Thursday, January 31, 2013

Earth Tones in California.

This home in Northern California is inspired by Mexican Modernism and boasts beautiful furniture pieces like the vintage Michael Taylor designed sofas(featured above). It’s awash in earth tones that have a cocoon like effect and one that is also quite welcoming.

this is where I’d spend most of my time…

this is the entertaining oasis right here

Bulthaup cabinetry outfits the kitchen, which features a Gaggenau cooktop and ovens

i’m sure only sweet dreams take place here. wow!

This week seems to have flown by, hasn't it? Blessings and have a wonderful day my friends. XX

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Mood in Pictures…

That chair has led to the brewing of ideas in my head for the next upholstery project; sheer candy deliciousness…

this shoot in Brazil makes my heart sing

     Can you a tell I’m in a great mood? Reason; 75 will be the high today and yesterday, I noticed that leaves were returning to our apple trees. I might have to plant something today(indoor container planting of course…). I know the weather has been a hot topic for me here lately, but we’ve been going from one extreme to the next and I feel like a pendulum going back and forth, back and forth. Is it Winter or Spring, Winter or Spring…? Anyway, what have you all been up to? I think I’ve gotten my tech problems resolved(fingers crossed). Of course, I am just basking in your lovely comments on my picture in the prior post. Thank you all oh so much and of course to Lea, the photographer who captured us.
     Well, I am off to soak up the sun today my lovelies. I hope you share my mood and if not, I hope it rubs off on you!Smile. Blessings and happy Wednesday! XX

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Friday, January 25, 2013


I’ve been having technical difficulties, so I am not able to launch the original post that I had planned. Lea, of Lea Hartman Photography had captured us last year and this is one of the pictures from the shoot. I am only just seeing this picture today and I’m smitten! I think this will make a great “filler” for today’s post while I work on resolving the technical issues I’m having. Happy Friday everyone! XX

p.s. I love them Lea! what a pleasant surpriseSmile

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feng Shui Your Life Review Series: The Prosperous Stove

Feng Shui Your Life Review Series: The Prosperous Stove- design addict mom
Before we delve into today’s post, I noticed there was a question about spiky plants versus ones with rounded leaves(yesterday’s post). In the book, it’s noted that rounded plants are the best ones to use to uplift and harmonize energy in any room. They should also be upward growing plants with rounded leaves. So far in reading the book, feng shui your life, it seems as if anything with a sharp edge denotes negative energy…

Onward to today’s post as the review series continue. We’re going  to look at feng shui and the stove as discussed in the book, feng shui your life by Jayme Barrett.

All of the following text is taken from the book:

In feng shui, the stove holds the energy for prosperity and abundance. From the beginning of time, many cultures have used food as an indicator of wealth and generosity. The amount of food a person lavished upon his family and friends was a measurement of his success. Accordingly, the stove, which facilitates the feasting process, contains prosperity energy. This energy encircles the stove and overflows the entire kitchen. You must keep your stove clean and ensure all burners are working correctly. The fire energy emanating from the stove stokes your home’s financial abundance. Since the kitchen combines the fire and water elements represented by the stove and sink, you need to keep them separate. If a sink is located directly across or next to the stove, the water will extinguish the fire which is not a desirable circumstance. To repel the water energy, place a small convex mirror on the front or side of the stove with the reflective side pointing towards the sink. Correct placement of these two elements will stimulate abundance for everyone living in the home.

Feng Shui Your Life Review Series: The Prosperous Stove- design addict mom
The position of the stove is a major factor in securing affluence. You should face into the kitchen and towards the door as you prepare meals on the stove. Installing a stove in a center island provides ample space and places you in the power position.(which I knew this when I was building…). However, if the stove is located in the center of your home, there may be too much fire energy, creating instability between people living in the home. In this case, add a water element to the stove to subdue the fire. In addition, if your back is to the kitchen when you cook, place a small mirror above you to heighten your awareness of what is going on behind you. A vase with fresh flowers or a teapot or glass bowl filled with water is sufficient, provided you change the water once or twice a week.

Feng Shui Your Life Review Series: The Prosperous Stove- design addict mom
If the refrigerator is next to the stove, place a convex mirror on the side of the stove to deflect the cold energy. A plant placed between them will further harmonize the two energies.

Feng Shui Your Life Review Series: The Prosperous Stove- design addict mom
It’s a great idea to also remove all knives from the top of the stove and from the area next to it. Sharp objects should not point towards the stove since they project negative energy.

