Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How I Clean My Terracotta Pots.

Unfortunately I left some of my pots out in the elements and as a result, I had to give them a good cleaning before planting.

Very Simple Cleaning Tips:
  • I filled a spray bottle with 50/50 percent solution of water and vinegar
  • I used one of those non abrasive scouring pads  to scrub and that’s it! You can also use a bottle cleaning brush or other type of brush to scour away the grime. Personally, I don’t strive for a glistening clean pot on the outside. However, it’s a great idea to get all that stuff out from the inside before doing any fresh planting.

Sending lots of healing love and light to all affected by this disaster in Oklahoma. It’s all been so overwhelmingly heartbreaking to watch.
Blessings and Happy Tuesday everyone. XX


  1. Vinegar is such a great, natural cleaner. You are reminding me to buy a few pots for my mother. I'm off to do that now!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. What great advice! Happy happy Tuesday x

  3. thanks for the tip!!!

    Mother Nature is seriously pissed - SO much destruction latley - brings me to tears!

  4. thanks for the advice- i just planted in some terracotta pots on my deck!

  5. Awesome tips, darling!
    Your flowers are so gorgeous!


  6. Thank you so much for visiting Bebe.
    So happy you enjoyed viewing her.

    Great advise on cleaning the pots.

    My prayers go out to all affected by this horrible disaster.

  7. i didn't know terra cotta could be cleaned, good to know :)

  8. This is perfect timing as cleaning my pottery is on my to do list. Vinegar.. The best cleanser! I have used it for all kinds of things but never on terra corta pots. Thanks for posting this!

  9. That's a great little tip! I have a bunch of pots stored in the garage that need to be cleaned.

  10. Good morning Stacey!

    I am horrible; I never clean my pots! But this is a GREAT idea and very easy to do, so at the end of summer I should just do it!

    Watching the news yesterday was hard to take. Listening to one of the teachers speak as well really made me cry. Thank you for joining the party and your participation was just a joy my dear. Hugs! Anita

  11. I use a mixture of vinegar and water to clean most everything but have never used it to clean my pots...great tip!


  12. I cannot tell you how timely this is, Stacey!
    I actually have some old terra cotta pots that I need to use, but was wondering how to best clean them. I am off to try this!! Thank you! xo.


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