Monday, January 31, 2011

Tomorrow is Today: An Architect’s Home.

I know I’m posting twice today-unbelievable! However, I had to post this home tour(spotted here).  This home belongs to an architect and no it’s not cold. In fact it’s quite the opposite. His name is Warren Techentin (his wife is Mimi Techentin) and they live in Los Feliz, California.  I think  his home is universally appealing and it is bursting at the seams with all of my favourites; colour, books, wallpaper, beautiful lighting, sexy furniture and I could go on and on…However, since I really should be getting some work done instead of posting, why don’t you just see for yourself?Smile.

Très magnifique, no? XX

Floral love inspired by the weekend.

The weekend was such a pleasant surprise. You see,  for two days I almost forgot about the treacherous weather from a few weeks ago and that we were still in Winter. We were blessed with such beautiful weather, the type that conjures up images of bees buzzing in the air and butterflies hovering over their favorite flowers. My mind is still in that place which explains my fondness for all things floral today.

These lovely ladies are clad in D&G Spring 2011 collection. Florals never looked so good. I hope everyone had a restful weekend. XX

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sleeping in...

Love the symmetry in this dreamy bedroom- design addict mom
I have been running around all week meeting with contractors and choosing different items for the house.  The weekend couldn’t get here soon enough for me. All I can think about is staying in bed and not have anything to do.  The house is coming along beautifully and I will share updates next week. I have to control myself to try not to bombard you with the house updates but it’s hard not to…However, this weekend, there will be no meetings with contractors, no talk of deadlines, this girl will be in dreamland for most of the time.

Moody bedroom- design addict mom

Bedroom with Lavender Touches- design addict mom

French country style bedroom- design addict mom

Modern bedroom- design addict mom

Does anyone intend to linger in bed too this weekend? Whatever you do, I hope it will be a magnificent weekend for you! Enjoy! xx
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Browsing the Aisles at Pier 1.

I visited our local Pier 1 over the weekend and snapped some pictures while browsing their aisles. Sometimes, I tend to  just pop in there (although I don’t need to purchase anything) because my senses get such a treat!  I can’t get enough of their colourful kitchen items/ wares OR

the delicious scents from their candles and potpourri wafting in the air.

my shopping buddies; Baby Z and his DaddySmile

I  had a difficult time getting up out of this swing piece! So comfy! Do you see the brown chairs to the right? I have them in white-remember this post from my deck redo(though I just sold that house)… Anyway, they look great in that dark brown too. I wish I had taken a better picture so you could have a complete view of them.

Pier 1 always has such great sales too!  I am a huge fan of Pier 1!  Do you have a Pier 1 in your area?  Yay for Thursday-it’s almost the weekend my lovelies. XX

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amazing Graffiti Artist+ Award Nod.

David Walker is a very talented graffiti artist. One would never know that he only started to hone this craft three years ago. He also doesn’t incorporate the use of brushes!  David says that,“People are normally quite surprised the work is made from spray paint and I think many are also surprised they actually like the work when its outside on a wall; suddenly they have connected with a scene that they previously had no time for at all.” 

I would love for him to do a portrait of Baby Z! It would be Amazing!

Ok, let’s talk about the award before I get carried away with David’s work.  I was recently awarded the blogger with style award from some great ladies;DesignChic, A Dose of Pretty, Life Among Mountains, and Live.Like.You.  What an honor! This prestigious award involves me telling you 7 things about myself that you might not already know, BUT since you know so much about me already, let’s go for 4 things insteadSmile.
  • I have only brothers
  • I am a first born
  • I am really terrible at finding places(directions) Thank God for the GPS!
  • I once burned down a tree accidentally when I lived in Italy. The hubby was away and I was a bit over zealous in my Christmas decoration. There was a pine tree in the front yard(perfect for decorating) and i  lacking in my electrical knowledge adorned it with a gazillion number of lights without ensuring that I didn’t plug too many lights together. Anyway, that was the day I learned the word bruciato (burnt in Italian) from my Italian neighbors and friends.  I was notoriously known on Via de Gasperie(the street where I lived) as the girl who burnt down the tree.
I should be passing the awards on to other bloggers, but you’ve all made that task difficult since you’re all so stylish! I mean it! Therefore, I pass this award on to each of you. You all deserve it! Thank you again, DesignChic, A Dose of Pretty, Life Among Mountains, and Live.Like.You!

Some more of David’s “awesomeness”:

This is not traditional art, but I think that is what appeals to me and his portraits are so soulful! I can envision a big piece of his work  on canvas hanging beautifully in the new house. What do you think(your cup of tea or not)? Happy Wednesday everyone! XX

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cooking with Paule Caillat

     I’ve been lucky enough to savor exquisite cuisines from my dining experiences in Paris. However, those experiences pale in comparison to what I could have on one of  Paule Caillat’s( a Parisian cooking extraordinaire)  Promenades Gourmandes. According to the site, Promenades Gourmandes offer experiences where you:
 Enjoy an unforgettable day in the capital of gastronomy as you combine the pleasures of strolling the markets, choosing ingredients, composing a menu, preparing an authentic French meal, and savoring the delicious result with hand-picked wines.Cooking classes and macarons classes are taught in the specially designed kitchen of gourmet Paule Caillat, for a fun and friendly learning atmosphere in a Parisian home.
     Can you imagine such a life changing experience? I don’t feel it is a far fetched notion to harbor in my thoughts; one day, I’ll be side by side with the great Paule. However, until then, I am happy just to be able to feast my eyes on her Amazing kitchen and I mean Amazing!!  I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you, plus, you get to see one of her classes in progress-such a treat!

Paule at work (weighing butter for tart crust)

delicious looking cheese plate

arranging fig slices on the almond filling in the tart

cleaning up after a meal in such a kitchen cannot be labeled a chore..

A wine wall is such a great feature in a kitchen, is it not?; I’m loving the red too.

I hope you all had a splendid and fun weekend. I sure did.  I saw the movie, The King's Speech this weekend and i thoroughly enjoyed it; definitely a must see! So, wouldn't you just love to be in one of Paule’s Caillat’s cooking classes? Especially when they’re held in such a magnificent kitchenSmile. Have a great day my friends and welcome to Monday. XX