Friday, April 29, 2011

Mario Testino, Blog Crawl and a Hippy Wedding.

I am excited to be participating in today’s blog crawl inspired by Will and Kate’s wedding today. This genius idea came from Danielle of Breakfastattoast blog. I am really supposed to be sharing some fun wedding ideas with you, but I strayed just a bit. You see, when I heard that Mario Testino would be photographing Will and Kate, I was just grinning from ear to ear. I was so happy for him! I feel like I know the guySmile. As a result, this post will be somewhat of be an ode to him.  I will be featuring a wedding editorial that he recently did and also a simple hippy wedding that I fell in love with.

Please enjoy:

Presenting the Hippy Wedding:

It’s certainly not as grandiose as Will and Kate’s, but you can just feel the love whiffing in the air…

And now, presenting the man of the
hour, Mario

Mario photographed the models in this wedding editorial, also inspired by the Royal wedding  for Vogue UK, May, 2011. The models are wearing these really beautiful wedding dresses that make me want to get married all over again so I could don one of these!  Kate’s dress has been shrouded in such mystery and I’m bursting to find out what her dress will look like. By the time this post goes live, I would already know and I am sure I will not be disappointed!

Did you know that Mario Testino also received an invitation to the Royal wedding? Danielle, this was such fun! Really great idea! Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Be safe! XX

PS. Giveaway Winner will be announced on Monday! Thanks for participating everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pillow Talk and Meet Victoria of Victoria Larson Textiles.

I have a terrible habit of buying too many throw pillows(just can’t resist ‘em). But, really, it’s easier and most times less expensive to make new pillow covers when you’re trying to spruce up your space. If I were to put all my throw pillows together, they would make a mountain rivaling that of Mt. Kilimanjaro! (ok, I might exaggerate a tad, but I have a lot).

Also, making your own pillow covers allows you to choose fabrics that fit perfectly into your already existing décor. I love the mix of patterns above. Don’t be afraid about mixing patterns. Just remember to:

Use patterns that have a similar or common colour or even a variation of that colour And incorporate a  mix of different sizes of patterns to add depth to your look.

Now, I want to introduce you to this amazing lady, Victoria and her line, Victoria Larson Textiles.  Victoria Larson has been designing home accessories for private clients for several years and is proud to release her debut fabric line(Victoria Larson Textiles) to the public. Larson trained as an Interior Designer at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Above is just a sample of what Victoria has available. If you click here, you will find lots more!
Can you believe how excited I was When…

received some samples from Victoria in the mail! Those of you who know my addiction to a certain colour can easily guess what my favourite is. Truly, this pic doesn’t do them justice. They are beautiful!

The fish placemat was a lovely gift from Victoria.  This fabric is also a part of her line. I really love my gift Victoria! There will undoubtedly be a future post about my fabric order from Victoria and what my new pillow cases look like! Can’t wait!

Another look…

Some more “pillowed spaces”…

Do you change out your pillows when trying to spruce up the look of your décor? Have you ever just purchased or made new pillow covers instead of buying a new throw pillow? I want to know what you do! Smile. Thank you again Victoria and go on over and check out her line everyone! Happy Thursday! XX

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Not your typical Victorian Home.

Nestled in Ridgefield Connecticut, and designed by the talented Lynne Scalo this Victorian home is not your ordinary Victorian home. It has a modern edge with some sprinkling of whimsy. Designer Lynne Scalo mixes furniture and accessories from different genres to create unexpected touches that are not typical of a Victorian décor/aesthetic.
“I like to take elements of all periods of furniture to create a sense of today,” says Scalo. I think it’s possible to have a sense of humor and still have a sense of elegance.”

That damask- esque royal blue wall paper is beautiful!!

Have you been drooling over all the lighting so far? In the kitchen above the island hangs a  glamarous Philippe Starck(the Cicatrice de Luxe) chandelier. Love it! What a charming kitchen too!

