Friday, May 31, 2013

Random Inspiration.

These spaces caught my eye this week. They all have something about them that beckon to you or at least they beckoned to me…

Zion and Baby Ian would be very happy in this space. What are your plans this weekend? I’ll be doing more gardening and hopefully make a few trips to the park with the kiddos. Blessings and happy weekend everyone. XX

p.s. thank you all so much for your positive feedback regarding my “cheap” diy below.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Made from Scratch Picnic Table: A DIY

Our Made from Scratch Picnic Table: A DIY- design addict mom #diy

Last year, the hubby made this table above using the left over pine wood from when we had our shed built. He purchased (from Lowes)pretreated wood that was thicker than the wood we had to use as the legs. I think he did a fine job as a first timer.

Our Made from Scratch Picnic Table: A DIY- design addict mom #diy
sorry about the distracting flip flops. I had just washed them and was drying them in the sun.

Anyway, this is what the table looked like after being left out in the elements without being sealed. I was determined to get it sealed this past Memorial weekend as long as there was no rain in the forecast. Mother Nature cooperated and I set my plan in motion. I decided to use supplies that I already had to complete this project, i.e, paint, etc. I did have to succumb and purchase a sealer that was for exterior projects. It’s called Ultimate Spar Varnish and was purchased at Lowes.

The Process
diy picnic table
No, Zion didn’t do any sanding. I had already completed sanding the table (with a 120 grit sanding paper). He wanted to know why I was outside in the scorching sun instead of sipping on some nice ice cold beverage insideSmile. He’s always curious about how things work, so I showed him how the sander worked and sent him back inside because it was time for priming.

Our Made from Scratch Picnic Table: A DIY- design addict mom
Since I was using primer I already had, I was short a bit to completely cover all the table. However, I had enough to prime the top and the legs. Oh and yes, that’s Baby Ian in the background… They just wouldn’t let me complete this project in peaceSmile.

Love these dip dyed utensils for entertaining-design addict mom
I have been meaning to do the dip dye look on a project for some time and decided to have some fun with our picnic table.

Our Made from Scratch Picnic Table: A DIY- design addict mom
For the main paint, I used left over paint that was used on the exterior of our house and to achieve the dip dye look, I used left over paint from when our front door was yellow.

Our Made from Scratch Picnic Table: A DIY- design addict mom
After the paint dried, I used the Spar Varnish to seal the table and let it dry thoroughly before use. I wanted to use wood filler to fill in the cracks in the table(prior to sanding) but couldn’t find the one I am sure we have here. I was determined to reuse or use materials I already had, so there was no going off to buy any wood filler. What do you think about our “green” and budget friendly table? Happy Wednesday my friends. XX

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Paradise in Mexico.

Simply put. I want to go here. Really badly. It’s a villa in Mexico that has everything for a perfect vacation.

This villa has four different suites with stunning vistas.

magical spot

What a place, right? Blessings and happy Tuesday everyone. XX

Friday, May 24, 2013

Have a Great Memorial Weekend!

If you know a military vet, spouse, or family, thank them for their service.  The boys and myself are just over the moon that our own hero will be home to celebrate Memorial Day with us this year. Blessings and have a safe and enjoyable weekend my friends! XX

p.s. this pic is one of my faves. Thanks Lea.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

White and Organic.

2013-05-23 06.53.13
2013-05-23 06.53.21
2013-05-23 06.53.01
2013-05-23 06.53.25
There’s something innately soothing about white interiors with wood elements. I am smitten with this home that was featured in Inside Out. View more pictures here. Blessings and Happy Thursday everyone! XX

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How I Clean My Terracotta Pots.

Unfortunately I left some of my pots out in the elements and as a result, I had to give them a good cleaning before planting.

Very Simple Cleaning Tips:
  • I filled a spray bottle with 50/50 percent solution of water and vinegar
  • I used one of those non abrasive scouring pads  to scrub and that’s it! You can also use a bottle cleaning brush or other type of brush to scour away the grime. Personally, I don’t strive for a glistening clean pot on the outside. However, it’s a great idea to get all that stuff out from the inside before doing any fresh planting.

Sending lots of healing love and light to all affected by this disaster in Oklahoma. It’s all been so overwhelmingly heartbreaking to watch.
Blessings and Happy Tuesday everyone. XX

Friday, May 17, 2013

Relishing in all things French.

Today, we’re off to explore France and all the beauty that lies within its lands. My wonderful friend Anita of Castles, Crown and Cottages organizes this lovely affair every year. My bags have been packed for this trip since January. Sit back and enjoy the ride…

2013-05-17 07.17.32
2013-05-16 22.35.27
2013-05-17 07.18.34
2013-05-17 07.07.39
2013-05-17 07.18.06
2013-05-16 22.38.51
2013-05-17 07.12.29
2013-05-17 07.06.08
2013-05-16 22.34.48

2013-05-16 21.55.37
2013-05-16 21.45.43

I hope you enjoyed our trip to France everyone! Head on over to Anita to see what other travelers to France have in store for you! Bonjour and happy weekend my friends! XX

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