Monday, June 24, 2013

Put Some Gold on it! A DIY

This is a view of the sunroom. This weekend, I decided to spray paint the base of that side table gold. I already have gold accents elsewhere in the room, so it made sense. Plus, I’ve been seeing  the gold based tables everywhere! The table was originally purchased from Pier 1 many moons ago and I actually had plans of getting rid of it. Maybe, I’ll keep it a little longer now…

Putting those oversized outdoor trash bags to good use. It was like 400 degrees outside when I did this. Shortly thereafter, we had a storm.

and there it is, not bad at all.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Did you all see the supermoon this weekend? What a beautiful sight! Blessings and happy Monday! XX


  1. Gold and gorrrrrrr-geous! Looking great there, Stacey. And what a fabulous rug! Stay cool, summer is here!
    x Loi

  2. Good move, those silver legs were way to cold to play nicely with all the neat-o pieces in that room ... the color and texture of the sofa, pillow patterns, great retro chair, mushroom poof and moo rug! Gold is glam, retro and boho and works perfectly with all those pieces. You're got one awesome furniture collection!

  3. I love how a simple coat of paint really brightens everything up! I love gold and have incorporated more and more gold accents in our living room (a work in progress!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love pretty much anything with a little gold on it :) Also, yes I did see the moon. It was gorgeous! I shot a wedding on Saturday and got a picture of the couple with the mood behind them. So pretty.

  5. Your sunroom is beautiful! The gold accents are perfect. A little paint works wonders and if ever it doesn't work you simply re-paint it! Happy Monday:)

  6. I love this change! I'm so glad you kept the table. What a great DIY!! :)

  7. What a gorgeous update. I love the base painted gold. And the picture with your boys' toys in the background melted my heart.

  8. Gold is so chic. Love how something so simple totally glammed up the piece!

  9. great idea! i feel like there's so much silver, sometimes a touch of gold here and there is welcome!

  10. a little gold goes a long way, i love what you did here!

    ps. now following!!!! <3

    Xo Courtney Q ||


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