Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Mood in Pictures…

That chair has led to the brewing of ideas in my head for the next upholstery project; sheer candy deliciousness…

this shoot in Brazil makes my heart sing

     Can you a tell I’m in a great mood? Reason; 75 will be the high today and yesterday, I noticed that leaves were returning to our apple trees. I might have to plant something today(indoor container planting of course…). I know the weather has been a hot topic for me here lately, but we’ve been going from one extreme to the next and I feel like a pendulum going back and forth, back and forth. Is it Winter or Spring, Winter or Spring…? Anyway, what have you all been up to? I think I’ve gotten my tech problems resolved(fingers crossed). Of course, I am just basking in your lovely comments on my picture in the prior post. Thank you all oh so much and of course to Lea, the photographer who captured us.
     Well, I am off to soak up the sun today my lovelies. I hope you share my mood and if not, I hope it rubs off on you!Smile. Blessings and happy Wednesday! XX

{images: 1, shoot}


  1. YAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! WHAT? Your temps are soaring for this time of year, but that is going to be GLORIOUS STACEY!!!!

    HEY, thanks for coming over and yes, I am enjoying subbing when I FEEL LIKE IT and IF you are interested in my cards, I can make custom drawings. My husband keeps reminding me to draw BOYS. I need to sit down to do it. If you ever want me to attempt to draw two darling boys like your, you just let me know!

    Have a super and colorful day. Those photos of the models are just stunning....SO GORGEOUS! Anita

    PS...I am so enjoying my new towels from West Elm!

  2. 75? Get off the computer and go outside. I really want to see your colorful upholstery project. I feeling the vibe.

  3. *dreaming of 75* - it is a fog fest out there today BUT we are getting 75 mph winds tonight - so i guess i'm getting 75 but the WRONG 75! ... and that chair is the bees knees doll!

  4. It was 85 here yesterday!!!

    Love the vibrant colors.

  5. A high of 75??? Wow!! We just got a ton of new inches of snow yesterday here! :)

    I am in love with that bright chair you posted!!

  6. Yay...your mood is infectious.
    It's nowhere near 75 degrees here Stacey, but your colourful post has put a smile on my face.
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  7. YES! Such a happy post! Love all the color on this cold, grey Seattle day!


  8. hooray for such a happy, bold, colorful day!

  9. Enjoy the nice weather, sounds like a lovely way to spend the day! That Brazilian shoot is INCREDIBLE! Think I may need to head on over to the website for more goodies...

  10. Love this southern light! Everyone is waiting impatiently for the spring in Oslo... but so far... skiing frenzy ;)

  11. Oh yes, 75 is definitely something to smile about. It was only 56 here yesterday, but everyone was smiling!!

    I love all of the wonderful color in these photos, Stacey. Perfect thing to see early in the morning.


    Off to have one more look at the beautiful photo of you and the little man. I soooooo love that.

    You have a wonderful day ahead.


  12. Wow! It's awesome that you're in such a bright and vivid mood!

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