Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do you recognize her…?

I have to admit that I had to do a double take because I really didn’t realize that this was Gisele.

Aptly titled Transform Me, this editorial from the May edition of Numéro Tokyo showcases Gisele Bundchen in  a series of transformations.  The talented Nino Muñoz captured  Gisele’s transformation that were aided with lots of different wigs. Her various attire included brands such as Gucci, Prada and Christophe Kane.


                                             Isn't she very versatile? Gotta love her. Hurray for Wednesday! XX



  1. STACY DEAR!!! Oh my dearest, for some reason, all of your photographs do not show up on my screen. It is probably my computer! I so wish I could see them because you always find the most GORGEOUS IMAGES to share! Oh thank you for coming by last night; I am so happy that you enjoyed my trip to NAVAGIO BEACH in Greece. I hope the weather has settled down in your territory and that those dear residents have started to get their lives back together. The weather is so unpredictable at this time of year. We are having snow today....ONE INCH and so there is much ON HOLD. Dearest, I knew you were a teacher, but I thought you were staying at home these days! YOU ARE IN THE CLASSROOM! Oh that must be a trick having to organize a NEWLY BUILT HOME, have baby Z and maintain your classroom. You are having spring break at the appropriate time! I had mine two weeks ago and it was marvelous, but cold.

    MAY YOU enjoy every minute of the countdown as well as the week long bliss of being with your beloved family and playing with everything you ENJOY!

    Have a splendid day my dearest one! Anita

  2. GisELE ROCKS!! she is so amazing!!

  3. only the first picture for some reason is showing up...not sure why. I can't believe thats Giselle! Holy smokes! Never in a million years would have guessed....hope will get to see more later...

  4. Oh, no. Sad to hear this is Blogger's fault. I'm a Blogger user, too, and I really don't want to give it up. Well, the first photo is gorgeous, and I never would have guessed it was Giselle.

  5. I never would have recognized her!! Very cool. Also, sorry about your blogger troubles--nothing more frustrating than technology!

  6. Hi Marissa,
    I'm not giving up on Blogger...yet:-). @ Alena, so true!

  7. She truly is stunning.
    Amazing versatility!

  8. Oh my gosh...crazy. I had to look at it again and again. And finally, yes, I saw it. It's Gisele. If that doesn't demonstrate amazing chameleon ability, I don't know what would!

    xo E

  9. The transformation is pretty stunning. I still don't see her in many of the shots.

  10. These are all her!! WOW! She's the one married to the football player from New England right?! She looks amazing!

  11. I did not even recognize her! Not a bit. Wow. Great model, great makeup artist, great styling. Wow wow.

  12. oh wow! and check out those shoes! crazy!!


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