Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr. Seuss Inspired First Birthday Party.

This week is all about Dr. Seuss in the schools. Is this a nation wide thing? Anyway, I fell in love with this Dr. Seuss inspired first birthday party.  How adorable is that little guy?

Green Eggs and Ham is one of Zion’s favourite Dr. Seuss books. I love it too!Smile


Beautiful and whimsical, isn’t it? You can click here if you want more details on the party. Happy Tuesday everyone! XX

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Friend Like You: Patrice

Sometimes even I need a reminder of this sometimes. Thank you to my friend Patrice for this reminder…

I feel so lucky to have a friend like Patrice; you know the one that you can call on the phone and before you even say that something is wrong, somehow she uncannily figures it out. While I was pregnant with Baby Ian, I had to go to the hospital twice due to severe contractions. As you know the hubby wasn’t here, but not to fear, Patrice came to my aid. in. the. middle. of. the. night. She stayed with me the entire time and we repeated the process a night later. Yes, indeed; I feel very lucky to have a friend like Patrice.

So, guess what Patrice? To show how much I love and appreciate you my darling friend, I want us to get all dolled up to go on a date! My treat of course!
Yes, we’re going to the drive-in! I know, only your friend Stacey would take you to the drive –inSmile. And guess what you’re not going to see a movie. It’s a surprise…

I’m on my way! Yes I have something special for you in my suitcase(in case you were wondering)…

Later, at the drive – in…

Yes, instead of seeing a movie, we viewed this home in 3D! I know my friend and what she loves. Did you all enjoy it?

Patrice, our friendship has been to many “places” and that is it why it’s so reliable, honest, fun, pure, and unpretentious. Thank you for being my friend. Love you lots!! Have a grand weekend everyone and if you have great friends or a great friend, let them/him or her know it! Muah!Smile. XX

{via, via, google, tumblr}

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Space Below.

Often times, when we decorate or accessorize, we tend to forget that space below. For e.g., in that picture above the blue stools below the console table balance the look. If they were absent, the look would appear “unfinished” or one would think that something is missing, but not quite sure what it is.

When we look at a space our eyes naturally go up and then down. It’s wonderful when there’s something in that space below for them to settle on…

Naomi of Design Manifest definitely know a thing or two about how important it is to dress the space below. I never tire of seeing this space.

Do you pay attention to that space below? How do you “dress” it up? Hopefully, today’s post gave you a few ideas…Have a lovely day everyone! XX

{images via the decorista, design manifest, decorpad}

Friday, February 17, 2012

Esprit Home Paris.

Just yesterday, I was telling you how much I love my Esprit blanket, so when I stumbled upon information about their new collection a day later, I thought that this wasn’t a coincidence. This Paris collection has a earthy vibe to it and would fit effortlessly into any décor.

love that Peacock pillow

lovely wallpaper(available with or without the lines)

don’t you just want to touch those cushions?

this plush carpet is called “New Glamour”. I just want to sink my feet in it.

“Blanket Clay”, not nearly as colourful as mine, however still very beautiful.

I think your positive thoughts(regarding my bottle dilemma) made their way here as this evening Baby Ian took 4 ounces of milk from a bottle! The Avent bottle did the trick. If this wasn’t a one time thing,  maybe, I could leave him for a couple hours with a sitter and go on a date with the hubby…? That sure would be nice!  Happy weekend everyone! XX