Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pillow Talk and Meet Victoria of Victoria Larson Textiles.

I have a terrible habit of buying too many throw pillows(just can’t resist ‘em). But, really, it’s easier and most times less expensive to make new pillow covers when you’re trying to spruce up your space. If I were to put all my throw pillows together, they would make a mountain rivaling that of Mt. Kilimanjaro! (ok, I might exaggerate a tad, but I have a lot).

Also, making your own pillow covers allows you to choose fabrics that fit perfectly into your already existing décor. I love the mix of patterns above. Don’t be afraid about mixing patterns. Just remember to:

Use patterns that have a similar or common colour or even a variation of that colour And incorporate a  mix of different sizes of patterns to add depth to your look.

Now, I want to introduce you to this amazing lady, Victoria and her line, Victoria Larson Textiles.  Victoria Larson has been designing home accessories for private clients for several years and is proud to release her debut fabric line(Victoria Larson Textiles) to the public. Larson trained as an Interior Designer at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Above is just a sample of what Victoria has available. If you click here, you will find lots more!
Can you believe how excited I was When…

received some samples from Victoria in the mail! Those of you who know my addiction to a certain colour can easily guess what my favourite is. Truly, this pic doesn’t do them justice. They are beautiful!

The fish placemat was a lovely gift from Victoria.  This fabric is also a part of her line. I really love my gift Victoria! There will undoubtedly be a future post about my fabric order from Victoria and what my new pillow cases look like! Can’t wait!

Another look…

Some more “pillowed spaces”…

Do you change out your pillows when trying to spruce up the look of your décor? Have you ever just purchased or made new pillow covers instead of buying a new throw pillow? I want to know what you do! Smile. Thank you again Victoria and go on over and check out her line everyone! Happy Thursday! XX

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  1. love victoria's fabrics! and i totally agree with you on a pillow changing an entire room. it's sort of like changing out a necklace on the same little black dress. haha. i work for schumacher- we have amazing beautiful fabrics!!!


    ps. check out my print giveaway!

  2. I have over 300 antique pillows through my business so I have it easy when it comes time to change out pillows which is often! I love the graphics on Victoria's pillows they're so fresh and fun!

  3. i am such a sucker for prints. i adore the blue lines. so simple, and so perfect.

  4. I actually dream about fabric sometimes! What gorgeous fabrics Victoria has created.

  5. What gorgeous textiles, darling!


  6. These fabrics are lovely! I love pillows, too. My daughter brings fabric samples home from school {interior designing} and we make pillows and napkins. It's a lot of fun.

    Hope all is well with you, Stacey!


  7. great post grrl! it's been too long since i've been by....

    i love the space with the light pink and neon pink pillows.... so amazing... you always inspire me to do what i can to make my little apartment more me :)

  8. these images are wonderful, Stacey! I actually change out my pillows often. Lovely textiles! hugs

  9. I love pillows as well and all those patterns are so adorable:) Kisses and enjoy your Thursday

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful jewelry GIVEAWAY today! Just in time for Mother’s Day!

  10. Ah I LOVE these! They're all so gorgeous! And those are so you. And how fantastic is that placemat??? LOVE!


  11. GORGEOUS post! Love your blog! No! Not too late to participate on the blog crawl! Can't wait to see your post!

  12. Where has your blog been all my life? I love it, I'm your newest follower. Quick question, if you have a moment, How did the giveaway go with Ramisgn (the enamel house number sign company)? They contacted me to do a giveaway on my blog and just looking for some reviews on the company and product before I offer it up. Thanks!
    Sarah @

  13. I love throw pillows too! They add so much life to a room. I recently made new cases for my living room pillows and they keep making me smile. :)

  14. GOOD EVENING STACY! are talking about my secret fetish! I need pillows. I want more. I have enough! I saw a fab sale at Pier 1 last week and they had the BLUEST, more lovely turquoise pillows....but NO MONEY! TAX DAY WIPED US OUT!!!! These are magnficent! How is the countdown for the end of the school year going???

    Love to you all, Anita

  15. Oh Stacy, dear, dear Stacy. How I needed to hear your comment at this hour. I am counting down to the end of the year in a SERIOUS WAY!!!! This new model of having TWO classrooms and teaching English for the first time ever has been a huge learning curve and it is making me tired. Oh dearest, I hope you had a great spring break!!! AND YOU ARE MY FRIEND AS WELL....don't you love how blogging has brought us together???? Your words mean a lot to me dearest one! May nothing but blessings rain down on you!!! Anita

  16. Just got her package last month as she is a friend of a friend. Her fabrics are really lovely, colorful and fresh and I can't wait to use them somewhere!!

  17. I definitely have a slight addiction to pillows. With mostly neutral furniture in my home, pillows are such a fun, easy and relatively inexpensive way to change things up - whether I need a jab of color or to change out from cooler to warmer months.

    Love Victoria's designs....I see new pillows in your future!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  18. i absolutely looooooooooooooooove that hippie wedding!!! <3 i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI/1piece by a young Mexican designer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  19. Truly beautiful!
    That first shot is gorgeous!

  20. Wow! Those pillows are amazing. Really nice! Two thumbs up!


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