Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 8: Green Smoothie Challenge.


Hi everyone! A very late Happy New YearSmile. At the end of December, I signed up to participate in a green smoothie challenge for 30 days. The challenge began January 2nd and will continue until the end of January. I have been replacing my breakfast with a green smoothie daily and now I’ve become a juicing maniac. In addition, I have adjusted my diet to exclude breads, the “bad” carbs etc. Now, I’m yearning all the “bad things” but I’m holding strong and fighting the urge… My Mom’s visiting which has also afforded me valuable time to exercising more routinely.

The great thing with this challenge is that they send you your smoothie recipes and a shopping list in your inbox each Friday. I find that really simplifies the process and make it more fun and stress free for me. I really do feel energized and fingers crossed, I’ll make it to the end of January. Here’s to maintaining a clean diet and being the healthiest you this year! XX

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  1. i'm starting "The Whole30" tomorrow - i juice all the time tho - never made a smoothie tho - that recipe sounds delish - i just HATE cleaning the juicer

  2. I love this! I will follow with the smoothie thingy(: thanks for inspiration! I can't avoid bread and carbs ... Not worth the depression I would go through if I did that... Haha ... But be careful... Starving your body of something may lead to eventually eating it and your body will make extra storage of it which means extra weight... I don't like diets of any kind ... But having said that, eating less bread and skipping it sometimes is ok ... Just hear your body and eat it sometimes ... Is my tip... Big hug z

  3. Hi, Stacey -
    Happy New Year! Funny you should write about carbs....trying to cut that out from my diet for a couple weeks.....not forever. (Recovering from all that food from the holidays.) Keep us posted on your green smoothie progress. I'm always interested in healthy diets!

  4. Hold on tightly my dear. You can do it. And once you get to that point where this is a style of living or rather, when your BODY decides that it no longer needs the BAD STUFF, you will be so thankful! I have not juiced to this extent, but I do have LOTS of green in my diet and have had for so many years that my body actually CRAVES a spinach salad or broccoli with olive oil! At my age (55), I feel like 20 and walking daily is also another good addiction! KEEP GOING! Anita

  5. The green smoothie looks delicious! Keep going! Glad you're starting your year out strong. Feeling beautiful and surrounding yourself with beauty is the way to go.

  6. It looks delicious. Does it taste as good as it looks?

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  7. Great smoothie recipe. I received a similar recipe from my daughter who is vegan and the only difference is that we blend everything together. Keep up the good work!!


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