Friday, June 7, 2013

An Instant Fave.

Bright and airy interior- design addict mom
I always have an immediate connection with a home that reflects the personality of its owners. This home in Berlin shows the owners affection for art and artifacts that are not only beautiful, but also tell a story.  The intriguing interview is live here. It’s really worth the read. Now, time for some drooling…

All in the detaisl
2013-04-30 10.28.55
what a juxtaposition! an Afshar nomads Iranian rug, a modern Wassily chair, modern shelving,, and antiques getting along beautifully

Modern and Traditional element melding beautifully together
sometimes there are no adjectives to sufficiently express ones adoration. this is just freaking orgasmic.

Give Me All The Books- design addict mom
oh my. more delicious orgasmic moments here. seriously. perfect as__________.

2013-04-30 10.33.28
according to the interview the husband has a serious love for Turkish kilim rugs. they’re sprinkled everywhere.

2013-04-30 10.33.53
2013-04-30 10.35.17
a nod to the Roman and Catholic cathedrals, this bust is a replica of the most famous of the Naumburg figures(Uta Von Naumburg)

2013-04-30 10.43.55
2013-04-30 11.13.49
2013-04-30 11.15.37
An Instant Fave- design addict mom
An Instant Fave- design addict mom
An Instant Fave- design addict mom
An Instant Fave- design addict mom
An Instant Fave- design addict mom
An Instant Fave- design addict mom
2013-04-30 11.37.11
you just know the homeowner is fun from this pic

This tour/ interview is definitely one of my faves from  What are you all up to this weekend? Blessings and enjoy! XX


  1. Orgasmic is right, darling ~ what an incredible house!
    Especially loving all the modern seating elements...


  2. Wow - all of these pictures include such an eclectic mix. I especially love tugs and the white-chaise-loungey-wingchair piece!

  3. I need that one armed white chair. I love how playful all of this feels.

  4. Glory BE!

    Mixing modern and traditional...YES! I SEE IT!


  5. Hey! Well that is to drool for and regardless how much I love Canada and north America there are certain things that can't be made new and look like this historic neoclassic abode in Berlin! Great find! Thanks for sharing this gem. Xo z

  6. just stumbled upon your blog. love these shots & those book displays! swoon.

  7. i loved that! oh man! i could live quite happily there.

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