Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby It’s Cold Outside.

When I just moved to the United States from Jamaica, during Winter time I would still be donning my sandals to go out. My hubby would say, “Babe, you might want to put on a warmer pair of shoes.” I never listened and suffered quietly afterwards when my toes would be freezing. Maybe I was rebelling against the cold temperatures…. Nonetheless, now I embrace the Winter and I am fully prepared with my arsenal of boots, coats, sweaters, and scarves. And, cozying up my the fireplace is my absolute favourite thing to do when it’s cold outside.

Happy Monday my friends and stay warm! XX

{images via pinterest, Canadian House and Home,}


  1. Lovely images. I wanna snuggle up but its kinda warm here still. We have are A/C still on, can you imagine! *sigh!*

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  2. I cannot wait till my brother moves out so I can move upstairs where there's a fireplace. They're so COZY.

  3. Good morning gorgeous! ALL of these images are super and make me want to curl up to my fireplace! LOVE IT! Anita

  4. I also want to snuggle up in any one of these rooms please! It is so cold here in London!

  5. Having clothes for the cold Chicago winters requires a separate closet! The smartest thing to do is dress in layers so you can add and subtract as you go in and out.

    Believe it or not...and most of us are in shock, the weather is 70 degrees right now! Very, very odd!

    Love these images! :)


  6. It's been quite chilly in DC, but today it was up in the 60s. Just feels weird for December! I love using the fireplace this time of year.

  7. Such a wonderful selection of photographs, Stacey, especially when it is so cold and gray here now.
    I hope you've had a wonderful beginning to your week.

  8. Funny but I about froze after moving from Arizona to NYC. After living in a desert for sixteen years the snow was a little bit of a shock. Stay warm Stacy and enjoy the season!


  9. Super images Stacey.
    Love a roaring fire.
    We have woken to snow this morning- brrrrrrrrr
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x


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