Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stalking Ligne Roset+ Thank Yous!

I have been enamored with Ligne Roset for ages.  Though there isn’t a store less than 5hours away from me, that hasn’t stopped be from studying their catalogs(which I receive in the mail) and highlighting the pieces I love for the day when I am ready to purchase.

That day may be very soon. You see, now that I’m building a new home, I have the urge to buy new furniture. Dearest husband is not a happy camperSmile. However, for now my focus is just on one room and even he agrees with my great insight.  Our new great room will devour my current sofa because it has much higher ceilings than the great room of  my previous home. Therefore, a new sofa that is bigger is in order. What better place to lurk than at Ligne Roset?

Gorgeous colour, isn’t it? Too small for what I’m looking for, but I could place it elsewhere…

We could all huddle on this at one of my partiesSmile

Seating that would be perfect for the media room, loving the luscious pop of colour . How about the storage unit-quite sleek , is it not?

     Yesterday, I received the Stylish Blogger Award from the lovely ladies of DesignChic. I am super ecstatic to be bestowed such an award from these ladies since their site is the epitome of style. I will accept the award properly in a future post, but wanted to thank them today! Thank you ladies!
     In addition, though very very late, A BIG THANK YOU to Jemina, Kelli G of Bug Miscellany, One Crafty Fox, and Girl About Oslo for passing on awards to me toward the end of last year. It was a very busy time for me then, so I wasn’t able to formally accept the awards. I will remedy that soonSmile.   I love these ladies!

Some more eye candy from Ligne Roset. This speaks to my colourful soul!

Although of late I prefer fabric to leather, I still love these-great for lounging…

I am not shopping for a bed, but I couldn’t resist posting this. I just love how that lusciously blue wall contrasts with the grey in the bed. The Ligne Roset catalog has much more for you to peruse and you can see more details about a piece(s)that you like. Things seem to be finally getting back to some normalcy today. Schools will be in session(although on a two hour delay) and I think it will be safe for this island girl to get behind the wheels and get outside and do something! Have a great Thursday my friends. XX


  1. All those rooms are so gorgeous!

  2. I agree, they have the most wonderful things! The only thing I have from them is a vase, though, but it's a very pretty vase!

  3. Hi girl...
    Great choices...

    Have a great day

  4. Good morning, beautiful! OH THAT BLUE SOFA was MINE!!!! are going to have so much fun sneaking in your ideas....hubby will get used to it..they all do!!!! HAAA! WE STRIKE AGAIN! LONG LIVE THE DESIGN DIVAS!

    Enjoy dearest, Anita

  5. I love that blue wall, too! So deep and sensual!

  6. What eye catching decor. Loved each of them. If I had to chooose it would be a difficult one!

  7. Those sofas are beyond amazing darling, swoooonnnnn!!!!!!!!!!


  8. These spaces and furnishings are amazing, darling!
    Loving the turquoise sofas!


  9. They are all just great images, much inspiration and the views in that last one - wowza! also the wood on the walls in the one with the yellow sofas, very very cool.

  10. So much inspiration in all these images...I constantly want to change my house when I see posts like this one! LOL I am looking for a new color for the kitchen (it's been the same color for a year now)! xoxo

  11. Hey Stacey! What a coincidence. I also just nominated you for that same award. Come to my blog and take a look. Have a great day!

  12. wonderful inspiration! loving the pops of color!
    <3 Cara
    Lilac and Grey

  13. These are some inspirational shots.
    Have a happy day, Stacey xxx

  14. I'm SO into everything colour right now and I just LOVE everything turquoise!
    Gorgeous interiors!

    Con grats to the Stylish Blogger Award! :-)

    Love from Dubai!

  15. We're on the hunt for a new sofa and now I have even more eye candy to tempt me. That first one is amazing! :)

    Congrats on the well deserved award, sweetie!

  16. That white ornately panelled room makes me crazy- so gorgeous. Love Ligne Roset!!!

  17. I love the blue ones! Of course you're styling my dear!

  18. So many amazing stuff..I love all those rooms and the white one is totally cool:) Hugs and kisses

  19. Oh my goodness, I am in love with all of these!

    P.S. I'm still looking for Big Sister for my mentor program! If you're interested, let me know!

  20. Tell your hubby, 'happy wife-happy life' LOL!
    It's official, I'll paint my room dark this year!
    Thanks Stacey!

  21. I've always loved that togo sofa. It just looks so comfy!

  22. uh complete interior design eye candy! this is so my style!

  23. Indeed a plethora of fabulous choices. Can't wait to see what you choose.

  24. i really love the blues in the first photo...have fun picking out a new sofa :)

  25. Love the third image, beautiful sofa. I'm sure whatever you pick will be stunning since your last home was beautiful. Have fun furniture shopping!

  26. oooh. so many pretties...

    we just bought a new sofa, after agonizing over a decisions for like, six months. it's not the world's prettiest, but it's comfy and it's gray. and relatively kitten proof (a neccesity since they DESTROYed our previous one).

    what a relief it must be to see the end of the snowpacalypse! :)

    and thanks for the mention! <3 you too of course. :)

  27. There's so many elements to love in these! I love the furniture, and white intricate detailed wall is also a favourite.

    lovely! thanks for sharing.

  28. how fun is furniture shopping! my dream is to have a ligne roset or a roche bobois.

  29. Oh Stacey,
    your blog is so wonderful. There is nothing like it in Germany.
    I like this post
    wonderful colors and i love this black wall.
    Greetings from bavar

  30. Congratulations on the new home!! How exciting!! I know you will fill it with only the most beautiful and stylish new things ;)

  31. Oh dear! How are you ever going to decide between this delectable selection? No doubt you will pick something fab though - and then be able to change the look with colourful off beat accesories to reflect the many styles of Stacey. Enjoy!

  32. I love all of these images and have no doubt that you will make the perfect choices for your new home. What I love the most is the playfulness of your soul. So creative! Mona

  33. Love the blue--and the sectional is great too!

  34. I love the 2 rooms with the white walls - especially the one with the crackling paint! :)

    Thanks for coming by Sofia's Ideas and leaving a comment. I hope to see you back again! :)

  35. Thanks for that getaway, don;t you love how pictures have the power to "take us away" even if only for a few minutes. That is SOME place...WOW! Incredibly dreamy.
    Since we both love design and decor please stop by my new blog

    Its about the building of our new home, my passion for decor and design. Hope you come have a great blog, will follow!

  36. love love the big gray sectional one. one for me too :)


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