Feng Shui Your Life Review Series: The Prosperous Stove- design addict mom
To create loving energy, burn a stick of rose incense on the stove daily. This is some interesting information, right? I have to admit I breathed I sigh of relief when I looked in my kitchen and realized that my stove and sink were separate from each other and my refrigerator is not exactly beside my stove. There’s a bit of separation between the two. Any thoughts on today’s post? Blessings and happy Wednesday! XX

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feng Shui Your Life: Review Series; Plants

via, first spotted on sfgirlbybay
The art of feng shui has always appealed to me and I’ve always referred to its foundation/premises when I decorate my home. In fact, when I had Zion, I used the information I learned about feng shui to determine the placement of his crib and the design of the room, etc. I learned during my research to never place a bed or crib on a wall that shares plumbing(toilet etc.). Needless to say, when I received an email about reviewing the book, “feng shui your life” by Jayme Barrett, I was beyond ecstatic!

The bestselling author, Jayme Barrett is a feng shui expert and in the book, she reveals how to transform your home with feng shui so that it enriches, nourishes, and changes your life. Did I mention that just a couple days before receiving that email, I was eyeing that same book at Barnes and Noble? Feng shui was on my side for sureSmile. I’ve mentioned many design books to you before, but feng shui your life is so wholesome and teaches you how to harness happiness, health, wealth…ultimately leading to a more fulfilling life. There is so much enlightening information in the book that I’ve decided to do a mini series that highlight aspects of feng shui that the book covers…

Today, we’re going to look at feng shui and plants while showcasing this gorgeous home sprinkled with plants on the inside.

Excerpt from the book:

Life force within nature uplifts and harmonizes the environment. Plants give oxygen and recycle air, evoke serenity, and circulate healing energy. The more plants you have the better. They affect energy by: uplifting, harmonizing, increasing, stimulating, circulating, and dispersing. In feng shui, healthy plants and flowers bring in new opportunities. With specific placement, plants enhance health, love, success, and wealth.
Enjoy the rest of the home..

While I love the palm plant that’s in the house featured above, it’s actually better to have plants(like that fiddle leaf fig tree above) with rounded leaves. Avoid the spiky ones. There is more invaluable information regarding placement of plants, etc. that is also covered in the book. Do you have plants in your home? Stay tuned for more enlightening information as the feng shui review series continue…XX

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby Ian’s DIY Bookcase: Pantone Emerald Green Style…

Purchased for $20 at the thrift store, this book case was a sweet deal… Last weekend (with the perfect weather and all), I  was busy working my diy magic on this beauty. I lightly sanded, primed and painted it in this Sherwin Williams Julep colour.  I think the colour echoes Pantone Emerald (colour of the year)… I also love how it pops against the colour of the wall in Baby Ian’s nursery.

It even looks beautiful in the before picture and it was in great shape. When I first saw it, I immediately fell in love with the dental details at the top too.

I still have plenty of space to fill in this bookcase and that’s not too difficult to do with a baby. They have plenty of “stuff!” What are your plans for the weekend? Any projects planned? Have a lovely one my friends and stay warm! XX

images: yours truly

Monday, January 14, 2013


All weekend, I was looking for butterflies and kept wondering why all the nurseries didn’t have flowers…

Our 80 degree weather definitely played tricks on my mind and made me momentarily forget that we were still in Winter.


Now, I can’t wait for Spring…

Apologies to those of you who are freezing your buttocks off. Though, according to the weather man, it’s back to freezing for us here too starting tomorrow! Such temperamental weather we've been having, right? XX

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The winner is…

via is comment #32:

Thomas Murphy said...
Congrats to Thomas Murphy and thank you to everyone who entered! XX

Thursday, January 10, 2013

It’s Not Winter Anymore…

Almost all week, we’ve been basking in mid 60 degree weather. This weekend, it will feel like we’ve said aurevoir to Winter as we enjoy almost 80 degree weather here in North Carolina. Nowadays, because of the unpredictable nature of the weather, I check what it will be daily before deciding what all of our (kiddos and myself) outfits for the day will be. With that said,I think almost 80 degree weather calls for a visit to Greece, don’t you? To be exact, we’re off  to the home of designer, Paola Navone

where there’s no need to check the weather to determine how to dress. It’s beach wear all day…





What’s your weather like this weekend? I am contemplating having a yard sale on Saturday(since the weather will be so yard sale friendly). Blessings and a very happy weekend my friends. XX

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