Saturday, May 26, 2012

Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend in Pictures.

Above all else this memorial weekend I am beyond proud of my veteran hubby and all the other men and women(fallen heroes) and those who serve so we can enjoy the luxuries we so easily take for granted. I salute them. Who-AAA!

This long weekend, many of us will headed to the “beach house”


to chill out and enjoy the companionship of our friends

or dress up our backyard and save money on gas by staying homeSmile

we will most definitely be lighting up the grill as they say here in the South and I want to give this  Cram on Kebabs recipe a try. find all the details on how to make it here.  I know that not everyone will be celebrating a long weekend, but do enjoy whatever it is you do this weekend. if you’re stateside, don’t forget to give a nod to our men and women in the Armed forces. Peace and love my friends. XX

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  1. SOOOOOO HAPPY for you dearest that your husband is home and well and safe. PEACE TO ALL and THANK HIM FOR ME for serving US ALL!! Anita

  2. nice opinion. thanks for posting.

  3. Oh Stacy my sweet! Thank you for your visit and the KIND WORDS!!! And I am so happy for you that you made that important decision to be at home for your beautiful men...all THREE OF THEM! Oh, I bet you have some fun relaxing plans for the weekend! RELISH it all my dear. Can't wait for June 8!!! Anita

  4. Happy Memorial Day! Looks like you had a great one! xoxo

  5. Beautiful post! I hope that you and your hubby enjoyed your weekend. Most of my family is military so a big salute you yours as well. We had friends in town, and grilled mostly. Love these photos. -xx

  6. I so appreciate the sacrifice that your family has made in the name of our country.

    I hope you had the BEST weekend doing whatever you liked!!

    xo Elizabeth

  7. Hope you and your boys had a nice weekend! A big thank you to your hubby, too.

  8. you haven't posted in way too long, haha :) jk, i haven't been around :( :( i hpe you are doing well!


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