Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sprucing up Our Yard and Around our Yard:

Ok, Linda, here you go. She twisted my arm into posting these pictures. We’ve been quite busy prepping our yard for planting and also sprucing up with inexpensive borders and mulch. There are planters to fill, flowers and trees to purchase, and the list goes on and on. Do you all know our first child, Ginger(above)? She doesn’t get to appear on the blog often enough. I have to change thatSmile

We’ve set our sprinkler system to water already. Have you? We water only on even days and thank goodness for the rain we’ve been getting recently…
I was pleasantly surprised to see our very tiny apple tree in blooms. We planted it last year and I had no idea it bloomed.

A view of the front in progress.  We intend to take out those shriveled up  Nandenas in the front beds and transplant them in the back. We purchased brown mulch by the bulk. The hubby prepped and put down the mulch himself. I took the beer and water out to him while he workedSmile. We also purchased thin brown metallic borders from Lowes. It cost almost $700 for all the borders to cover the front and back garden beds.
So unappealing right now, but in a few weeks, it will be nice and green and filled with vegetables. This is the section of our back yard where we plant our vegetable garden. We hope to have it prepped by tomorrow.

a sampling of what will be planted…

 We still have so much work to do in the yard and with two kiddos, it takes twice as long. However, I thoroughly enjoy yard work and find it therapeutic.  I will share more pictures once things begin to flourish. Blessings and Happy Thursday all! XX


  1. Hi Stacey, thank you for your sweet and very thoughtful comments...It is so lovely also to see your beautiful huge yard...your perfect fence...just lovely, and the same for me...yard work is absolutely relaxing and being in touch with the reality of earth and soil is somehow comforting...mainly, the result is so rewarding after...I like what is happening in the front of your house...and can't wait to see what you have done!
    hugs and enjoy! Z

  2. It looks wonderful, Stacey!
    So nice to see Ginger. I'm quite sure i've not seen her before. What a pretty girl!

  3. Beautiful yard, darling!
    Love the apple tree!


  4. Your yard looks amazing. What a beautiful home you have created for your babies to grow up in. I love the ideas you shared for your yard. Good luck setting everything in motion.

  5. What the heck...your yard is already perfect! The front of your home is beautiful and has fantastic curb appeal. I cant't believe how green everything is already...where are you located? Those vegetable will be fantastic. I didn't understand the 700 Lowes purchase? What where? I'm jealous your husband mulches. That's a catch :)

  6. Stacey, your home and yard look so pretty and I'm loving all that sunshine!

  7. We've been thankful that our home renovation has kept us out of the yard and with the cold spring, we haven't wanted to spend much time there. You look like you're ready for a BBQ!
    C + C

  8. It's still chilly here...but I'm looking forward to spending lots of time outside. New patio furniture arrived today...yay!!

    You have so much yard space....perfect for Ginger and those darling boys of yours!

    xx Elizabeth

  9. Hi, Stacey! Hi, Ginger!! :)
    Your yard is huge!! Wow! And so private. I love how it backs up to such green woodlands. That apple tree is so pretty. It will grow fast, and become a beautiful focal point.
    Hugs to you all,

  10. You have a wonderful yard and love the blooming apple tree and how nice that you have a fence around it. I've often said I wish I had a nickel for every cozy coupe I've seen in a yard...they're the best!!

  11. You have a beautiful space and yes Ginger needs to appear more often!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. GOOD MORNING MY DEAR! Your home and gardens are just gorgeous and ENJOY all you can of the outdoors; we just had SNOW again last night and a lot of it. So enjoy and breathe in all the glory! Love that red door! Anita

  13. i thought i would be hiring a landscaper this year - but i'm having SO much trouble with contractors to get my house fixed from the storm - that i think it'll be too late for them to plant :o(


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