Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I love masks and I have a small collection that I’ve been trying to figure out how to put in a collage. However, there  are some masks that are scary looking and I doubt I could have them above my bed. Not. even. for. art’s. sake. Speaking of masks, I am sharing 25 things that you didn’t know about me on Hollie’s blog. You will be shocked, mouth agape when you read some of these things:-). Please say hello and check out her blog. I met Hollie, a talented designer on Instagram and I adore everything she creates. She also has an etsy shop called Pillotopia. Lots of eye candy. Blessings and have a lovely day my friends. XX

p.s. thank you all for the anniversary wishes. one luv.


  1. I had a couple of really nice masks from my south pacific travels that I lost in my divorce. I'm still bitter about it. haha. I'm off to read your guest post. :)

  2. So beautiful!

    Will go check out your guest post :)


  3. Love Masks! and also have a collection, but they are all from Venice( worked in a Venetian mask "factory" one summer) and now display them each Christmas on our tree. Cute commentary on yourself on Hollie's blog

  4. You are right masks are great but who would have them over their bed! It would be a little creepy! :)


  5. Masks? I have a couple Venetian masks and am waiting to have a few more to display in our movie room but not sure I will do it... It has to be right(: and they are not scary((: would live to attend and wear them in a spectacular gown at one of those famous Venetian balls!
    Xo z

  6. Hiya Stacey,
    I could not live with them above my bed I'm afraid. Can you imagine the moonlight hitting them when you awake in the middle of the night. The stuff of nightmares. I can very often see a shape in the darkness. It may just be a coat hanging on a hook in the corner, but o me it's a figure lurking there. Over imagination, the bane of my life.

  7. My friend has a collection of harlequin masks and they are all hung above the doorway to her bedroom! I think, since I haven't seen the masks you own Stacey, I think putting a false frame around them would work, now the question as to where? Well, you could be humurous and put them in the powder room or one of your hallways!

  8. I think that is a GREAT IDEA STACEY! Masks are fantastic; you'll find just the right type for your home, but these are MAGNIFICENT! School prep has begun and I am running around daily...BIG HUGS MY FRIEND! Anita

  9. i have masks fr africa and mexico, but i won't have any in my home that have closed mouths. i'm superstitious.

  10. Lovely!!

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    A chic kiss ;)

  11. I completely agree. Some masks are just scary, but a smaller collection of friendly ones is great!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. Masks, in moderation only please. I'm off now to read these 25 shocking details. Twerker perhaps?

  13. some masks are probably best displayed outside the bedroom. lol

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  14. I love the masks here (Japan) but some are legit terrifying and I don't think my kids could handle them in our house! They look amazing, though!


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