Friday, September 20, 2013

Falling for Brown.

Photo Aug 13, 8 12 02 AM
The mornings here are already brisk and cool. Coupled with the colour changes in the landscape, one can officially say Fall is here. I see a lot of brown in the color changes around me. It’s earthiness and warmth make me feel all warm and fuzzy, especially when I’m sipping a cup of coffee. Yes, I am definitely “falling for brown…”
Photo Sep 12, 7 23 04 PM
Photo Aug 13, 8 11 34 AM
Photo Aug 16, 1 39 50 PM
Photo Sep 10, 6 43 41 AM
Photo Aug 06, 8 55 19 AM
Photo Aug 13, 8 11 36 AM
Photo Aug 13, 8 11 32 AM
Photo Sep 12, 7 22 56 PM
Photo Aug 20, 1 58 57 PM
Photo Sep 03, 7 21 32 PM
Photo Sep 10, 6 42 54 AM
Photo Aug 09, 8 24 35 AM
Photo Feb 15, 4 55 37 PM
Photo Sep 03, 7 21 50 PM
Photo Sep 03, 7 21 54 PM
Photo Sep 15, 4 23 10 AM
Photo Aug 16, 1 39 42 PM
Can you imagine how delicious an orange(my favourite ) and brown combination would be?  Blessings and a very happy weekend to you all. xx


  1. Ooooh, all these examples are gorgeous Stacey! I love brown so much that for sure, that's one thing that will be a staple color anywhere in my house!

  2. You always find the prettiest images to highlight on your blog. Happy weekend, my friend!

  3. Oh, the Chesterfields! I've been itching for a new couch lately, ours is so uncomfortable. I wish I could afford one right now!

  4. That beat up chesterfield is my number 1 dream item. One day...

  5. Oh yes my friend, BROWN, gray, white,'s all there within the natural tones palate that makes my heart SING! That tufted sofa is calling my name; it's FRIDAY - C'EST VENDREDI and all I need is a couch, a book and a few hours to sleep. Make it a great one! Anita

  6. Where is the house photographed, the one with on the steel gerders? Its beautiful. I wish there was more info on the photos

  7. I'm not usually a fan of brown, but a chesterfield in the shade you featured is so great in a sitting room!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. These photos definitely have me in the spirit of the season. I was holding on to summer for as long as I could, but now I'm ready to sip some warm apple cider with those pugs on a brown leather sofa.

  9. I am loving that chesterfield sofa and all of those gorgeous brown leather chairs you featured. Especially the first set of chairs.

  10. I also love brown. Light brownish to be exact and appreciate dark for floors (it depends on the combinations).

  11. No any shade brown for me but this one is beautiful as well as the combinations...

  12. I really like your blog, I wanted to know what equipment you use to create photos, maybe we could work together, and share our photo devices?


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