Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some pictures from Zion’s birthday.

Baby Z’s(guess I have to stop referring to him as Baby Z since he’s now 2) birthday party for his 2nd birthday was simple. My goal was to use what I already had so I referred to the party as “Springing into two,” since I already had many colourful items.  I had a ton of lanterns and I focused mainly on the colours, green and yellow. I wasn’t very consistent with that either, but Spring is about all colours, right? Funny story: the lanterns on the mantle on the fireplace above were originally hanging next to that yellow one below, but they all fell down just before people started arriving, so I placed them on the mantle. I think they looked just fine there and no one was the wiser.

these glasses were a hit with the kids, although Zion preferred to chew on/dismantle his…
I always love big balloons so I ordered the 36 inch green ones seen in the pics online.

another hit with the kids was this bounce house that we rented. I even had a turn-so fun!

Baby Z was actually very sick on his birthday and is only just recovering. He had a high fever coupled with the cold, no appetite(for days) and an ear infection. Therefore, he was not having a fun timeSad smile. He actually went to sleep shortly after we sung him happy birthday. I didn’t have a smash cake for him this year, so I gave him a cupcake with the # 2 on it and that tool in his hand was his cupcake cutter. I’m not sure if he minded the downgrade…

In case you’re wondering, the colour on the walls in the pics is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. The flower light fixture in the great room is from Ikea. I fell in love with it and had to get it. The other above the table in the kitchen is the FL/Y suspension pendant light that I purchased from DWR.  Have a lovely Tuesday my friends.  XX

Monday, March 28, 2011

I can’t wait!...

If you’re like me, then you love to do almost everything outdoors as soon as the weather warms up. Unfortunately, this weekend didn’t feel like Spring(rainy, cold, and gloomy), but I can’t wait for the weather to be more consistent with showering us with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures. I’m ready to eat some grapes and sip on iced tea while soaking up the sun outside. Aren’t you? I hope the weather was much better in your neck of the woods this weekend. Happy Monday everyone! XX

Friday, March 25, 2011

Colourful and vintage.

This apartment in Brussels makes me really happy. Maybe it will make you happy too or at least brighten your daySmile. Have  a groovy weekend everyone! XX


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest Post via Cheap n Chic Living

Thanks for having me dear Stacey.  I'm Chic 'n Cheap Living and I love design just like our dear Design Addict Mom! This year's fashion trends are all about bright colors and combinations.  While that makes for beautiful outfits and fun interiors, I also think a clean palette with neutral colors can be gorgeous as well.  The classic American designer Bill Blass knew how to keep it neutral and elegant in his clothing and his home. A piece of furniture or decor can make a statement if it is beautifully constructed and flows with the rest of the home. Whether this is with matching chaise lounges...
...small sculptures,
...an unexpected print on the chairs,
...or a collection of vintage prints
What are your favorite neutral pieces for the home?
Thank you so much Chic n Cheap Living for this wonderful guest post today. Hop on over to this lovely blog and feast your eyes! Have a lovely Wednesday everyone. XX

Monday, March 21, 2011

Longing for a Retreat like this…

I am longing for this, all of it…

Yes, yes, yes!

In case you’re wondering where this magical place is. It’s the Sandals Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It’s a secluded spot that promises a blissful experience in its refined setting.  It is said that at this hotel:
Your butler gives you your own cell phone should you need him at anytime. Imagine that! I  really need a vacation! Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Baby Z. I had a simple celebration for him on Saturday(‘I’ll share a few pics) Today is the first day of Spring-hurray! Have a lovely Monday everyone. XX

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Z!

Baby Zion, my sunshine, my life, turns two today! Happy Birthday Zion! Mommy and Daddy love you more than you love bananas!. He could eat bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinnerSmile. I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend and a warm welcome to my lovely new readers!  XX

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lush Fabrics and Beautiful Wallpaper = Glam Spaces


Don’t you agree?

Are you feeling Spring in the air? I sure am and the beautiful weather that we’ve been having has been such a treat too! Here’s to a beautiful and lovely Tuesday for all! XX

PS. Please continue to keep Japan in your hearts and prayers.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Giveaway Winner and not so great Pictures...

Hi everyone! I MISS you all so much, but I also enjoy seeing the number of boxes left to unpack dwindle… First thing’s first, it’s way past time to announce the winner for the giveaway. Thank you to everyone who participated! Drum roll please,  the Winner is Ren –Lady of the Arts! Congrats Ren!
OK,  the not great picture above is a peek into the sunroom (which is fast becoming my favourite spot to just chill) I cannot locate the charger for my camera or that of the hubby’s, so I have to resort to taking pictures with my phone. We recently had custom blinds installed (what an expense that is, especially with those big arch windows!). However, they are a necessity and I love how simple they are.

This is really the formal dining room which is adjoining the kitchen. As you can see, I think Baby Z looks better in the space than some fancy dining furniture. This works perfectly for me as I can see him and vice versa since he’s right off the kitchen. I will eventually dedicate the space to formal dining but for now, this suits us best. The rooms are obviously not decorated yet, but I wanted to share a peek with you anyway. The pendant light is the Le Klint from DWR. There will be more to share of course once I get rid of my boxes and things are more presentable.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Guest Post : Loft A, Paris, via Katherine of Cabbage Rose

Happy day everyone! It is such an honor to have been asked by beautiful Stacey to write a guest post
for Design Addict Mom. I am Katherine from Cabbage Rose. Coming from my tumblr venue, I am a
woman of few words, so I will let the images below of the exquisite Loft A in Paris by designer Sarah
Lavoine speak for themselves. 

Let’s begin…

Hardwood floors… furniture upholstered in linen…nooks, angles, and beams…there is a relaxed feeling here. A retreat in the middle of the City of Lights…

We find natural elements, artwork, a touch of nature…and then an unexpected bold pop of blue. 

A place for solace…

Or gathering…

Table set…candles lit…wine to be poured…let’s linger a bit, shall we?

And linger, we shall Katherine! If you’ve been a long time follower, you know that Katherine is the reason I decided to start my tumblr blog(see this post) She is an inspiration and her blog is beyond amazing! Recently featured on Dwell, Cabbage Rose is a go to resource for architectural students and design addicts like myself. Thank you so much for this exquisite post Katherine! In addition, thank you to Sheila of Teaching Literacy and Shawn of Amuse-Bouches for their very wonderful posts to round out this fabulous tumblr week. I hope to surface- literally(head emerging from boxes) and pop in with updates for you all next week. Also, fingers crossed the internet will be up and running. Have a superb weekend my friends! XX

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guest Post: Dreamy Neutrals via Amuse-Bouches.

Hello lovely readers,
I'm tickled pink ( or perhaps I should say a pale blush) to be doing this guest post while the lovely Stacey moves into her new abode.If you've ever visited my humble blog you will know that typically I'm all about color. Loads of color. Today, however, I'm tending towards a more neutral palette. Something a bit less boisterous and more subdued and dreamy. I've put together some of my favorite images that embody that mood.  Hope you enjoy and have a beautiful, softly serene day...

tumblr_lgksr3i2h31qcy5ldo1_400 (1)
Such an aptly titled post, wouldn’t you say? Amuse-Bouches is a beautiful blog that is filled with lots of romantic inspired images, lovely interiors and just a space where one could browse for hours and get lost. It was such a delight to have the lovely Amuse-Bouches here today. Merci  mon amie!  You can also find more inspiration from Amuse-Bouches here! XX

{images tumbl'd here.}