Friday, April 26, 2013

Inspiration in the Garden.

Two years ago, we built our home and I found out we were expecting shortly before the building process was completed. We moved in, the hubby was deployed and came back just in time for the birth of Baby Ian. Then he was off  to the war zone again. Therefore, landscaping has had to take a back seat until now. Though, we planted some trees the first year because as you know, new construction is so bare, we haven’t  been able to do much. With the hubby home again, we’ve slowly started the sprucing up process. Borders are in, new mulch is in the garden beds, some new shrubs have been planted. Yet, we still want(or should I say need) to plant more trees and flowers and shrubs… The list is never ending…

I am intrigued with this garden and love all the different types of foliage. I am never sure if I should keep my foliage a similar type or not. However, they’ve combined a variety of foliage textures beautifully.

Gorgeous walkway to just saunter and communicate with nature. In my case, a cup of coffee would be in hand as I soak up the sun’s rays and marvel in this beauty. Maybe my yard will look like this…one day!
loving those garden labels

Tea party anyone?
I think gardening is like collecting ones favourite treasures; it takes time to amass a collection. Therefore,  we will take our time with our landscaping and enjoy every aspect of its progress/growth.
I love the consistency of the purple and green colour  scheme too, don’t you? Purple seems to be very hot right now too. Are you inspired? I sure am and will be making a few trips to my garden store this weekend! Blessings and may your weekend be filled with lots of sunlight and fun! XX


  1. I could not agree more. Go slow. Plant the evergreens (backdrop) first. Those will need time to mature. I love this garden that you are showing. It's all about scale and perspective.

  2. Wow, that is just gorgeous. I bet you and the husband can recreate that look as well!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. We are breathless - what a perfect garden, Stacey. Now that our weather has warmed, we itching to get into our flower beds... Sadly, the rowing regattas and lacrosse games eat up most of our weekend. Hope your is lovely!
    C + C

  4. Such a gorgeous garden! I would love for my yard to look like that some day...

  5. i can't WAIT to have a house again so i can have a garden!

  6. GOOD GLORY.......THESE IMAGES! Stacy dearest, I am ready for some GARDENING! Yesterday was our first 70 degree day and our neighbor was already having a cook-out yesterday! We are going into the garden today to clean. I must email you a pic of our house so you can see our dream unfolding!

    GIRL, we are going to France. I am so thrilled that you will participate. Post on ANYWHERE in France you want, on ANYTHING...your favorite designers, modern or classic....painters? ANYTHING! I know you will rock. I will put you on my list with the linkl


  7. My goodness, these are so beautiful, Stacey.
    Indeed it does take time to get things just the way you want them, when it comes to gardening. Lots of sore muscles too! :-)

    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, my friend! xo.

  8. SWOON is all I can say..haha, well not really. I love the purple flowers..gorgeous color palette!


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