Friday, July 27, 2012

A Villa in Greece Beckons….

When we lived in Vicenza Italy, a visit to Greece was on our wishlist since it was almost a stone throw away. However, we had way too many places that we wanted to visit and not enough time, so we never made it to Greece.

It’s still on my wishlist though. For now, I’ll enjoy this villa that beckons to every fiber of my summer loving being…

What are your plans for the weekend my friends? Today, we get up to 11o degrees. Yikes! So keeping myself, my boys, and Ginger(our dog) cool this weekend is my priority. However, I hope to finish some projects this weekend so I can tell you all about them next week. We’ll see. Have a fantastic weekend my friend. Also, a warm welcome to my newest readers! XX


  1. The only word that comes to my mind when I see this is every SENSE of the word. What is it about old wood, water, stone, linens that does this to me...and GREECE, a childhood dream to go there for my honeymoon! Anita

  2. YES it is fun that we both had Greece on our blogs today - love that :)
    It's also going to be at least 110 here so we have that in common today as well, ugh.
    I got so sick in Greece that it took 3 months to get better, vowed I'd never go back....but.....I might if I could stay in an amazing place like this. Think all of these images are getting pinned :)
    Keep cool friend.

  3. What a DREAM! I can almost feel that dry warm air and hear the waves lapping up on the shore..totally amazing!

  4. Greece is on our bucket list too. This photos only reinforced my desire to go. Enjoy the weekend.

  5. I'm completely obsessed...needing another vacation!

  6. I sure hope you visit the islands over here someday! The weather is incredible at the moment... I so need to get out on the islands - everything is so convenient these days, so you can go by sea or air from Athens Airport or from the ports.
    I kinda now want to scrap our plans and find this villa! Gorgeous stuff!

    Have a beautiful Weekend!

  7. This is just stunning!! How I wish I was there.

    Happy weekend, darling :)

  8. just looking at the photos has me relaxed. i hope to experience greece some day.

  9. Lots of eye candy here and I really love that first picture, now if my place could only look like that! Richard

  10. Can not get enough white walls with wood accents. I could curl up and soak in that view and never leave. Sigh! Instead I am off to Universal studios with the kiddos- no relaxing ahead.

  11. These pictures are gorgeous and great for summer vaca


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