Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Open Shelves in the Kitchen.

I really love the look of having open shelves in ones kitchen showcasing ones beautiful wares. But, I struggle enough with having a clutter free countertop that I know whilst I really, really love this look, I would be crazy to embrace it in my own kitchen. I am not very efficient at consistently keeping things organized where I would  feel comfortable enough to dare 'place it all on display'. In fact, I am happy that I am able to hide all my “disorganization” behind my lovely cupboard doors. Nonetheless, each time I see

a kitchen space like this with open shelves with everything looking so pretty AND organized, I feel warm and fuzzy inside.

How do you all feel about open shelves in the kitchen? One day, when my boys are older, maybe then I'll have the time to be able to keep it all organized in the kitchen and show it all off with my open shelves... Happy Tuesday everyone and a warm welcome to my new readers:-)! XX

P.S. Apologies about the lack of posts and visits. I’ve  just been extremely busy being Mommy.

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  1. The one thing I know about Blogging is you never need to apologise for being a Mummy 1st.
    I am not naturally eclectic enough for "things" to be just placed anywhere and still look like the design fairy had waved their wand.
    I need doors but love, love the look of open shelves.

  2. Love the open shelving idea....just not sure it is reality for me.

  3. I just love that top kitchen from Heart Home magazine - so rustic and warehouse-like. FAB! :) xx

  4. I love open shelving too! I doubt I could keep everything organized enough to have that feature in my kitchen though! :)

  5. I love open shelving too! I doubt I could keep everything organized enough to have that feature in my kitchen though! :)

  6. Call me crazy but I'm working on installing a few open shelves in my kitchen right now. I think (I hope) its all about how you choose to use them ... just another surface, random stuff, all the dishes, or functional items you need quick access to. I don't know yet cause mine haven't been installed. Hope I don't regret this decision cause the wall cabinet is down!


    Darling and beautiful Stacy, it is so good to see you again! Well, I for one am like you, in that I cannot stand to have anything on my countertops. HOWEVER, when I lived in Boston, we had a fabulous little galley kitchen that only had ONE cabinet but loads of shelves. I put my copper pots neatly in rows and I tell ya, I loved the look. Being a minimalist already, all I had were a couple of white plates and cups and then my copperware. It was the perfect thing to have an exposed display.

    Now I have a French etagère in iron and wood holding my copper, but the rest of the wares are in cabinets. But this is a wonderful look, if you can maintain it!

    How are the boys???? LOVE TO YOU ALL! Anita

  8. That kitchen in the second shot - love!!! So much fun! I also love the idea of open shelves too and but would have to stay organized and dust free!

  9. DEAREST!!! So good to see your comment! OH THE BOYS are probably so big now and running about!!! YIKES! But at least you are HOME and if they go down for a nap, maybe, just maybe you have enough time for a breath?

    I finally got my ID# so that I can be in the substitute data base. I have not even started yet, but I am loving being AT HOME!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will however, need to start working as soon as a job can come in. I prefer to start fresh and go into the middle school for a French class ONLY. If I were to get called into the immersion school, where I used to teach, it is probable that I will have to teach all subjects again....meaning MATH, which was never my forte.....oh well, gotta take what is given to you!

    MUCH LOVE and have a super day! Anita

  10. We would love to invest in a colorful Smeg fridge to brighten the kitchen and have the same thoughts about open shelves. In our minds, we would have more to dust!
    C + C

  11. Love the open shelves Stacey, but would be forever tidying and dusting or living in total dis-array!
    So maybe they aren't for me!
    Hope you have a lovely day, and you and yours are well.

  12. These are beautiful images, I love the brick wall in the first one!

    I have open shelves at the lake. I didn't know how they would work as I am a cluttered sort of person, really can't keep the counters clear! But I used a white color palette and that seems to keep it looking smooth and streamlined with just a few pops of color. I have to hold back on adding any new treasures!


  13. hi love!!!! - i love the look of open shelves - but if ur an everyday kitchen person (cooking) i don't think too practical - i'd go nutty having to worry about keeping that totally clean and organized ALL the time - but design wise LOVE

  14. Hi Stacy! May I please say I WANT THAT ORANGE SMEG FRIG! There that's out of the way. Open shelving, not a real fan, to much upkeep. I would always be worried about the grease that flies in a kitchen getting on everything. I mean I like the looks but I wouldn't have it ion my home. Did I say I wanted the orange Smeg frig?


  15. Oh my goodness, I am in love with the first one.
    So beautiful!

  16. I love a combination. In my last kitchen, I had one section with open shelves just for the things I used every day - they never needed dusting because they were in and out all the time and it was actually easier in terms of taking out and putting away!

  17. I LOVE open shelves! I have a combination of both - cupboards for all of the bulky stuff like pots and pans, but the pretty stuff stays out on display. Lots of dusting though!
    Paula xxx

  18. i like the open shelves a lot, but i just think of all the dust! i have a couple...

  19. I love this idea of open shelving.


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