Thursday, October 11, 2012

Baby Ian’s Early Birthday Feature…

Sporting a French blue and white tee purchased from Monika’s shop Splendid Avenue, Baby Ian looked oh so darling and handsome for his first birthday session. A couple weeks ago, he had a birthday session at home with a very talented and warm local photographer; Lea Hartman of Lea Hartman Photography. I actually happened upon her blog by sheer coincidence and I wasn’t even looking for a photographer at the time. We “hit it off” immediately in blog land and then when I wanted a birthday session for Baby Ian, I immediately thought of Lea and I am thrilled I did! Here are some of the pictures from the session…

He is the most pleasant, happy, and easy going baby!

Zion and I joined in on the fun too!Smile. There are so many more adorable photos, but I don’t want to seem narcissistic and post them all at once! lol! Maybe a part 2? 
Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with emotion because I feel so blessed to have Baby Ian and Zion in my life. Did I tell you all that I resigned my teaching job at the end of the school year? The. Best. Thing. I. Ever. Did.  Mark you, I’m in dire need of sleep, but I am happy to be the one nurturing my boys every step of the way. Can you believe that Baby Ian turns one next week Thursday?
Zion’s first birthday party sets the trend for all future  Blake first birthday parties. Therefore, I have been busy planning and “diying” and there’s lots more to be done prior to the party(on the 20th). With that said, I may be away from my computer for a week and a half… So, until then my friends and hopefully the party will be a success! I will share the details and pictures with you when I return. Much love everyone! XX


  1. Oh my goodness - if there was ever a series of photographs that would set me up smiling and happy for the rest of the day - these are it! Your family are absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! I can't wipe the smile off my face after seeing these beauties, and I know what you mean about feeling blessed and overcome with emotion - sometimes I just look at my kids and my heart skips a beat. My twin girls are 9 today - preparing myself for sleepover madness at the weekend!!! Enjoy your birthday parties too and see you back in blogland soon.
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

  2. Oh... so great to visit with you again!! Your family is growing! Look how big Zion is now - I remember when he was almost as young as Ian! Beautiful boys!! Lovely mother! So glad everything is well with you!
    Blessings and enjoy each moment of every day!

  3. HOLY COW YOU ARE ALL SO GORGEOUS!!!!!! Stacy, Ian was just born YESTERDAY, I swear. WHERE DID ALL THIS TIME GO? He is just stunningly CUTE! What a happy smile and Zion is the most handsome boy.....oh my, what a young man he is going to be! I love this photo of you all. I am sure you have this blown up somewhere in your home? I can see it chez toi, frameless, against a stark white wall....I can see it.

    Thank you lovely friend, for your comments. I had a blast yesterday in a regular fourth grade was SO different from what I had been used to, teaching in a French immersion school. We had fun, and speaking a little French to the kids as they walked in freaked them out ENOUGH to get their attention!!!!!!

    Have a super day with these beautiful little men of yours. HUGS! Anita

  4. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY YOU MAKE! Ian is so cute and looks very happy, I also noticed that stunning orange chair behind him, that would make me happy too. I can't believe how big and handsome Zion is now he's grown into a fine looking young man. Congratulations on your new adventure as a full time Mom. I can't wait to see more pictures.

    Happy Birthday to Ian!


  5. oMG He is going to be ONE already? WOW ... Time is really flying. God Bless you all. You are an adorable family.

    ∞ © ∞

  6. Awe! I'm lacking sleep too but I wouldn't trade staying home with my babies for anything! :)

  7. Oh my, he is gorgeous. Happy Birthday Ian !!
    I hope your party is a lot of fun, I still remember my boys first parties!!
    The last photograph of the three of you - just - WOW!!
    Have a lovely weekend, enjoy your boys!!
    Liz x

  8. i need a part 2!!!! - congrats on being a stay at home Mom!!!! - i think it's one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs!!! - and seriously ur boys are BEYOND the cute scale!

  9. Definitely a Part II, PLEASE.
    My goodness Stacey, Ian is just adorable!! That smile just makes me smile too. As I look at the photo of the 3 of you, I am amazed at how much Zion has grown. Time goes by so fast, and I am thrilled that you are able to be home with them. I am sure that they are too!

