Monday, August 27, 2012

Crazy & Co. Accessory Giveaway!: $25 Gift Card

Accessorizing an ensemble  is usually that final step that completes one look.  Accessories provide one with the opportunity to showcase ones personality'; be it with oversized colourful bangles for a flashy arm candy OR

a gorgeous necklace that makes a bold statement. With that said, the wonderful fashionista and blogger, Tanvi, recently opened the most fun store, Crazy & Co. that sells one of a kind accessory pieces AND, she is offering Design Addict Mom Readers a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to purchase an item or items  from the store!

The pieces above are just a handful of the items that are in the store. There are lots more eye candy there to shop for AND something to appeal to everyone! Yes, I know you want to know how to enter such an awesome giveaway so here are the guidelines:

To Enter: (the giveaway is opened to all U.S. and Canadian readers and followers of Design Addict Mom). To my foreign readers, I will have something special for you all soon:-)
  • Visit C&Co. website and tell one item you would buy with your gift card
Additional Entries:

Giveaway ends September 03, 2012. Good luck everyone! XX

{images: google, Crazy &Co}

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thirteen Years! Happy Anniversary to my Soldier:-)

I can’t believe that it’s been thirteen years! For the past four anniversaries, we’ve been oceans apart because you have been away fighting for your country. But, as they say. Distance. Makes. The . Heart. Grow. Fonder. I would definitely prefer to have you here though… Love you my soldier!! Happy Thursday
everyone! XX


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moroccan Flair.

I’m loving all the knick knacks that give this home personality. The Moroccan vibe has this home exuding exotic sexy AND those rugs ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Muchas gracias on your input regarding my camera question.  I am so excited about purchasing it this weekend! Have a fantastic weekend my friends! Much love. XX


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm Camera Shopping: Nikon D3200?

I have been taking photographs with my Andriod phone of late because my camera broke. Truthfully, I wasn’t too saddened by it because I was giving serious consideration to upgrading to a better camera. I have a couple projects that I completed and wanted to share with you all, BUT, I really didn’t want to use my phone to take those pictures.  The first one is the powder room make over and that deserves to be photographed with a wonderful camera.

This is how I feel about the way my pics should look before they show themselves here on the blogSmile.  In addition, great photographs make for a better blogging experience.

Now, it seems as if the powers that be whispered my innermost thoughts into the hubby’s ears because yesterday he called me and asked what I wanted for our anniversary(coming up soon). He said he thought I might like a new camera… Ok, everyone, he didn’t even know that the other camera was broken so him suggesting a new camera is nothing short of divine intervention ( you may think I’m being a bit melodramatic). However, when he stated the camera that he was looking at, I knew for sure that it was divine intervention; the Nikon D3200.  That’s exactly the camera that I was obsessing over and researching online. Does anyone own this camera? If so, is it a great buy? I’m also open to hearing about other Nikons. I had a Canon and wanted to experience a Nikon camera and I’m really loving what the google reviews show about the Nikon D3200. XX

(images: google}

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olivia Palermo via Tatler Russia

Olivia is definitely not going away any time soon. In fact, her lure seems to be even more powerful these days. We just can’t get enough of her and is it any wonder, just look at her!  She was recently featured on the Russian cover of  Tatler magazine and sported garb from the likes of Armani, Miu Miu, Paco Rabanne, and John Galliano(and of course many more).

I think you could put her in a garbage bag and she would make it look glamorous! Have a fabulous weekend everyone! XX

P.S. I’m on an Olympic high and in quite a celebratory mood because of my Jamaican countrymen who have competed. Of course, you all know of Usain Bolt(and if not, shame on youSmile) and his performance in the Olympics has been quite epic. There is also Blake and Weir who’ve also shone in their performance and as a Jamaican, I’ve been grinning from ear to ear with pride.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sideboards in all their Splendor…

Living Etc.
Sideboards provide a great opportunity to zhush up your dining room or the space where your sideboard is on display. We all have various tastes; be it traditional, modern, mid century etc. Here

are some sideboards that span the taste continuum and add that zhush factor to their spaces…


Nuevo Estilo



Clare Henderson's house






Do you have a sideboard in your home?  If so, where in your home is yours? I know not everyone has their sideboard in a dining room space.  I’m currently using our formal dining room as Zion’s playroom and my sideboard(which I’ve been itching to change) is in my foyer. Happy Wednesday my friends! XX

Friday, August 3, 2012

Spectacular in South Africa!

Located in Cape Town, South Africa, this heavenly home  boasts such spectacular views and extraordinary architectural features!  Swoon worthy for sure! Happy weekend my friends! XX