Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Decorating: Are you Finished?

I planned on keeping things simple this year, so most of my decorations are completed. Nonetheless, I still want to add some additional Christmas cheer here and there in the house. I will be doing that this weekend. I’d also love to make this

holiday card wreath. Cool, isn’t it? Tutorial can be found here.  What about you? Are you one of those over achievers whose decorations are all in place or will you be scurrying to get it all done this weekend? I think it"s still early enough in the month where one can take ones time and enjoy the process; no need to scurry. Especially if you’re climbing up that ladder to put lights up at your roof-line  Speaking of lights, have you seen the gangnam style house? I’m so doing this next year!Smile. Happy weekend my sweet friends! XX

{images: here and here}


  1. I love your card holder! How clever! And it's nice because it can hold so many compared to others I have seen.

    Decorating will come in a rush next week. I really go mad in my living room and then just simple touches in other rooms. I accumulate so many decorations over the years!

    Happy Weekend, Stacey!


  2. I know your home will be warm and beautiful for the holidays!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Amazing inspirational pics!
    Love the wreath idea!


  4. Ha! What a clever idea for a card holder.
    I am sure your home will be wonderful.
    I'm hoping to get my tree up this weekend.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend too.
    Liz x

  5. Haven't even started yet and after profiling Tina from The Enchanted Home and all her festive touches, feeling very behind!! Love the idea of a wreath to display holiday cards and may have to tap our inner elves this weekend to get one done. The top images are so merry and fun! Have a great weekend, Stacey!
    C + C

  6. Note to self and inner elf, I am going to start in June next year.
    I am feeling very behind.

  7. Dear Stacey - I'm a bit behind...swamped! Will try knocking out some projects this weekend.

    In the meantime, I hope you, Zion and baby Ian are enjoying this holiday season....having fun decorating the house. It's been a while since we've seen the boys. And they grow so fast!! Hope to see a photo of them with Santa.

    Wishing you all the very best ~

  8. OH that white and aqua tree is up my ALLY! WOWOOOWWOWOOWOOOW!

    I have not EVEN put up my white tree but on Sunday I plan to! I am so late this year! HUGS STACY! Anita

  9. great ideas! i'm done with decorating, but i have a tiny apt, hehe.

  10. I love the silver and blue's so sparkly and winter wonderlandy!

  11. Love that card holder what a great idea! Nope barely begun our holiday decorating since I've been working seven days a week but we found our tree in the woods yesterday. I'm not panicking yet but will be soon if I don't find time to get everything done.

    Happy Holidays Stacy!

  12. Outside is done, thanks to the husband who got things up miraculously early this year!! Need to start working inside - how is it possibly December 10th?!

  13. We have not finished our Christmas decor yet, because we both have been away for on business, but I did finally get a tree! :) Great inspiration and images here! xx

  14. Stacey i'm usually that 'overachiever' - its just mu nature- but this year - let's just say ummm NO achiever! - NADDA done! - nadda planning on doing! - Sandy tore up my house so much that i FINALLY signed with a contractor to get it all redone - FINALLY i'll have 'curb appeal' - that's a plus :o)


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