Friday, July 13, 2012

A Cottage in Arkansas.

I. LOVE. THIS. COTTAGE. Even more so because the exterior colour(s) remind me a lot of my own home.

A loft above the kitchen. How cool!

A platform bed with lots of storage beneath. Yes please!

Hens Mary Jean and Virginia seem right at home in the back. Does anyone have hens in their back yard? I have been seriously thinking about getting a couple hens. I think we’re allowed to have at least four here in NC. Anyway, charming cottage, is it not? Happy weekend everyone! XX

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  1. Complete with hens - seriously?
    Yes, perfect.
    I always know, if you like it, I will like it :)
    I especially love seeing the green grass, such a struggle here in Phoenix in the summer. My plants (and grass) are all turning brown.

  2. My dream home! I am in love with this house.

  3. Yowsers, what a gorgeous home? I didn't expect to see so many pops of colour! Love it!

  4. what an adorable place!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Cute house - gorgeous colours! I've been deliberating about chickens for the past two years! Finally decided to go for it and thought that I'd wait for the good weather to get started, but now we've had the wettest Spring/Summer in England for years, and the idea of trudging out every morning into a mud bath just doesn't appeal! I think I'm what's known as a 'fair weather' chicken lover - lol!
    Paula xxx

  6. This place is so cozy! I want hens, but unfortunately we're not allowed to have them where I live. :[

  7. This is cottage *perfection*, gimme, gimme, *GIMME*!!! I just envision lazy breakfasts in that cozy nook and great conversation around that cute kitchen island, don't you??? (c:

  8. What a sweet cottage.
    I love the loft idea, a great use of space.
    Have a lovely day,

  9. I can see why you love this house. The perfect place to dream;-)

  10. What a stunning cottage! I appreciate all the pops of color against the calmness of the white! I could so see myself spending time here!

  11. Yes, it is charming, and so cheerful. No, no hens here!


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