’t detract from the bed. It was important that the bed be the focus. I absolutely love our bed which is the California King version of this Charles P. Rogers bed. 

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
I reused a number of things from other rooms in my home.  That sexy blue chair was in my sunroom. I purchased this wingback(see here), but it’s not ready yet. I will show it when it is finished. It’s amazing how this blue chair works though, almost like it was planned.

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
The letter S was also relocated from another room.  It’s the first initial of my name, and I thought it was perfect for above the bed. The letter S is curvy and exudes sexy, doesn’t it?  Sleep, sex, succumb, snoring are some of the words that come to mind for the activities that will be ‘s-trending’ in our bedroom… Another great thing is that it’s lightweight so if it falls no one will get hurt.

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
This is the wall across the bed. I kept this original credenza that I use as a dresser in the room because I just love it too much and I would have to spend way too much money to purchase something else. This piece is from Room and Board that I purchased years ago. Do you notice how the shape of the vase mimic the shape of the bedside lamps?  The oversized framed vintage art print is another favourite of mine that was actually just sitting on the floor in a guest room. Thank goodness leaning art is hip, because I don’t do the whole finding a stud and leveling thing very well and as you know(if you follow me on instagram), the hubby isn’t around. I adore the blue and white and it picks up on the bedding, the chair… I might do a gallery wall when the hubby returns home.

Feng Shui Elements

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.Read week’s 4 post that was all about the feng shui elements…

There is that gorgeous rug that you saw a peek of last week. This is “my side” of the bed and where my love center is.  Mounted on the wall(the only thing mounted) is a picture of both of us in Jamaica on vacation.
I know I showed you some bird prints that I was going to frame. However, I found a pair already framed and also those golden pair at TJmaxx and bought them last Friday. Well, I was going to attempt to hang  the framed bird art on Sunday when I saw the following comment from Jayme Barrett,  the Feng Shui author.

feng shui

Well, lucky for me because I wasn’t planning on hanging the birds facing each other! Well, I figured since I had the pair of gold bird figures, I would have them face each other and even be kissing. I returned the framed art and saved some money, plus I didn’t have to worry about finding a stud, etc. 

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
still in my love center

This pretty box holds some very sentimental items. That framed note is actually a note I wrote in a notebook the hubby had the year he was graduating High School. We stumbled upon it a while back when we were looking through boxes. I couldn’t believe he still had it! Anyway, I had written it in Spanish(Spanish was my favourite subject in high school) and called him ugly and naughty. I also told him that I hope to share a sandwich with him in bed one day. Guess that was my manifestation noteSmile. You can read a little about our story here. Also in the box is a letter that the hubby wrote me back in 2003 when he was deployed in Iraq. It’s the most romantic letter ever. He is not a mushy type of guy either hence it being even more special. The picture is of some photo booth fun on our 14 year wedding anniversary date in August.

(11-04-13) 1801
awww, how tweet

(11-04-13) 1802
the wooden bowl is a thrifted find purchased for $1 and I spray painted it white

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
This is the hubby’s side. The letter A is actually a book end, but in this space, it is A for Amor(love) and also the initial for the hubby’s first name is A. The thrifted containers (doubling as candle holders) from last week look lovely on his nigh stand.

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
I found this pencil drawing that the hubby had casually drawn some time ago and framed it using the frame from one of the thrifted art work that I showed you last week.

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
a close up of the embroidered details of one of the  luxurious euro shams on the bed

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
this duvet from Anthropologie  is sooo very pretty in person and it feels so soft to the touch.

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
orchids are so beautiful

One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
One Room Challenge: Week 6; The Reveal.
Like I mentioned before, I still need some items like curtains, etc.  I will show the updates once those are in place, but I am really loving the way the space turned out. I took a risk with the floral wall paper(thank you Don for the installation) and painted the room white! Very unlike me, but I really love it. It is very me; a mix of the things and styles I love. The hubby has seen the wallpaper via Facetime and didn’t seem to mind it. I believe there are masculine elements still in the room that he can appreciateSmile. Plus, Mama Bear deserves to have a girly space! 
A big, big thank you to Lea Hartman of Lea Hartman Photography for photographing the space!  It was so fun to work with you again Lea! Another huge shout out and thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for inviting me to participate in this challenge. It was a welcome distraction from my hubby being deployed and a much needed kick in the butt to give the space some tlc. Thank you to Jayme Barrett, Feng Shui Master and the author of Feng Shui Your Life for sharing your expertise with me and others. Thank you everyone for following along and for your motivating comments! Ok, onward to see what magical spaces the other talented participants created! xx

p.s. the orange phone from last week didn’t make the cut. it wasn’t the right shade of orange

Monday, November 4, 2013

Blue and White Monday.

blue and white bash
I love Fall, but when it is as cold as it is today, then I start to whine and yearn for the blue and white that represents the beautiful weather that is native to places like Greece pictured above. Today I am joining in on the blue and white bash link party over at Jennifer of the Pink Pagoda. Enjoy….

blue and white Color

Blue and white interior
Blue andd white dress
Blue and white Kitchen
blue and white interior with nature
Happy Monday everyone! Stay warmSmile. xx

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