Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Great Loss.

Photo Oct 09, 1 47 36 PM
I barely slept last night as I kept replaying the day’s events and looking at pictures of his face, his family. About two hours after I posted yesterday, I found out that a close friend, a soldier, was gunned down in his home with his wife and son present. They attend my kids’ birthday parties all the time. We’ve shared many great moments together. His son is Zion’s playmate, born six weeks after Zion was born. I cling to the fact that the monsters didn’t harm his wife and child. However,  the fact that they were both present throughout this horrifying event and the effects it will have make me weep fresh tears. I weep for his loss, the fact that he will not be able to watch his son grow up, be able to tell his wife how much he loves her, or just to look into her eyes…  Today, I ask you to pray for healing for this family. Send them your love and positive energy. Thank you.
I am going to disable comments for this post because it’s all been a bit overwhelming and am trying to keep it together.

{image: via pinterest}