Friday, April 20, 2012

A Stylish Parisian Apartment.

I saw this Parisian apartment on one of my must read blogs and had to share it here!  As you know, I’m smitten with all things Parisian and for good reason! The French is the embodiment of beauty and all things stylish.  I love this library/wall unit and I have one wall in my house that I am now thinking would look just wonderful with a unit like this! I love the use of the vertical space too, don’t you?

beautiful natural light and great use of materials and space

love the contrast of the white against the dark colour

loving the splashes of blue and how about that wall treatment that’s peeking out behind the bed. I love it! I wonder if it’s wall paper or paint…

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! It’s been raining here for days, so I hope we get lots of sunshine this weekend!  XX

{images: designattractor}

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Six Months…

Baby Ian turned 6 months old today. My, how time flies! I snapped this pic with with my phone on Sunday (thus the poor quality), BUT, I still love it! Smile. How is everyone? I miss you! Happy Tuesday all. XX

P.S. I enjoyed reading your comments about the kindle vs. real books. I bought and already read (the real books) parts one and two of the Hunger Games trilogy. Barnes and Noble did not have the third series and I am on edge. I cannot wait to read it! AND. YES. I COULDN'T. PUT. THEM. DOWN.