Monday, August 19, 2013


2013-08-18 15.50.09
I purchased the lamp above for $1.87 at a Goodwill store recently. It swings in different position and the vintage appeal just beckoned to me. The lamp didn’t come with a shade(not sure if there was one originally). However, I like it without a shade.

2013-08-18 15.50.58

The black tubular section was originally a creamish color, so I spray painted it black. I like the gold
and black combination more.I would love to get one of those cool looking vintage bulbs, but either way, it makes a great reading lamp. It was also a great steal; can't beat that!


2013-08-18 16.28.36
a few of you may have already seen this handmade blanket on Instagram. I also scored that at Goodwill  for less that $3. It’s crotched using a multi -colored  striped pattern. I knew it was made with lots of love and undoubtedly took a long time to complete because it is a great size. I love it!

2013-08-18 18.18.02
Baby Ian seems to love it too? Not sure if he’s smelling it or snuggling… Blessings and one love. XX


  1. Stacey, I LOVE THAT LAMP! GOod choice to paint the tube black - it goes perfectly with the gold! And the rest of your pad? SUPER GORGEOUS! Hugs to you and those gorgeous boys! LOVE, Anita

  2. Great finds! I agree the lamp needs no shade... it's like a sculpture on on its own. Plus I like supporting Goodwill and all they do for the community. Have a wonderful week!

  3. I cannot get over that little lamp. What a fun find. Oh how I miss the little diaper behind...he looks big enough to scale his crib. Has he figured out how to climb out?

  4. I love that lamp - it has the best curves! And anything for that sweet little boy is a good find too :)

  5. Lamp is crazy amazing! Great finds!

  6. I agree, that lamp is uber cool! Your cutee's behind is pretty cute too!;-)

  7. What great finds, Stacey!
    Love that little lamp, and that blanket looks perfect in Little Ian's room.

    I wish you a wonderful week ahead! xo.

  8. Fabulous find dear! I do love items tht are stylish and had such a great history!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  9. I love your brilliant lamp save. And the blanket looks awesome in little Ian's room. It's great when something handmade like that gets a new life.


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