  10. You have beautiful family, Stacey! I don't think I have seen a recent picture of Ian, he is SO big now! And what a beautiful lady you are! Of course you have cute kids! :)


  11. What a sweetie! Love that shot of you three!!

  12. aw Stacey!!! you are all so adorable!!! LOVE the smile of baby Ian, and love how big and handsome Zion is!!! i remember when you posted his baby pictures!!! unreal. COngratulations on such an amazing job momma!

  13. awwww lovely I love boyz

  14. What a beautiful family you are!

    GAP, look no further! You have all the models you need right here!

    I will be recycling a couple of those images, if you don't mind. You'll see!

    You are an awesome Mama, Stacey.

    Love to you.


  15. What an incredibly beautiful family you have you are blessed.

  16. Pictures are gorgeous. The last one of you and your boys is stunning! I hope the celebration will be fun - i am sure you will do an amazing job.

  17. How great that you got a professional photo shoot of your kids, well worth it! Baby Ian is so sweet and Zion is beautiful too--you are a very lucky lady!
    xo Mary Jo

  18. Gosh is he one already! Where did the year go?

    I just love that black and white family portrait, absolutely beautiful.

    As it's sunday, I'm slowly catching up on some of your posts! Have a lovely weekend!

  19. He's soooo cute!!! A year goes by sooo fast!

  20. So so cute!!!! You look so happy and the pictures are great!
    From Paris with love, Vicky

    The Golden Bun

  21. omg he is so cute, look at the teeth!! and seriously, the black and white picture of you guys is stunning. i love it.

  22. Happy birthday little guy! That picture of you three is just gorgeous. Good luck party planning and I can't wait to see the results!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  23. Wow, Stacey, great photos!!!! And what a cute boy you have!!!! The last black and white photo is amazing!

    love, Kristin

  24. You chose an amazing photographer, though I'm sure having ridiculously good looking children didn't hurt either. ;) They are gorgeous photos, and you'll be so happy to have these as Baby Ian grows. Congratulations on your new career choice! I have to give you props: I think being a stay-at-home mom is probably the most difficult job of them all. Happy birthday, Baby Ian!

  25. What a beautiful family! I just love little Ian's photos ... so adorable. My nephew's name is Zion too! Wishing baby Ian a marvellous birthday.

  26. WOW!!! Not only are both of your boys are you!!! Leah is a fabulous photographer, too!! Though she was working with perfect subjects!

    Congrats on being able to stay at home with your boys. I tried working full time after I had my first and just felt so torn. I know it's been a blessing to spend the past 9 years being the one they see the most. You will never regret it!

    Can't wait to see baby Ian's big bday party!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  27. Stacy, you and your handsome boys look wonderful: the picture of health. Keep up the good work!! You will never regret spending time with your children: You are actually doing the most honorable profession in the world because you are contributing to molding the lives of your precious children.

  28. Beautiful photos! What handsome boys you have. And I suppose you're not bad yourself *smiles.* I remember when you announced that you were pregnant with Baby how time flies.

  29. Your baby is such a cutie pie!
    Just went through your blog and woah, your photography is amazing! <3

  30. It seems like just yesterday, he was born my goodness his smiles and those eyes can surely light up a room. What a blessing to have such sweet boys. I also stopped teaching in a classroom at the end of last year also. Sounds like you're happy with your decision. It's so great to be there for your boys. Ian's nursery is gorgeous by the way.

  31. Oh how I love that black and white portrait of you all...

    My dear one, I am so thrilled to know that my message hit home with you. We are not alone, ever, ever. I pray with all my heart that soon your beloved will come home for ALWAYS and that your beautiful family will be reunited. This is why I write. To reach out and know that I AM NOT ALONE as well.

    HUGS TO YOU! OH! I subbed in a middle school physics class the other day...GO FIGURE! I am a FRENCH TEACHER but I guess we have to do what we have to do! YIKES!


  32. i want this baby....really beautiful

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  33. Your boys are so precious and handsome! Thanks for sharing! I cannot believe your baby is one year old! I remember when he was born! Time flies. Have fun! :)

  34. Absolutely adorable! These pictures are so sweet. I love when memories become art. :)

  35. Love love love this. It's not often that I come across beautiful brown mothers inspired by design!

    Great blog. Can't wait to read more.



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