Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gallery Walls: Keeping Them in Place.

Gallery Walls: Keeping Them in Place
I’ve always admired gallery walls and I’m currently collecting frames to start my own. I love this one above showcasing some family pics and really just an eclectic mix of pieces that the homeowners love.  I imagine that one has to have a plan before executing a gallery wall, placement and probably most importantly, hardware to hang the pieces.

monochromatic gallery wall adds focal point in modern bedroom
It makes sense to have a reliable gallery hanging system to ensure that your pictures or paintings stay in place. Can you imagine sleeping and having one of those hanging above the bed falling on you? Scary thought, no? So, I say just do it right even if it takes you a bit longer.

gallery wall in the office
Which gallery hanging system do you use? Where in your home do you have your gallery wall(if you have one)? I’m thinking of placing mine in my foyer.

framed mittens gallery wall-so cute!
blogged about this here before but had to share again(one of my faves)
Have a fabulous Thursday everyone! XX

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  1. Hi Stacey,

    Oh how I love that gallery wall featuring mittens ... just so sweet. I'm a lover of gallery walls too and your question about hanging systems is an interesting one. My current gallery wall is in our bedroom so not a high traffic area; if it was high traffic, or in an area where little hands might want to touch all the time, or if safety (such as your example of over the bed) was a concern, or - whew, if I lived in earthquake county, I'd use french cleats for hanging. They are made to hang items in excess of 100#s or items as small as 5#s and once an item is installed with a french cleat they won't wobble or fall. I've used them to hang a 7 foot tall heavy mirror and a diy art project that linked together 9 frames into one (another version of a gallery wall). Theres info on my blog or just google it ... I will say however that we really prefer the brand that includes a bubble in the hanger to ensure the object is installed level :) Can't wait to see what other folks suggest!


  2. I just love love that office :)
    Have a great day...

  3. LOVE my gallery wall. It's still small right now. I don't have a system though...I just started with one piece and keep adding to it. I usually use nails to hang them. I stick with smaller frames so I don't have to worry with anchoring. If it was over my bed though, I'd probably use anchors on anything bigger than an 8x10 frame...because ouch :)

  4. Good afternoon dearest! My husband has this theme going on in his office and it is GORGEOUS. I love that shot of the bedroom in pure black and white. I hope you are well....we are thinking of you! Anita

  5. I have actually been thinking about this quite recently Stacey, but I have no idea just how to consider it. Lots (probably too many!) of choices.

    I absolutely love the mittens/gloves.
    What a wonderful idea.

    Wishing you a fantastic weekend, my friend.


  6. I love the gallery wall with the mittens! We don't have a gallery wall and I've long thought about it but we're short on wall space....too many openings!


  7. Stacey what gorgeous pics you curate- I love your blog and flickr! I'm so glad you found me. Really looking forward to searching through your posts!:-) caroline

  8. Hi Stacey!
    Gallery walls are one of those design aspects that I greatly admire, yet personally dread. I'm terrified of making a mistake, hence, no gallery walls at my house. I'm also greatly lacking on wall space--lots of windows.

    But, I love all the ones here. Especially that one with the mittens. I'm guessing the name of the child or date is written on there. So precious!!

    Also saw that your hubbie has deployed again. I'm so sorry. I think having my husband work long hours is hard. I realize that nothing compares to having to shoulder the house and parenting alone. Hang in there!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. we have a gallery corner in our living room where one wall has art and the other holds photos of family and friends. you got me thinking of a hanging system, because we currently use pushpins!

  10. Hi Stacey,
    Loving the gallery walls.
    The bedroom is super cool.
    Have a lovely weekend, and love to your family.

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