Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sharing a Moment...

I snagged this pic from my Instagram feed. Baby Ian climbs on everything these days and a few days ago he climbed on the sofa to watch Peppa Pig(a cartoon series that Zion really enjoys). Zion is smitten with the character Peppa Pig. Anyway, I thought they looked so cute sitting there together...
We've had back to back guests for the last few weeks so I've been exceptionally busy. I will be catching up with everyone soon. Blessings and a lovely day to everyone. XX

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

House Hunting in Jamaica: What you get for $1.16mil


I was so giddy with excitement when I happened upon this article while perusing the New York Times recently. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited Jamaica and for a few minutes I was able to transport myself to a place that holds many of my fondest memories… If I could afford it, I would purchase this 3 bedroom waterfront villa (in the parish of Portland) in a heartbeat.


family room with casement windows


another view of the family room


simple white kitchen. love the archway!


loving the tile work and the simple elegance in this dining room. it’s no surprise that the outdoor space is just a stone throw away.



master bedroom nestled amongst nature


deck extended over the water with a coral reef in place to protect against rough waters.


Jamaica, land of beauty! What a villa! Blessings and a great day to all. XX

{image via nytimes}

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Union Jack and Royal Baby Buzz.

2010-09-22 23.06.44
All is abuzz about the birth of the Royal Baby in London today! Well, frankly I’m quite excited too and thought it fitting to post about one of my obsessions in interior design; the Union Jack.

2008-06-28 15.19.45
2009-02-09 11.01.22
2013-07-22 09.05.22
2013-07-22 09.13.39
2013-07-22 09.30.04
2013-07-22 08.58.32
2013-07-22 09.14.27
Are you a fan of the Union Jack in interior spaces? I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had out of town guests and the weather was Peerrfect!! Twas a very beautiful weekend.  Royal Baby is trending on twitter and I’m glued.  Blessings and a happy new week to you all. XX

{images: google, tumblr}

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Outfit Inspired by Orthaheel: Pin Me!:-)

I was recently asked to participate in an Orthaheel campaign where I would create an outfit around a pair of their sandals. I was attracted to their brand because their shoes are manufactured with orthopedic technology that is geared toward the relief of heel pain and the relief of pain if you suffer from plantar fasciitis. I’ve had plantar fasciitis under my right foot for a while. I have gotten in treated in the past, but I do still have some discomfort. The folks at Orthaheel gave me the option to choose the pair I wanted, so I chose these called the Hampton Toe Post.  I was pleasantly surprised at how stylish they are and I’ve received numerous compliments from people of all ages about how lovely they look. Of course, as to be expected they are super, super comfortable and one could walk in these for hours.

What is the Orthaheel Campaign?
Well, after I’ve styled my look, I have to pin it and hope for it to be repinned a gazillion times. I plan on pinning that first image since the sandals are shown more clearly.  The most pinned look(hopefully mine gets a prize). I’ve also decided if I win that I will have a giveaway on the blog to give the prize away. It’s a really great prize too!Smile.

Details on what I’m Wearing Above:
Top: Old Navy
White shorts: Borrowed from my bestieSmile
Cuff: CrazyandCo
Ring and necklace: (from my collection)I think I purchased them from Belk
Sandals: Orthaheel
Although the post is sponsored by Orthaheel, all my thoughts on the sandals are my own. Also, I noticed that they also have footwear for men. Just fyi.

So, are you going to help me win this thing or what?Winking smile I figure I could fit under categories like color/colour, natural hair, afro, hair,  fitness, shoes, fashion(maybe?),… I know my Pinterest game/presence sucks. I really need to work on that! Thanks in advance! Blessings and happy Wednesday. XX

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Home of Ursula Mascaro in Menorca.

Exotic, adobe like, and exuding tropical flair, Ursula’s( a designer)home is the perfect masterpiece for a Summer home tour.

and there she is!

I love the simplicity in the décor and the use of varied materials. A very warm and inviting home indeed! Happy Tuesday everyone! XX

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Filled with lots of whimsy and colour, this Alice and Olivia resort collection is sure to enliven your wardrobe collection.

I adore the backdrop for this shoot too. So fun!

Are you loving Summer so far? Fingers crossed, it doesn’t rain this weekend. Either way, we intend to have a fun weekend. I hope you do the same! Yay for Summer and yay for pretty clothes and accessoriesSmile. Blessings and happy weekend to all! XX


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Kitchen Reveal.

Despite the lack of sunny weather, I decided that I would snap these pictures of the kitchen nonetheless. I was hoping for beautiful sunny skies, thus loads of natural light when I took these pics, but, alas, it’s been one very rainy and overcast summer so far. Anyway, let’s move on, shall we? Two years ago, we built our current home and the kitchen though notably smaller than the one we had at our prior home was appealing to me because it was open. In fact, I chose the blueprint for this house because of the very open floor plan, so, although the kitchen is tiny, it doesn’t feel like it. HOWEVER, I had to make some changes to the design that the builder had during the building process and when choosing materials etc. Let’s peek at the builder’s design below:

Though those pictures are not the most clear, you can see that the cabinets are raised and are more traditional in nature. Also, there is a fan in the middle and two pendant lights hanging over the bar in the first builder’s design image. It’s no secret that although I admire all styles, my personal aesthetic is modern in nature. As a result, I made some changes to “modernize” the design and feel of the kitchen.
  • I chose flat front cabinets(instead of raised) and modern pulls.
  • For the backsplash, I kept it simple and went with white subway tiles.
  • I opted for recessed lighting instead of pendant lighting over the bar area. I didn’t like the idea of having pendant lighting in the line of vision, especially in an open kitchen.
  • The fan was definitely a no no, so an affordable Ikea light fixture has been temporarily placed(well, it’s been 2 years…) where a fan would’ve been. I’ve been admiring those simple E27 Muuto pendant lighting of late for that spot, but fear it might be too much visual activity…? 
I thought of taking everything off the refrigerator to declutter, but felt that would be such a fake representation of how we live. Those are some of Zion’s words from a word kit that he has. There are also a few magnets from our travels on there. That blue stuff behind those decorative plates(we collected while living in Europe) is an adhesive made by Loctite. It doesn’t damage the walls and can be reused.

A very casual collage, but one that makes us smile…; a mixture of one of a kind vintage finds, a modern print, and some of our favourite pictures.

I always feel like we’re in a tree house because of all the trees that one can see from the kitchen. The sunroom and screened in porch are visible in this picture and also gives you an idea of ones vantage point from the kitchen.

This is another view taken from the living/great room.

Those polaroid pictures in the background (next to the stairs) were printed from my Instagram feed. I used a company called Origrami. They turned out beautifully and I especially love that they look like polaroids.

a not so clear close up

The formal dining room is to the right (facing the picture). However, since the day we moved in,  it has been Zion’s playroom. Now, it’s Zion’s and Ian’s playroomSmile.  Design is undoubtedly dynamic just like our lives. The design of the spaces in our home (those spaces that are almost completed )are geared toward our lifestyle in the here and now.  O.K., well that wraps up the reveal.  There you have it, mi cocina!  Blessings and Happy Wednesday. XX