So pretty…

Awww, loving every small detail…

Gorgeous, no? Have a fantastic Wednesday my friends! XX

Monday, April 25, 2011

Farmhouse Chic via Arcadian Home Decor

I am happy to have Arcadian Home Decor here today to share their expertise with you. Arcadian Home Decor is one of the best sources for home decor accessories at discount prices. Founded in 2002, Arcadian Home originally started selling decorative home lighting fixtures and lamps online, and has become one of the top Internet retailers for home lighting products. Today, the topic of Farmhouse chic will be explored by this very talented group. Take it away guys!
Farmhouse and chic are probably not two words you hear that often when thinking of new interior design ideas.  When one thinks of “farmhouse,” images of ruggedness, rustic and weathered come to mind.  Images of modernity, simplicity and style come to mind when one thinks of “chic.”  But make no mistake, even farmhouses, barns, cottages and the like can be chic, modern, and fashionable.  Even if you are not lucky enough to live in a converted farmhouse or barn, the look can still be recreated.  Fill your home with vintage items and other home décor antiques.  In the kitchen, consider using a weathered wooden picnic table and matching benches.  Any color palette works within farmhouse chic interiors: neutral or colorful.
Arch Daily
A mix of mid-century modern furniture – chairs by Jens Rinsom and Harry Bertoia, for example- look right at home in the wide-open space of this converted barn.
This rustic green kitchen is beautiful with a lot of pots and pans on display, a vintage rug, and matching antique table and chairs.
Country Living
Eggshell-colored walls, a tile-stone floor and weathered, wooden accents are beautiful in this rustic kitchen.
The designer and owner of this hamlet in Virgina calls the decor, “Modern Barn.”  It is actually a converted 19th century farmhouse and it's quite easy to see that while there is a rustic, hardy feel to the place, it's anything but Old MacDonald.  A neutral palette, a cowhide rug, a lot of weathered wood, and a sofa finished in leather and linen keep this farmhouse modern.
Country Living
Painted white trusses, and a grand stone-covered fireplace are the central focus in this converted farmhouse.  But notice how teal-colored, velvet wingback chairs, bright canary yellow pillows and a striped rug, add to the rustic, chic look of this living room.  One of the keys to achieving the farmhouse chic look is mix fabric, color, texture or all of them.
When it comes to recreating these interior design ideas into your home, stick to a lot of weathered or vintage pieces, but don't be afraid of color.  And remember that you can really be stylish and rugged at the same time. I enjoyed this post and i hope you all did too! Thank you Arcadian Home Decor! Don't forget to visit them for all your accessories and lighting needs!

 {Content provided by Arcadian Home Decor}

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Craft ideas and Happy Easter!

This beautiful Jelly Bean Easter arrangement would make the perfect centerpiece for your Easter table.  Made with white and yellow irises, and white stocks, two vases of different circumferences were used. The smaller one is placed inside the larger one.  Then the empty space between the two vases was filled in with jelly beans.  Really easy, isn’t it?

TIP –Add plant food to help extend the life of the flowers.

Here are some more delightful craft ideas for you to enjoy doing this
Easter weekend:

Have a Happy Easter everyone! Be safe! XX

PS. There's a wonderful giveaway below for you to enter:-)
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

$75 Giveaway and Musician Sting’s Heavenly Garden Reverie!

I am a huge fan of Sting and his music, so I was beyond thrilled to see his magnificent garden featured in Architectural Digest. Sting and wife, Trudie Styler  purchased the Villa Palagio(located 16 miles from Florence) in 1997. The couple soon set their landscape architect to work to add elements of romance, texture and colour.

Impressive, isn’t it? No garden, no matter how grand isn’t complete without some lovely chairs. Sting has them sprinkled all over his estate. I especially

love this set up with the red chairs under this perfect shade creating Oak tree! Now is offering you a $75 gift certificate to purchase your own chairs to group or sprinkle in your own garden.

This is just a sampling of what’s available. If you don’t need chairs, they have outdoor umbrellas, grills, outdoor lighting; everything to make your alfresco dining or outdoor entertaining perfect!

So, how do you enter to win this great giveaway? Well, it’s opened to all of my readers/followers(who reside in Canada and the USA). Yeah, it’s that simple; just comment below if you’re a reader/follower.

For additional entries:
Tweet about this giveaway using the hashtag #cymaxpatio in your tweet
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PS. Unfortunately, this giveaway is only opened to Canadian and U.S. residents

Giveaway ends Thursday, April 28th. Good luck everyone!XX

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