Friday, September 28, 2012

Liquor, Mags, and Books on Wheels: A DIY.

Since I found my chair and ottoman, I’ve been frequenting the same thrift store to see what I can find. I recently found this table and gave it some TLC last weekend. This is what it looked like before:

As you can see it was not so good looking. With a price tag of $5.00, I figured it was worth the risk to see if I could restore to it to the potential image that I conjured up in my mind. To tackle the project, I first made a trip to Lowes and bought

two cans of premium Rust-o-leum high gloss white spray paint. I already had that spray attachment pictured. It makes it easier to spray paint and I have more control over the process. The Minwax Lacquer clear satin finish and sealer was purchased at Walmart. However, I am sure one can get that at Lowes or Home Depot too. I chose spray painting over painting (using a brush)because the piece is small and there is less mess and less cleaning up involved. I want to also add that I lightly sanded the piece and cleaned it thoroughly prior to painting. I didn’t prime it because I purchased a Premium Spray paint, but I would recommend priming prior too.

I also purchased new casters since the piece was missing one. Those were purchased from Lowes.

I am pleased with how it turned out and I love its versatility. I can use it to store my books/magazines and also, I can wheel my liquor from room to room. Gotta love that! If you have a Harris Teeter(those of you residing in the States)near you, they are having a sale on the Cavit Pinot Grigio!Smile. As you can see, I’m going to need another bottle soon…

I purposely chose those casters/wheels with a hint of copper because I love how they contrast with the white.  This thrift find was definitely worth the $5 splurge, don’t you think? I am loving the weather right now, so this weekend is sure to be a great one! I hope it will be the same for you too!! Enjoy! XX 


  1. wow, what a winner! you made out like a bandit. have a good one lady!

  2. I think you get the title of Upcycling Queen for this - bravo!!

  3. What a fantastic transformation! I love having a drinks/cocktail table - it makes me feel very 'grown up' and sophisticated - like something out of Mad Men - Cheers to upcycling!
    Have a great weekend,
    Paula xx

  4. BRAVO STACY! You really have an eye for transformation!!! I love to do this, to look at a piece and see the potential and then GO FOR IT! Beautiful!! Anita

  5. I always knew you were the creative type. Island girls usually are;-) xx

  6. This is just amazing. I can't believe you got that for $5!! It looks great, and there's really nothing better than alcohol on wheels, in my opinion.

  7. u really do find the best things - but really it's WHAT you do to transform these pieces!!! - i LOVE the thriftyness about you and inspiration!!!!! - lord knows i need to find a design idea for ALL the magazines i have - it might be borderline hoarder *ekk*

  8. Nice job with that table, and it looks better than that kind of fake wood look! Richard

  9. Spray paint + lacquer was the perfect choice for this makeover, looks so good. Love the choice of accent / contrast casters, just enough bling. I recently made my first thrift store purchases and like you I continue to be drawn back to that store "just to see" every couple of days. Maybe I'll get lucky and score a neat-o bar cart like you.


  10. Stacey, this is WONDERFUL!! I need to find something like this. How perfect to have your favorite magazines and a little drink rolled right to you!! Love it.

  11. Awesome transformation. You've also made it very multi-functional. Love it, great job Stace.

  12. love this! i gotta find one here in atl

  13. It looks amazing! Great way to transform an item! xo Happy weekend.

  14. What a great DIY, Stacey and a bargain!! Love the final look ~

  15. Great buy and job Stacy! Your cart turned out so well!

    Hey load the boys up and drive on up here you'll love the countryside this time of year. Dylan dog is so gentle with kidsand the boys would have fun running around the property....I'll make cookies ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. You totally gave it style and pizzazz! And $5?? Are you serious? What a find :)
    Cheers ~

  17. oh! it looks amazing


  18. You are a DIY rock star!!! What a transformation and bar carts could not be any hotter right now.

    I'm looking around at what I can spray paint. I would love this in my sons' rooms or even in the playroom.

    Well done, Stacy!!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  19. Beyond perfect!! And as you say totally versatile. This little piece could happily go anywhere!!

  20. So envious... look at you and your mad skills. Have a great week Stacey.

    Lisa x

  21. I hard a similar one of those and never thought of doing something with it.... Very cool!!!

  22. This is such a fab idea. Looks great.

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