Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Ian’s Paintings by Charlotta Ward.

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Do you all remember me referring to a collaboration with another blogger extraordinaire for Baby Ian’s nursery? Well, while I was pregnant, I commissioned the lovely Charlotta Ward of Space of Inspiration to do two paintings for Baby Ian. If you didn’t know, Charlotta is an accomplished children’s artist.  I love that Charlotta took her time to find out the colour palette for the nursery so that she could use similar or complementary colours in the paintings.We communicated frequently during the process and her attention to details was meticulous.  However, what struck me most of all was the love with which she painted and Baby Ian was always foremost in her thoughts.

The paintings are much brighter  in person, plus I am not known for my awesome photography skills. Anyway, as you can see the paintings  aren’t even hung yet.  I picked them up from Michael’s (craft store) yesterday. I am still deciding where to hang them, but I was too excited and wanted to share them immediately!:-). However, once they’re hung and everything is in its place,  you will get a proper tour of Baby Ian’s nursery.

Charlotta Ward Art & Design

Charlotta Ward Art & Design - 'Ian's Big Bird with Orange Stripy Socks'

Do y'all notice the orange trend?. I just can’t help myself, plus it’s such a beautiful pop against the nursery wall colour. Contrast is always great in a nursery too.  I am beyond thrilled to have a piece of Charlotta in our home. I’ve always felt so connected to her even though we have only a virtual relationship. She exudes a heavenly aura and that is rare to find these days. Thank you Charlotta. Love you lots my friend. XX

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  1. Oh they are so cute that I was laughing as soon as I clicked on the post! That cheeky bird cracks me up. With his ridiculous socks. And the elephant is so jolly! She is VERY clever. What a gorgeous, gorgeous nursery for little baby Ian. Lucky, lucky, lucky boy! Virginia xx

  2. THESE ARE SOOOOOOOO PERFECT FOR HIS ROOM DEAREST!!! Charlotta is so talented! That bird is a crack-up with his little socks!!! FUN! Anita

  3. They are just wonderful. The best part is your relationship with her, the art has so much more meaning. Something to treasure forever - love it!

  4. the socks on the bird are just the best. So cute!

  5. Without the sea of life there would be no art. Without art there would be no fashion. How precious to see Baby Ian's artworks here;-)

  6. SO charming - and you of course know how I feel about the orange!!

  7. Oh my gosh...they are absolutely adorable and the perfect touch for his room!!

  8. These are just darling, Stacy! What a talented artist Charlotta is!


  9. These are just wonderful!!! Charlotta did a great job! I love the little socks :) Hope you have a lovely evening, Stacey!


  10. Darling I just saw your post in my inbox and my heart did a little jolt of happiness. Then I went bright red..! :)
    You are so nice to give me an entire post and your words warm my heart. I really did fill the brush strokes with love and warm energy. I think it makes all the difference with kids, and I want all paintings to be unique and radiate a happy glow.
    Of course your order was extra special since you are so dear to me, and it is such an honour to be part of your beautiful home.

    I love the frames and border, you did a great job Stacey.

    Last but not least. Thank you so much again for your order.

    Massive hugs. Love you lots!

    xx Charlotta

  11. I love Ian's paintings and it'll give him sometihng to pass on to his children. I love the blast of orange in each. I'm a new follower of Charlotta's and really enjoy her blog.


  12. Thanks everyone! I am especially smitten with the bird too:-). @ Charlotta, i'm thrilled that you're pleased with the framing job and my choice of materials. XX

  13. Thank you for the introduction! Ian's prints are charming!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. Hello darling Stacy!

    I SO KNOW YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT RETURNING TO WORK. There have been many changes in the last two years that have made our line of work extremely challenging. Hopefully, your school system has not adopted what ours has...RTI which theoretically is great, but in practice, a nightmare. Children being pulled out in the middle of a lesson to go to a apecialist, only to come back to their homeroom and not know what is going on; having 52 students because of teacher cut backs....but I seem to remember you teach the primary grades? I WISH YOU JOY as you go back into the system my dear and THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT!!!!! Anita

  15. Those paintings are amazing! She did a great job!

  16. oh Charlotta is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luvs her.

  17. OMG, those are spectacular! The little socks are adorable. Lucky little baby:)

  18. Wow! She's so talented! What a beautiful collection. So fun and cheery.

  19. These are absolutely adorable! I can't wait to check out her other work.


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