Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Kitchen Reveal.

Despite the lack of sunny weather, I decided that I would snap these pictures of the kitchen nonetheless. I was hoping for beautiful sunny skies, thus loads of natural light when I took these pics, but, alas, it’s been one very rainy and overcast summer so far. Anyway, let’s move on, shall we? Two years ago, we built our current home and the kitchen though notably smaller than the one we had at our prior home was appealing to me because it was open. In fact, I chose the blueprint for this house because of the very open floor plan, so, although the kitchen is tiny, it doesn’t feel like it. HOWEVER, I had to make some changes to the design that the builder had during the building process and when choosing materials etc. Let’s peek at the builder’s design below:

Though those pictures are not the most clear, you can see that the cabinets are raised and are more traditional in nature. Also, there is a fan in the middle and two pendant lights hanging over the bar in the first builder’s design image. It’s no secret that although I admire all styles, my personal aesthetic is modern in nature. As a result, I made some changes to “modernize” the design and feel of the kitchen.
  • I chose flat front cabinets(instead of raised) and modern pulls.
  • For the backsplash, I kept it simple and went with white subway tiles.
  • I opted for recessed lighting instead of pendant lighting over the bar area. I didn’t like the idea of having pendant lighting in the line of vision, especially in an open kitchen.
  • The fan was definitely a no no, so an affordable Ikea light fixture has been temporarily placed(well, it’s been 2 years…) where a fan would’ve been. I’ve been admiring those simple E27 Muuto pendant lighting of late for that spot, but fear it might be too much visual activity…? 
I thought of taking everything off the refrigerator to declutter, but felt that would be such a fake representation of how we live. Those are some of Zion’s words from a word kit that he has. There are also a few magnets from our travels on there. That blue stuff behind those decorative plates(we collected while living in Europe) is an adhesive made by Loctite. It doesn’t damage the walls and can be reused.

A very casual collage, but one that makes us smile…; a mixture of one of a kind vintage finds, a modern print, and some of our favourite pictures.

I always feel like we’re in a tree house because of all the trees that one can see from the kitchen. The sunroom and screened in porch are visible in this picture and also gives you an idea of ones vantage point from the kitchen.

This is another view taken from the living/great room.

Those polaroid pictures in the background (next to the stairs) were printed from my Instagram feed. I used a company called Origrami. They turned out beautifully and I especially love that they look like polaroids.

a not so clear close up

The formal dining room is to the right (facing the picture). However, since the day we moved in,  it has been Zion’s playroom. Now, it’s Zion’s and Ian’s playroomSmile.  Design is undoubtedly dynamic just like our lives. The design of the spaces in our home (those spaces that are almost completed )are geared toward our lifestyle in the here and now.  O.K., well that wraps up the reveal.  There you have it, mi cocina!  Blessings and Happy Wednesday. XX


  1. I love how bright it is, and especially the contrast from the light in the hallway against the pink!

  2. Your home is the perfect example of how you still can have a beautiful home with small children. I love everything you do. Bravo!!

  3. Good morning dear Stacey!

    I was away in California for a week to see family and I sure missed Blogland! It's good to be back to see YOU MY DEAR! I love your style, and your choice of vibrant colors to go with your open floor plan. "Small" spaces such as your kitchen actually appear much larger when they are part of a much greater space such as your great room and the boys' play space and it works out well; I can see that this plan reflects YOU and not only your family size but desire to have the open "modern" space. I think our homes should reflect who we are. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY, just like you! Have a super day and we too have had rainy day after raining day....I've never seen my garden so green! Anita

  4. Stacey I love your home! And those bar stools are the perfect touch to bring in more of a modern feel. I have brushed round knobs on the kitchen cabinets but just picked out some like yours for a more modern feel. Your home is lovely and you should be so proud (especially of that orange sofa LOVE!).


  5. Stacey, it is really, really beautiful.
    Your changes to the kitchen are simply perfection.
    Beautifully done, my friend!! xo.

  6. Amazing spaces, darling!
    Love the Polaroid wall!


  7. Thank you for letting us peek inside your home Stacey - it is gorgeous! The recessed lighting is definitely perfect with your open plan and I love seeing all the personal touches like the orange sofa and collage. I wouldn't expect anything less from your home dear!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. Good Morning Stacey, Wow! Everything looks fabulous and what a transformation! I love the modern touches and the pops of color. Your home is bright, cheery, and welcoming. Great photos too:)


  9. Stacey, I love how all of this came together. You know how afraid I was with bright and bold....but on this wall, let's just say you converted me. Really beautiful.

  10. Well, in my mind I kinda live in this house, especially since there is orange and pink involved, my two favorite colors. Bold choices, with a fab outcome my sister from another mada. Now, let's talk about that orange pot that surely has seen its share of oxtails. Love. Equally love that little green radio. Fab, fab, fab. Great job chica! p.s. when are we organizing this playdate?

  11. Wow, love all the color! I wish I could paint my rental, my landlord only seems to approve of varying shades of beige... really love your bold use of color throughout.

    Happy to see a Cotton & Flax tea towel, too! So lovely!

  12. Stacey,

    Its so nice to see a modern airy feeling kitchen done in wood tones. Really like how the upper cabinets are tiered across the top. The pink-licious wall color is such a great statement with the striking white accent elements. I think we have the same drawer pulls ... do the top drawer handles get caught on your clothing too? That is driving me crazy and has me looking for replacement hardware for just the top drawers on my lower cabs. Bon Appetite! Robin

  13. Wow. Is this some sort of sign??? We're looking at a house now with a very open floor plan just like this. I wasn't sure I liked it but after seeing your space, I now see the possibilities. That pink wall is a knockout. I just adore your fearlessness with color.

  14. Love your home, Stacey! The colors are so fun and inspiring. I love the personality and warmth you have put into this home. I also love the changes you made to the original builder design. Great choices! :)

  15. Oh my gosh! I love the color of your kitchen walls! I love it when people 'go for it' with vibrant colors! They are so happy! What a fun and happy space! Cheers!

  16. In pictures it looks nice, and in person it looks amazing. I love your home. You can feel the love ass soon as you walk in. Its beautiful!

  17. Holy color, girl! I love pink and that you have a pink kitchen. The gallery wall is adorable and I am seriously wanting your chairs.
    Very cool!

  18. Hi Stacey! First, your home is fun and colourful and bright and welcoming and edgy(: and second I love that you kept the cabinets in natural wood Colour instead of painting them ... Somehow I think it works better and with your floors and is giving warmth to the room ... Great touch ... Enjoy! Love your home. If you lived closer I would force you to organize a playdate!!! Xo z

  19. Stacey! HOW GOOD TO SEE YOU THIS MORNING! I loved this post to see the center of your "hearth" where I'm sure good meals are prepared and family love comes together!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new profile picure! You look fabulous with light hair and over your eyes! WOOOOOO!

  20. Fabulous. That is all :)

  21. Don't you dare take the magnets off the fridge! Love them!!! :) Your kitchen is awesome, and I especially love how airy and open it is to the other rooms. Cool pieces in the breakfast area!!

  22. yay for a bright and cheerful new kitchen! looks fab :)

  23. I like your transformation a lot, my fave part is that it s fun and bright. Love the different chairs at the table!!

    xo Ozana

  24. What you have done with your kitchen it's absolutely fantastic! Could you please tell me the color code from your pink wall? Excuse me if my english aren't good enough. It' not my mother landuage.

  25. What a beautiful kitchen! You are definitely an inspiration for me while I try to style my own home. Thanks for sharing..


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