Monday, February 28, 2011

Julianne Moore, Blog Break and Exciting Tumblr Guest Posts!

Isn’t Julianne gorgeous? She ages so gracefully too. I just adore her! Moore is the new face for  Talbots’ spring 2011 campaign. I think we’ve all been doing somewhat of a “Spring Dance” (you know like the Rain Dance) with our posts on our blogs(with the hopes that the weather will change for the better and remain that way soon). Well, this Talbots spring campaign is my ode to the “Spring Dance” this week.
OK, so why am I taking a blog break?. Well, I wish it were to smell the roses like Julianne is doing above, but instead, I’ll be working my butt off trying to unpack and get settled into our new home. We start moving in today actually.  Anyway, do not despair, you’re in for a real treat while I’m away. In my absence, I have some of my lovely tumblr friends who will be guest posting here. In fact, I’ve titled this week, Tumblr Week!

Please enjoy the remaining wonderful photos from this campaign…

I’ve always been smitten with her red hair too-such a beauty! Talbots is certainly stepping up their game, aren’t they? Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. See you soon and I know my tumblr friends will be in great hands! XX


Friday, February 25, 2011


I love how open plans tend to tease us a bit by giving us a peek-a-boo of sorts into adjoining spaces. Usually if you’re in such a home, you find your feet just wandering off into that space, especially if it’s a tease that you just couldn’t resist!  Here’s to a fantastic weekend for everyone! Snow snow, go away!(for those who still have snow). XX
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Lunch Post.

Let’s get dressed up and meet at the location below for lunch. See you there!

Apparently, the pictures for our first lunch venue weren't showing. I’m not sure why because I was able to view them . Anyway, since we’re  meeting at the same place, you needed to know where you’re going so the spot above is our new dining venue. Hopefully, you can view the new spot.
I just completed the final walk through of the house(with the builder). If things go as planned, we should be moving in sometime next week(fingers crossed). I’ll be making my rounds to visit you shortly. In the meantime, let’s order something to eat. I’m famished!Smile.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

White Doesn’t Have to Be Boring.

Many people have an aversion to colour. I, on the other hand cannot imagine living with all white. However, these interiors have me considering the possibilities… I love that they showcase a plethora of ways to enliven white; the use of different materials, the presence of warm woods/different textures, pairing white with other colours, using bright accessories, etc.



So, how is everyone? I have been a bit busy with matters related to the new house. It’s now in the stage where it’s being cleaned, so that means construction is officially done. Hopefully, we’ll be moving in very, very soon. Happy Wednesday everyone!

PS. My thoughts and prayers are with all New Zealanders and their loved ones.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

A Lovely Loft for the Weekend.

I am a fan of oversized art and really unique lighting in a space. This loft overflowing with natural light and located inside the former van Houten Chocolate factory in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood showcases exactly why.

Just so  beautiful!  Do you have great plans this weekend? I don’t know what I’ll be doing just yet, but I know whatever it is, it will be outdoors related. We are being smiled upon with this lovely weather that is set to continue this weekend. I am sorry if you’re still covered in snow. However, I have a feeling the weather will be getting better in your neck of the woods soon tooSmile. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! XX
PS. You’ll regret it if you don’t enter the giveaway below! It’s truly an awesome one!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Enamel Signs Giveaway via Danish Company-Ramsign!

I know how much you all love Danish design and that is why I am beyond thrilled to bring you this giveaway today! A Danish company, Ramsign, is offering one of you(my beloved readers) a chance to receive a personalized enamel house sign or number sign for your home. Can you believe that?

Their enameled signs are not only classic in their design thus making them timeless, but also very durable:
The most obvious quality of the products is the classic design that is well understood and appreciated by generations over most of Europe. The main functional quality is the extreme hardness of the enamel, which provides resistance to sun, water and dirt.All Ramsign signs are enameled on the back to prevent corrosion. This ensures every sign a long, virtually maintenance-free life.

There are also five different styles that you could choose from, so they cater to different styles and tastes.


This giveaway is open to everyone-it doesn’t matter where you live! Also, you get a 30 year warranty on Ramsign’s products:
RAMSIGN's products are not only pleasing for the eye, but they are also designed for maximum durability. All RAMSIGN's plates are manufactured 100% in conformity with the indigenous craft traditions and comes with 30 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Ramsign's promise to quality is well known and has been a matter of course since the foundation of the company.

To Enter:
The giveaway is open to all of my followers. If you’re a new follower, just indicate this in your comment

Additional entries:
Tweet about this awesome giveaway and comment here that you did
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Also, please leave an email address so I can find you if your entry doesn’t link to one . Thank you! Good luck! XX
Giveaway ends March 3rd.


It’s all in the details.

Let’s just say that I really, really love this duo’s styleSmile. The temperature is supposed to be in the 70’s today, hence, it’s going to be a great day! XX

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful.

It’s no secret that I’m not afraid to be bold in my décor. A bold approach doesn’t have to be “over the top.” In fact the meaning of bold is quite relative from one person to the next. For one person, it could mean tossing  a couple Jonathan Adler throw pillows on a couch, while for someone else it could mean wallpapering an entire kitchen with some Ferm Living Wallpaper, or painting an accent wall for another.  However, a bold gesture is a definitive way to let ones personality shine through in ones home.  Do you dare to be bold in your décor?  Happy Wednesday my lovelies. XX

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