Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great Use of Wall Paper and Update:

I love the double duty that this Cole and Son wallpaper plays in this space. It adds visual interest and also disguises the storage cupboards that are nestled under the staircase.  Lovely splashes of colour too!

In Baby News:
RomanShower 145
This shot is a pic from my baby shower which was last weekend. More to come about that very fun day. Anyway, almost a week later, I am in the hospital measuring my contractions and learning that I am in early labor and have begun to dilate. Of course, my first thought was, “But my hubby isn’t here yet!” Baby isn’t due until October 25th either. I am home now waiting to be dilated to 4cm and thank goodness the contractions have eased in intensity. I am able to find the time to write this post because I am now on some sort of bed rest. I say some sort because I am still moving around because I can’t stay in bed all day. My Mom would be wagging her finger at me if she were hereSmile.  Great news though-the hubby is on his way home and if I stay still like a good girl, maybe our little bundle of joy will wait until his Daddy gets home. 
{first image: via-livingetc}