Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Charming Cottage in England.

Located across the High Weald, this charming cottage nestled among beautiful gardens can be found on the side of a hill that is just on the East Sussex side of the Kent/Sussex border. Its charm is quite captivating…

I would rather run away to this cottage than face the overwhelming job of cleaning that lies ahead since the last of our visitors just left. Quite charming isn’t it? How about that outdoor space; swoon! I am also showcasing a simple diy on my talented and lovely friend, Linda’s blog today. I would love to know your thoughts if you have time to take a peek. Thank you! Blessings and have a wonderful day everyone! XX

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  1. Just read your post on Linda's site and came over to say hello. I love your style! New follower!

  2. I'll be daydreaming about this place for weeks! I wish I could see the wardrobe next to the provencal french dresser.

  3. Charming, indeed! Love all the painted furniture and floors. And what wonderful gardens!!
    x Loi
    PS - Enjoyed your feature at Linda's.

  4. this place is adorable!! i love the shabby chic design & details..and that bfast nook!

    thanks for your nice comment on my deck :)

  5. I would love to have stayed there for the summer...:)

  6. Well, first of all, I'm in love with that pup! How cute is he? But more importantly, the cottage is exactly what I think of when I hear about the English countryside. The chevron wood boards on the front of the house, though, are totally unique - a great touch!

  7. STACEY! Is this not the most comfortable little cottage? Everything about it is sweet, traditional, fresh and uplifting. Thank you for this treat; I love the white floors, but this morning, I pinned a photo that had white interiors but with a GORGEOUS black floor that looked as if it was concrete painted in a high gloss black. Wow, was the contrast stunning!

    Have a great day my friend, Anita

  8. Such a serene and luminous cottage!! Great place to escape to!! And the outdoors are soooo gorgeous!!

    Commented on Linda's blog!! Great job!!

  9. I hate cleaning and I'm not good at it. I would love to spend a week or five at this cottage. Thanks for the post, it's a fun one.

  10. There is not one thing about this that I don't absolutely love. It is truly so beautiful. xo.

  11. This is such a pretty home and the gardens are beautiful.

    ps spied your orange it! xx

  12. Don't you just love those white floors and the casual cottage feel?:) That bench on the porch is so fun. The white is always so clean and fresh looking!

  13. Oh my I love the shabby chic look here! There are so many little aspects of this cottage I'd love to recreate some day!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. lovely cottage :) thanks for sharing!!

  15. Oh my goodness this is idyllic and simply beautiful!
    xo Nancy

  16. I do not envy your large cleaning task but I do envy those gorgeous outdoor spaces and charming interiors.

  17. Hey Stacey!
    Goodness, the cleaning is not to be envied... so hurry up and do it fast(:
    The cottage is tempting as I love the English countryside and dream of a cottage there one day, the garden is even prettier, it is always so luscious and green there, right? I don't mind the rain.
    Your idea to use cheap ducktape on the drawers is fun and economical, what could be better and i love the playful feeling of the cabinet now.

    hugs Z

  18. Good morning beauty! Stacey, thank you for coming to VISIT TODAY! And thank you for "responding" with an emotional response! Yes, I've had to tame the wild beast within me of setting too high of ambitions; while that is perfectly admirable and good, it isn't until we face the realities of the work before us that we realize what we have to do. For me at the moment regarding my dream to be a "poet", I just need to take things in stages, slowly, as a good poem doesn't happen over night...neither does a life just happen at that rate!

    SCHOOL STARTS soon and I'm back in the saddle; I'll be in a permanent but .53 position teaching 12th grade FRENCH!

    HUGS DARLIN', Anita


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