Thursday, April 25, 2013

Highlights from High Point Market Spring 2013!

High Point Market deserves all the accolades it receives. My experience at High Point Market Spring 2013 is an unforgettable one for many reasons.  I feel as if everything inanimate or not was alive and dancing to a certain lively rhythm. There was so much excitement and buzz. I definitely needed flats because there was a lot of walking and of course, you wanted to walk to see all these showrooms(no matter how far away). I did pack some wedges though and wore those to the social gatherings.Smile Anyway,  I would’ve loved to see so many more fabulous showrooms, but I didn’t have enough time. Nonetheless, I am thrilled to have been able to tour the ones I did AND I was able to connect with other fabulous bloggers and designers. Yes. It was an amazing  and inspiring time. I have too many photographs to post, so I am just posting a couple. Otherwise, it would take you several days to read this postSmile
  When we got to High Point and parked and started to make our way to the main area, there was this store called Oly. I doubt there is one person who didn’t stop right in their tracks and in a zombie like style enter the store. As I said before, everything was alive at High Point and the exceptionally beautiful pieces at Orly beckoned to passersby to come  inside. We had to stop and peruse and of course take pictures. The above picture showcases an area of a courtyard that was in the back of the store. It was so serene. The first set of pictures will feature shots from this store. Enjoy….

another courtyard image.


Lovely shop, is it not? Especially for all my neutral loving friends!

Ok, here are sample pictures from a variety of showrooms at High
Point Market:

love the cabin vibe

Stripes, patterns, antlers, tufted, gold, and lots of colours were everywhere!

Lazar showroom

Global Views showroom

sitting on one of Robert Petril’s new creation in the Lazar showroom. I’m loving the curves on this piece.

a touch of the exotic at C.R. Laine

one of my favourite type of furniture is midcentury modern, so I was really smitten with the Modway showroom.

Gorgeous lacquered orange table. Of course, I loved it!

Delicious modern lighting at the Nuevo showroom

My first time sitting in one of these rockers. I’ve always wondered if they are comfortable and they are. The depth isn’t bad at all on this classic piece.(Modway showroom)

The mirror and gorgeous wallpaper caught my eyes in this showroom…

Check out the funky fabric on this modern chair and ottoman from the Tomasella Italian showroom. The tiny orange piping is beautiful too; just the right finishing touch! Stay tuned for some awesome news that I have regarding this showroom too!

The Social Aspect of High Point Market Spring 2013

I met(in pics above) Ashlina of The Decorista, Rachel of CMYFabrik, Alicia, Marilyn(one of the stylespotters) of Design Manifique and Courtney of Courtney Out Loud.  I also met Donna of Decorating by Donna (not featured in pics).  
The final picture is me grinning from ear to ear because I was so thrilled to meet Robert Petril! I am going to wrap it up here folks. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and if you have questions about a particular pic and need showroom or brand information, just email me( Blessings and have a wonderful Thursday! XX


  1. Hi picked so many beautiful things to highlight, love the courtyard and Global views...its all stunning. Looks like you had a blast and meeting up is half the fun!

  2. Wonderful designs, Stacey, and what a fin time this must have been!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! xo.

  3. Sigh. So freaking sad to have missed this. But thanks for sharing such amazing pics and inspiring pieces. LOVING everything in that Orly showroom - especially that freaking curved white sofa. That orange lacquered table? we'd have a smack down to get it cause orange is kinda my favorite color. Glad you had such a blast and finally met some design peeps. I'll definitely squeeze it in for October so ya better plan on doing an encore.

  4. Looks like a great time and your photos are wonderful! My wallet would have been twitching the entire time;) Lots of fun shopping to be had and looks like you had a fun time.

    Thanks for taking us along!


  5. WOW! Are you gorgeous or what? AND that first photo of YOU sitting on that fabulous couch? Well for my birthday, my husband bought me a gray velvet couch with the exact same fabric! The style is different, but the same velvet. Oh dear, what a lovely place and afternoon for you dear! Big hugs, Anita

  6. Amazing hun, and you look beautiful by the way! With art and interiors, and even fashion I LOVE colour and tufted furniture! I'm sort of in love with the ottoman from the Tomasella Italian showroom. xo/Madison


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