Sunday, May 20, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing…

I have a tendency to wear something “too much” when it is my favourite item. These green pants/capris are currently one of my faves and I have to restrain myself from reaching for them every time I am putting together an outfit to go somewhere.
In fact I was recently featured on the oh so stylish blog authored by the reknown fashionista, Tanvi and what was I wearing, yup, these caprisSmile. I think that was such a lovely gesture on her part as the picture was not of the best quality and the ones she posts are always magazine worthy! Thank you Tanvi!!

Ha ha! I was clearing the area of all of Zion’s toys before taking the pic. Check out our shed too-sexy isn’t it? We had it built and painted to match the house. It should be no surprise that the door is orange either! Also, guess what, I repainted the front door too. Yup, it’s no longer yellow, but we’ll talk about that in a separate post…

One more time…

You’ve probably figured out my now that these leopard pumps are also some of my faves too. I snapped this pic in my kitchen just before going out with my hubby on a date night; the first one since the birth of Zion! You can see by my grin that I am super excited! So, do tell, do you also tend to wear a favourite item over and over? XX


  1. I'm so guilty of wearing something I love too often. I have a favorite pair of jeans I would wear everyday if I could.

    You are seriously a knock Stacey!

  2. If I looked that good in green capri pants, I would NEVER wear anything else!

  3. Love them in ALL ways and forms ... You wear them well!!!

    And please, mention not. I am happy to share your style with everyone! :)

    ∞ © ∞

  4. You're beautiful, Stacey! You wear those green pants well. Hope you enjoyed your night out!

  5. Guilty as charged! We buy things because they make us feel good and when something is new even better. I've been wearing this mint green summer sweater that really needs to be put away for the season but I love the color so much. Glad to see you smiling in the second picture you're so pretty!


  6. OMG YOU ARE STUNNING!!!! Oh how I wish I could wear pants like that but OH DEAR....I could NOT!!! NO WAY....but I love them on you and you just are so beautiful my friend! I do the same thing. I tend to wear something ALL THE TIME if I love it. I have a black skirt that has gotten much use this year! AND THE SHOES....I NEED SOME OF THOSE!!!

    Love your little house in the back too. Enjoy a perfect day dearest. Anita

  7. Hi gorgeous!
    Love the skinnies!


  8. LOVE your shed AND your trousers! Both beautiful - but then when you're as fabulously stylish as you are - how could they fail to be!
    Paula x

  9. You look amazing!
    How on earth did you get back to your sexy skinny self so quickly?
    You look bright and cheerful with all that color.
    I absolutely have my fav's that I seem to wear out very quickly.
    Right now it's a vintage blue white top that I have been wearing to everything we've gone to.

  10. Darling you look fantastic and those pants are great! I LOVE the colour! In fact I love how you always surround yourself with colour. I smile just seeing your blog name pop up in my inbox! Such wonderful energy darling!!

    Yes, I too have my staple items and being 'me' I tend to grab the same stuff over and over. To me speed is of essence in the morning..! :)

    Also. LOVING the shed! That colour combo looks familiar.. ;)

    xx Charlotta

  11. Laughing as I'm reading this post--I'm sitting here in the exactly same green capri jeans that I wear too much!! haha- They look fantastic on you. I always say "if something works-stick with it"!! Your shed/barn looks amazing too!

  12. You SURE look good, Stacey! And those shoes are really nice! I tend to wear black and white all the time :) Have a beautiful day!

    Kristin xx

  13. Those are some awesome green capris, I'm not sure that I can pull them off like you! lol :)

  14. Oh, I completely understand what you mean! Right now, for me, it's this pair of jeans from J.Crew: (in neon rose)

    By the way, you look gorgeous!

    Wishing you a lovely day...


  15. I love the shed door colors I think my sweetie would flip if I tried to be so daring! And yes I do get the cloths things I have a black maxi that wants at least one day off lol.

  16. Guilty- but definitely nothing as fabulous as your capris and leopard pumps. Thanks for stopping by today.

  17. I am totally guilty of doing this too! My favourite go-to outfit is red capris and the world’s most comfortable leopard print pumps! Green is definitely your colour!

  18. I love the bright color contrast.

    If you love them..wear them. who cares if it is something stylish and not sweatpants.

    You look stunning...even cleaning up toys.

  19. Everyone have a very nice memorial day weekend. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa

  20. I do the same thing! You look really cute in your capris, so wear them :).


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