Monday, December 12, 2011

Grooving into Monday with Tangerine Tango!

Have you heard? Pantone’s colour choice for 2012 is called Tangerine Tango. Since I am obsessed with all variations of the colour orange, I am not complaining. Orange will always be an "in" colour for me! Yeah baby!:-) Have a groovy Monday everyone! XX



  1. I adore tangerine - reminds me of west indian days. I'm coming over to join you for some of this Tangerine Tango;-)

  2. I love it since orange is my favorite color. Nice to see you around Stacey I hope your new little one is enjoying his big brother.

  3. Such a pretty, pretty color. I'd love a couple of pieces of home decor in this color! Hope you and the kids are doing well :)

  4. GOOD EVENING DEAREST! HEY, HOW ARE YOU????? Everything looks great here and how is the new baby???? Anita

  5. i did hear that! now my oh my where did you find that picture!?

  6. Dearest Stacey! You are the sweetest, so glad for your visit, and happy to see you´re back!
    Can imagine your life being very busy right now, but am sure you enjoy every second of it!?
    Sending you lots and lots of LOVE!

  7. Yay! I too love Tangerine and agree that it's definitely a more permanent staple in decor.

    Speaking of orange.. Your two paintings are on their way across the ocean and will reach you within a week. Sent you an email about this yesterday..

    Lots of love

    xx Charlotta

  8. Hello my friend,

    Apologies! It has been ages since I have left a comment, but have been enjoying your blog via my newsfeed. As for this post, so happy to discover this, as orange is such a fabulous, vibrant color—so full of life! I cannot wait to see what emerges, now...

    Hope you are very, very well & are having a fabulous week so far.


  9. Hi Stacey, what a pleasure to visit your blog and get this bright orange experience!!! I'm glad to be back from my blog break and wish you a beautiful weekend!

    Kristin xx's


    Oh my goodness, I am so excited to see you!!! Well dearest, we have three more days next week and on Wednesday...ha....instruction will be a trick. The big party starts at 1:30 and do ya think we'll get anything done? NO! So let's party on in the fourth grade. I have been sick off and on with laryngitis during parent conferences, and a head cold. BUT THANK GOD, all is well, and precious one, I bet your new little man is just darling. How is big brother Z? May you enjoy all the blessings of family and friends and LOVE this Christmas!!! Anita

  11. Oh yes, I love it and your "groovy" image!!


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