Friday, June 28, 2013

Mankofit and a Nursery.

Mankofit is bad ass. I follow her on Instagram and she is my role model. She posts exercise routines and ideas for clean eating etc. Just look at that perfect pose!

bad ass for sure!

Ok, a look at that adorable nursery now…
Pretty Pastel Colors in Nursery-design addict mom
loving all the different textures and colours in this super adorable nursery.

Love this Adorable Closet -design addict mom #nursery #kids
Pretty Pastel Colors in Nursery- design addict mom #nursery #kids
Mankofit and a nursery; perfect combination for a post right?Smile.  I am off to get my workout out! What are you all up to this weekend? Blessings and happy weekend beautiful friends! XX

{images: google, micasrevista}


  1. Fierce!!! And the nursery, well, is totally adorable. Love the white hangers and cute little dresses :)
    x Loi

  2. Bad ass indeed! Look how fit she is too. Have a sweet weekend,

  3. I'm going outside to try that pose;) Darling nursery and now I'm missing THOSE days.. xxL

  4. I feel so awesome because I got myself into that post last night...and since she does look like quite a bad ass, I'm feeling sort of that way myself:) Adorable nursery!!!!

  5. That gal is definitely a badass! Wow! I will take inspiration from her too.

    And that nursery is adorable! I love the little cars!!

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! BAD TO THE BONE, in a good way! The only way to bust bad health habits is to attack...and that SHE DOES! And the nursery?A place of respite for a tired mom who tirelessly keeps herself fit for herself and her boys. LOVE IT STACEY! Anita

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  8. Beautiful post!
    Love that shoulder stand!


  9. I don't know that chick but I certainly don't like her. Her body is to die for. That is all.


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