Saturday, May 26, 2012

Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend in Pictures.

Above all else this memorial weekend I am beyond proud of my veteran hubby and all the other men and women(fallen heroes) and those who serve so we can enjoy the luxuries we so easily take for granted. I salute them. Who-AAA!

This long weekend, many of us will headed to the “beach house”


to chill out and enjoy the companionship of our friends

or dress up our backyard and save money on gas by staying homeSmile

we will most definitely be lighting up the grill as they say here in the South and I want to give this  Cram on Kebabs recipe a try. find all the details on how to make it here.  I know that not everyone will be celebrating a long weekend, but do enjoy whatever it is you do this weekend. if you’re stateside, don’t forget to give a nod to our men and women in the Armed forces. Peace and love my friends. XX

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Determination always Pays off…

IMG_2219h_6 (1)
I’ve often thought of what it would be like to live in California; the quintessential location for houses that are meticulously designed. Since living there is not an option, I spend a sinful amount of time perusing houses that are located there oohing and aahing at every detail. My obsession has not gone unnoticed. In fact, I was recently offered the opportunity to tour this home that I’m about to feature. Not virtually either, in person! I thought of purchasing a ticket just for that, but that thought could not be entertained for long. If only…

IMG_3411h_6 (1)
The next best thing was to look at pictures of the home instead.  A home is even more enticing when there’s a story behind it. One of the most photographed homes in the Greater Los Angeles area, this home is nestled in sleepy little Ojai, California.  Developed by licensed Los Angeles architect and interior designer Kate Svoboda-Spanbock, the property was a nightmare to work with.  Long, narrow and sloping, the 1,600 square foot lot was studded with mature trees.  Working with a limited budget, the property was one of the toughest Svoboda-Spanbock had ever seen.  However, she was determined and  overcame all her obstacles to create this spectacular architectural gem that boasts lofty ceilings, beautiful windows that let in lots of natural light and create an organic connection with the lush outdoors.

I adore the Moroccan like design of the stairway

beautiful tile work and what a view!

A Before Pic
This is just to give you an idea of what the site looked like before. What a transformation, right? I can imagine the sense of accomplishment Kate must feel after tackling such a project and creating such a magical transformation. XX

{images: thanks Johanna}

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing…

I have a tendency to wear something “too much” when it is my favourite item. These green pants/capris are currently one of my faves and I have to restrain myself from reaching for them every time I am putting together an outfit to go somewhere.
In fact I was recently featured on the oh so stylish blog authored by the reknown fashionista, Tanvi and what was I wearing, yup, these caprisSmile. I think that was such a lovely gesture on her part as the picture was not of the best quality and the ones she posts are always magazine worthy! Thank you Tanvi!!

Ha ha! I was clearing the area of all of Zion’s toys before taking the pic. Check out our shed too-sexy isn’t it? We had it built and painted to match the house. It should be no surprise that the door is orange either! Also, guess what, I repainted the front door too. Yup, it’s no longer yellow, but we’ll talk about that in a separate post…

One more time…

You’ve probably figured out my now that these leopard pumps are also some of my faves too. I snapped this pic in my kitchen just before going out with my hubby on a date night; the first one since the birth of Zion! You can see by my grin that I am super excited! So, do tell, do you also tend to wear a favourite item over and over? XX

Friday, May 18, 2012

Some tropical inspiration.

This tropical inspired vacation home  boasts enviable architectural features like the cathedral ceiling and painted white beams (as pictured above) and is all about comfort, colour, and whimsy! I love that the couches are slip covered for easy wash and care. The throw pillows pack the perfect punch and the mod inspired are such a fun way to create continuity with the colour scheme and tie the look together. The splashes of yellow and the mantel arrangement pay homage to the tropical environs, thus beckoning the outdoors in.  Dark floors always give me butterflies. I think they’re so sexy! In this home, it allows everything to really POP! 

what a view! painting furniture is one of the easiest ways to spruce up our outdoor spaces! i love the blue table paired with the white chairs; so fresh!

Hmmm, perfect for entertaining and what an efficient use of space!


kids’ haven

efficiency epitomized again! the orange doors are the perfect choice.Smile

oh my! all I can say is I. LOVE. EVERYTHING. ABOUT. THIS. ROOM!!

another perfect example of great use of space and it couldn’t be more stylishly created!

I am so close to school being out that I can smell it; a couple more weeks to go and I will be free of work and students(i love my students dearly, but I’m yearning for a break!). Let the summer begin! Happy weekend y’all! XX

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

That girl...

I adore her! AND. THIS. LOOK! Don’t you? Happy Wednesday my friends! XX


Monday, May 7, 2012


Everyone knows that I am a colour lover, BUT, there is something about this space that I am calling whitewashed that resonates with me. Could it be the beauty that results from the natural light bouncing off the white walls and reflecting on the whitewashed floors?

Or maybe it is the contrast brought about from the use of the light hued furniture and accessories? I see my favourite Italian coffemaker too. I am loving this home more and more!

Some serious sunbathing could take place in front of these windows! Love, love it all!

This is the kind of home where one would expect to see lots of books. They did not disappoint…

Thanks for sharing in my obsessions and Happy Monday! XX


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Newspaper in My Garden.

I live for the weekends because this is when I can find some time to work in my vegetable garden. Today I want to put some mulch down. The mulch will help to trap the moisture in from rain and or when I water the garden.

However, first I am going to put down a weed barrier. Last year I used the typical black plastic that you can purchase from Lowes or Home Depot. The weeds still protruded through that thing; seriously, that stuff doesn’t work. This year, I’ll be recycling the newspaper I use in my classroom as weed barrier. I have used newspaper before so I know it works!
Banana peppers. These are nice and spicy…

My sweet basil is being eaten by something. I m not sure what. Can anyone suggest a natural concoction that I can spray on the basil to keep those little buggers away?

I plan on getting some of these vegetable stake labels made for the garden. How cool are they! So tell me- what are you doing this weekend? Planning on getting your hands dirty like me? Smile. Whatever it is, have lots of fun! XX