Thursday, February 28, 2013

18 Days Until Spring!

Yes, the wait is almost over and I can smell Spring in the air.  Enjoy the beauty that comes with Spring across Italy, Paris and Spain…

Have you noticed any signs of the approach of Spring in your neck of the woods?  Thank you all for your welcome home comments on the prior post. Also, your votes on my nomination (here) were/are much appreciated. Blessings and a happy weekend! XX

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Hubby is Home and Baking!

The hubs has actually been home for two weeks or so, but I couldn’t say anything publicly until I received an all clear..(military language). It goes without saying just how over the moon we’ve been about his arrival home(a whopping 2 months earlier than his scheduled arrival date). Thank you all for keeping him/us in your thoughts and prayers. If you’re new here and have no clue what I refer to, read hereSmile.

The mister is undoubtedly a pro in the kitchen and while baking is not my strong point, he does it effortlessly. This weekend, he whipped up some basic chocolate chip cookies.  I don’t have a sweet tooth(the opposite of the hubs). However, I gobbled down those moist delicious beauties in no time…

yummy looking aren’t they?

About a month ago I repainted my kitchen white. Yes, I know, so unlike me. However, I wanted a more modern feel to the kitchen and I think I’ve accomplished that with the white. I plan on showing some more pictures soon.

I have to have lemons. How about you? I forgot to tell you all that I completed my 30 day green smoothie challenge and I’m still proudly (though not everyday), making my green smoothies.

In Other News

I’ve been nominated as a Best Blogger for the category of Interior Design  in the 2013 JDR Industry Blogger Awards! Yay for me!! I am super excited about being nominated and your votes would be more than appreciated. If you feel inclined to vote(I hope you areSmile), voting starts on their website tomorrow, Monday, February 25th. Voting closes on 4/12/13 at 4pm PST. (Voting limited to one vote per person/computer.) The blog with the most votes in each of six categories (Architecture, Interior Design, Remodeling, Construction Business, Green, and Microblog) will win that category. Winners will receive a $500 cash prize and a 2013 JDR Industry Blogger Awards Winner badge to place for display. Thank you all for your love and support.  Blessings and Happy Sunday everyone! XX

Friday, February 22, 2013

Are you well lit?

“The best-lit rooms have layers of light that blend well together,” ~ architect and designer David Rockwell.

design interiors
Ambient, task, accent, and decorative are categories of lighting that we should think about when lighting and choosing lighting for a room. Natural light is best but when natural light sources are limited there should be plenty of light sources.

Layering is important because natural light changes throughout the day. Sit in all the rooms of your home throughout the day and you will notice where lighting needs to be supplemented. The right kind of lighting in the right space will add a glow and a warmth to your surroundings.

This flush ceiling light paired with the lamp for task lighting makes this office efficient. The natural light makes it even more liveable and inviting.

interiors design
Pendant lighting is a great way to light your dining table…

interiors modern
How is the lighting in your home?  Some of the rooms in my home could definitely do with some more layers of lighting. In addition, I have been meaning to add dimmers to some very key lighting areas. I think dimmers are essential in some areas. What do you think?

In other news: Both kiddos have been quite sick with horrible ear infections, coughs, runny noses, lack of appetite and feversSad smile.  I am hoping there will be a breakthrough for them this weekend and they’ll feel much better!   Blessings and happy weekend everyone! XX

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

An Art Filled Apartment in Manhattan

2012-12-03 22.01.36
Apparently it’s Art Sunday today here. Well with that said, feast your eyes on this beautiful apartment in the Upper West side that’s drenched in eye catching art. The architectural details are to die for too… Did I mention the views AND check out the ceiling!…

2012-12-03 22.01.13
2012-12-03 22.16.11
2012-12-03 22.17.34
2013-02-17 11.19.10

This one of a kind gem is for sale. For more details, go here. I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely leisurely Sunday afternoon. Here, the fire is lit as it’s in the 30’s right now. Also, finally, the forecasters were right about snow; we finally got a dash of it yesterday. It’s almost all gone now though, but at least it snowed. Finally.  Blessings and happy Sunday my friends. XX

Writing on the Walls…

I recently received an article from Eugenia Sincovich, an Argentinean writer  about writing on the walls. She shared the work of T Heike Weber. Though this might not be for everyone, it’s still rather intriguing and interesting…

She provides the illusion of 3D. People find themselves feeling like they’re floating in these bottomless –seeming installations.

It would probably be safe to say that Mr. and Mrs. Weber did not prevent Heike from drawing on the walls as a child and as a result helped her to develop this beautiful form of art. In addition, Weber is a painter, sculptor, and photographer.

Heike undoubtedly has a vivid imagination…

An office space where just a marker is used to “doodle” on the floor shows how Weber’s idea can be used in design. Quite unique too…

Thank you to Eugenia Sincovich for this interesting article. Eugenia loves everything that reminds her that she’s alive and does her best to convey those feelings into her texts. XX

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Rocker Chic Aviary Pad.

My love for butterflies continues…

Atlanta native Chassie Post, a lifestyle editor at, lives in this beautiful Manhattan loft with her family(rocker Phil Costello and their 8 year old son). She was not impressed with the loft when she first saw it. However, when her very close friend(my design crush), Miles Redd convinced her to see its potential. Architect Meyer Davis also threw in his two cents on how fabulous a place this Manhattan loft could be. The power house duo; Miles and Meyer set to work and created a sophisticated aviary style loft with some rocker’s edge and lots of girly charm…

the giant gilded mirror grounds the framed art pieces beautifully in this collage(Mr. Redd’s handiwork)

are those white knobs on the range? also, I love how they used the wall paper as the backsplash!

“Though it may not be the most practical idea to wallpaper an entire loft I really like the idea of using traditional materials in a more modern space.” says Post. I actually love how they went all out with the wall paper and I think it works. After all, Miles Redd is not known for being timid in his design choices…

perfect juxtaposition of traditional and modern


love it all!

loads of natural light make the interior and wallpaper sing. just beautiful; so is Chassie Post! Blessings and Happy Wednesday my friends. XX

Monday, February 11, 2013

A Winner and Springing into Colour with JCrew and Urban Outfitters!

The winner of the giveaway(chosen using is comment number 19! Congrats to the wonderful Erika at Tiptoe Butterfly! I will be emailing you shortly lovely! Thanks again to everyone for entering and a Huge Thank you to the sponsor of the giveaway!

If you’re tying the knot this Spring or headed to a wedding, JCrew is the one of the best stores to shop  for stylish garb at a reasonable price. I’m so smitten with the colour choices for their wedding collection; not to mention all the tropical goodness in the photo shoot…

Beautiful collection, is it not?

A Pretty Bed Makes for a Long Marriage…

Urban Outfitters is not just for the dorm room or college students. They just launched their very first home look  book and the bedding collection is colourful and so fun! Again another affordable line so newly weds can dress their beds in style without breaking the bank.

If you’re not an avid lover of colour like I am, you will undoubtedly find something to love about this collection. It  ushers in Spring with beautiful florals and graphic patterns that is sure to put a pep in your step every time you enter your bedroom.


Blessings and Happy Monday my friends! XX

P.S. Thanks for the lovely feedback on my new specs:-)

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