Friday, July 29, 2011

Aynhoe Park: Say Hello to Lots of Taxidermy and Plaster Casts.

I was nibbling on my second Nestle mini ice cream drumsticks last night  and feeling sorry for myself ( I had to bid farewell to the hubby again this week because Uncle Sam decided to whisk him off to fight for his country)  when I came across a feature on this unique estate, located in London; Aynhoe Park. For a couple minutes, I forgot about my worries and was peering closely at every detail of this magnificent architectural head-turner and was trying to grasp the fact that this is an occupied home-someone does live here!  Quite majestic and theatrical in its impression, Aynhoe  Park has stood its ground for over 300 years.  Its current owner,  James Perkins, re-invented the home, bringing it into the twenty-first century, while acknowledging its history.  James surely didn’t skimp on the taxidermy and gothic touches. The house is available for private hire and I am sure it is the quintessential location to create an unforgettable occasion. 
I wouldn't mind a field trip to Aynhoe Park. However, I doubt I’d be able to sleep here though; too much taxidermy perhaps…?  What do you think? Have a wonderful weekend everyone and stay cool; it’s sweltering hot in my neck of the woods! XX


  1. Ok.. a deer in your breakfast nook & a flamingo on your dining room table, might be too much taxidermy. However, I really need a zebra, and a moose. (Is that a moose?) and I'll take that fireplace as well.

    I hope the husband returns home to you soon. Thinking of you guys! :]

  2. Yikes yes quite a lot of taxidermy! A but here in there is ok though I think :)

    SO sorry to hear that he had to go off. Your hubby is a true hero, my dear. Hang in there and take care of yourself & Baby Z! xoxo

  3. I'm with you - not a place to sleep!

    So sorry that your hubby had to leave again... it's at times like these that you probably wish he had been a bank manager or something - anything - else!
    Blessings to you and may hubby stay safe,

  4. Too much taxidermy mind you. So sorry to hear Husband off to fight for his country leaving you and baby Z behind, but you have your sweet blog friends to keep you company;-)

  5. Good morning dearest Stacy!

    I am so sorry that you are having to deal with your husband being gone...Oh how I hope he returns SOON !!!! NOW THIS HOME.....splendid! I LOVE THE PLASTER, THE disco-like balls hanging in the first picture! AND THE TAXIDERMY! I think I would stick with just a few heads sticking out of the wall..that is acceptable....but the zebras and such are a little too close to eye level perhaps for a good night's sleep!!!!

    VERY GORGEOUS HOWEVER! Oh it is hot here too dearest. Stay still and rest. Are you going back to the classroom this year, with the new baby and all?

    HUGS! Anita

  6. I don't think I'd want to sleep there either, but what an amazing place!!

    It has cooled off here in NY for a bit, but the heat is scheduled to return tomorrow.

    Blessings and a very BIG thank you to Hubby!

    I wish you a beautiful weekend Stacey! xo.

  7. Amazing spaces!
    Loving all the chandeliers!


  8. I am sorry your husband had to leave again, will he be home when you have the baby? That home is amazing but I'm with you I couldn't live there with all that taxidermy. The dining room is probably my favorite the details in it are stunning!

  9. Yep, too much taxidermy for me as well but that bathroom looks very nice and peaceful. So sorry about your husband. Will be praying for you all.

  10. what an interesting place... not crazy about the animals but all the sculptures are fantastic... have a lovely weekend!

  11. So sorry! He will back in no time :) Stay happy!!!

    This is really a great post with lovely pictures of just vast space and opulence! Must be lovely to be in one of those rooms!!!

    ♡ from ©

  12. I think I'd like to have my next big birthday party here - it would be like having a fete at Deyrolle!! So sorry to hear about your husband. Hopefully he will be back soon!!

  13. How very opulent and indulgent......I am not sure I could ever have stuffed animal in my house...just something a little creepy about hanging out with something that once had the pleasure of being part of the world...and now can only stare at you where ever you walk.......
    Sorry to hear about Hubby leaving again and so very happy to hear about your pregnancy...I am glad to be back blogging and thanks for popping in....;-)

  14. Your country owes their freedom to people like your husband. Hat's off the families of soldiers.

    Quite grand but a little to eerie to live in especially after dark :-) Or am I just a big baby?

  15. how crazy is that? LOL I would like to know the people ,who live in this house.
    wish you a wonderful weekend hope it is not to hot where you live


  16. different strokes for different folks! hey, it works, yes? thanks for sharing such an interesting and unique space...a different view. stacey, my heart and thoughts are with you and your family. thank you for your sacrifice. i hope your husband returns soon. xxoo

  17. so beyond stunning. Can I take that trip with you? lol. thanks for another amazing post. Would love if you'd check out my latest go-to fash and see which fashion maven can't live without her Louboutins. Thanks love. xoxo

  18. I see dead people...I mean animals. lol. Wow what fabulous photos. He is one lucky guy to have attained such an amazing home. The structure alone is fabulous.

    Ivy & Elephants


    Thank you for coming to visit me!!!! SCHOOL IS ALMOST STARTING DEAREST! NONNNNNNNNN!!!!! I have to take all the rest I can take NOW before the wild things start to happen!!! WOooooo.....I will start see taxidermy images in my dreams!!!

    Happy days to you precious and you must be growing beautifully every day!!! Anita

  20. I think it's a brilliant home! The architectural fragments on the wall is so well done. I appreciate the risk taking that James took while keeping it chic and livable. Yes, lots of taxidermy but I love that he embraced what he likes.

    And, my heart goes out to you that you husband has been shipped out right before this baby is due. I know you are surrounded by loving friends and family....your in my thoughts as well, Stacey!

    xo Elizabeth

  21. I can't even believe how strong you are with your husband over seas. You're an inspiration, Stacey! Maybe the two of you can visit this house when he gets back - for a day trip, of course. ;)

  22. Oh, I know this must be so difficult {especially, with a little one and one on the way!}. You deserve 40 ice cream cones--just don't call me when your pants don't fit tomorrow ;) Thinking of you and your family and my prayers are with your husband. Big hugs Stacey. xoxo


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