Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Six Months…

Baby Ian turned 6 months old today. My, how time flies! I snapped this pic with with my phone on Sunday (thus the poor quality), BUT, I still love it! Smile. How is everyone? I miss you! Happy Tuesday all. XX

P.S. I enjoyed reading your comments about the kindle vs. real books. I bought and already read (the real books) parts one and two of the Hunger Games trilogy. Barnes and Noble did not have the third series and I am on edge. I cannot wait to read it! AND. YES. I COULDN'T. PUT. THEM. DOWN.


  1. Awe, look at your little munchkins. Makes me wish mine were still babies!

  2. Ahh, what a darling photo pf Baby Ian. I had wondered where you've wandered off to;-)

  3. Both your little men are growing so fast Stacy and look how cute they are in their matching PJ'S! You're a lucky women! It's so nice holding a real book isn't it?

    Glad to see you about but I know you're very busy!


  4. Aww! Happy half birthday, Baby Ian! It's so cute to see them together like that.

    I didn't comment on the Kindle vs. real books debate (though I'm obsessed with my Kindle), but I just finished the first two books of The Hunger Games, too. I wouldn't exactly call them great literature, but my god - you can't put them down! Just started the third. You can always order from Amazon. Totally worth it!

  5. omg! so soon!!!! congratualations baby Ian!!!! and to you Stacey :) xoxoxo

  6. Awwww - GORGEOUS pictures of the boys! Glad to hear that you're doing well - yes time flies far too quickly - enjoy it! x

  7. awwww they are so precious in their little matching outfits! Happy half birthday to baby Ian :)

  8. I don't even understand how he can be that big!!
    I just finished The Hunger Games, also couldn't stop - loved it.

  9. Oh, two matching sets of clothes! Too cute Stacey! Enjoy your little men, and I'm a real book fan too, Love me some books! Take care,
    Maureen xx

  10. also, love how you wrote in the other post: 'doesn't awaken my senses', about the kindle (I might have to copy it, great way of describing this).
    Yep, Books Rule! (hihi)
    Bye! Mx

  11. Wow, Stacey, they have both grown so much and are as adorable as ever! My grandson is 6 months too, so I know what a fun time this is...enjoy every second!!

  12. Your kids are so big and so cute!!

    I'm a hundred.

    Oh well.

  13. they are too cute in their matching PJS! Happy 6 months little Ian :)


    HAS IT BEEN SIX MONTHS???????? The boys are darling and getting so big. Z must love that he has a little brother and what a great childhood they will have, tumbling about like BOYS DO AND LOVE!

    You must be back at school? I resigned from my post and will work until June 8. I just can't take it anymore, the large class sizes (52) and RTI.....are you familiar with that? AHHH!

    GOOD TO SEE YOU COME BY; you are lovely as ever and those boys are going to love life with a great mom like you to have! MAY YOU and your husband enjoy every wonderful moment. LOVE! Anita

  15. Mamma Mia didn't that pass in just a blink!
    Happy 6 months to the man and his mama!


    xx C

  16. I just sent you an email and catching up on your posts just answered most of my questions! Gorgeous little men there! Isn't being the mother of boys so rewarding?! XOXO, Kelly

  17. Hope you're well doll, the little ones are adorable!

    I still haven't read the hunger games! Need to get those on my Amazon list now!

  18. Darling one!

    My internet was DOWN and I was unable to come quickly, but WE ARE ON THE SAME JOURNEY HERE! I am SO HAPPY and PROUD FOR YOU that you made the decision to stay home with these gorgeous boys of yours....it is a BRAVE MOVE for many people can't make that choice and of course for so many reasons. But I am also glad to know that I am in good company with the notion that teaching IS HARD WORK and is also challenging. But choosing FAMILY and in my case, my health, is admirable! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!! Hugs, Anita


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