Monday, November 8, 2010

Scenes from the weekend.

random 061
This weekend was actually dry and sunny-yay! Hence, we spent most of out time outside. Baby Z loves to water the flowers(although they’re struggling because it gets so cold at nights).  We even took a short trip out of town where I was reminded of how important technology is. You see, I was shopping for baby Z in the Gap store when one of the clerks said to me, “you know, if you put on your facebook page that you’re  at the Gap store and state its location, you would get 40% off.” I said “really?” while simultaneously reaching for my HTC Evo phone. It was so simple because I already had my facebook icon on my phone and I just typed in that I was shopping at the Gap and gave its location and Voila!  On my home from the trip, I couldn’t help but think that if I wasn’t abreast of technology, then I wouldn’t have been able to save some money.  We do live in a dynamic society where technology is center stage.  It’s definitely advantageous to keep abreast of it all, don’t you think?

random 072
The hubby watching over his son. Awww.  For some reason, baby Z is enamored with Ginger’s (our dog) bowl and its contents. Thankfully, so far, I’ve been able to stop him from giving Ginger’s dog food the taste testSmile.

random 469
Striking a pose at a fountain in my downtown area

random 479
He loves to pull the blinds to the side so that he can see Ginger. I usually have it up for him so that he can peek out at his leisure…
I hope you all had a superb weekend. Setting the clock back an hour always takes some getting used to. I have to also reset my internal clock and I think it has affected baby Z’s sleep pattern this weekend too.  Welcome to Monday my friends. XX

PS. Tomorrow, I’ll have a fantastic giveaway for everyone! Can’t wait!


  1. awe! i love this post!!!! yay that z's daddy is home!!!! and he is just too cute. i love him!!!

    i hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the week!!

    fashion blog allister bee

  2. Looks like a great weekend!
    That picture of you in the purple tights is great and baby Z is cute as always :)

    Have a great Monday!

  3. Awwwww! He is so cute! Thanks for giving us a peek into your life! P.S. Love your studded leggings!

  4. I swear baby Z is too cute for words - so are your outfits!

  5. Oh my goodness, so much sweetness (and utter cuteness) here! Adore the Baby Z pix (pulling the blinds aside to see the dog -love it), but also *loved* (lurved) seeing fab-gorgeous you!! :) Thanks for this little peek into your lovely weekend - so very happy for you that your hubby's around and Baby Z gets to enjoy his daddy's company!!

  6. Baby Z is such a darling!
    I would love to squeeeeze him, Stacey~
    ps: you are one hot mama!


  7. WOWZERS! Are you SERIOUSLY in Hot Leggings and boots out playing in the yard with that sweet boy??? That makes you a ROCKSTAR! I would be in sweats and tennies...Those leggings and the boots are Rockin!!!
    And then the picture of you by the fountain...You are SMOKIN HOT! I wish i looked that "together" all the time!!!
    Heartwarming post and pics of your family reunited...

    Thanks for sharing the sweet moments Love...

    GIVEAWAY! Hhhmmm... Teaser! LOL!

  8. Your son is just too adorable and he has a hot mama! Thanks for sharing family pictures :)

    And I am still struggling with the time change, as are the children and dogs who were up at 5 am this morning, UGH!


  9. Looks like a great bweekend.
    Love the blog.

  10. Aww your little one is so cute! Such a wonderful little boy:)
    Thank you so much for sharing those weekend photos:)
    Kisses my dear
    Happy Monday

  11. Baby Z is so adorable - what a chap;-)
    I adore the first and last photos of you.
    Your curls are looking really happy and healthy, as they should by the way;-)

  12. Hi
    Just gave you an award.
    Come, and pick it up:)

    Have a nice day!

  13. You look amazing in those purple tights! And I know I've said this before, but I'm so in love with Baby Z. If we got one of Z and Ginger together, I think I'd just explode from all the cuteness. :)

  14. Your little guy is SO cute!!! As, of course, are you in your purple leggings :)

  15. I love this post! I'm so glad that you had such a gorgeous weekend with your gorgeous family, sweetie! Happy Monday xoxo

  16. Great pictures! Sounds like a fun weekend :)

  17. yay, stacey...power shopper. i love the 40%discount! your photos are wonderful...thanks for sharing, stacey. (you look marvelous, darling!)

  18. Baby Z is a cutie! Congrats on the super savings!

  19. Love your photos! You are such a beauty! Looking fab in your outfits and your fun pose by the fountain! :) Baby Z is such a cutie. So funny that he's enamored with the dog bowl. Go figure! Glad you had such a good weekend! :)

  20. Great shots Stacey. Loving your purple tights!! How lovely to have a family weekend, just stopping and smelling the roses together. Your deck is looking great too. Bet it's changed your life having that extra space... I'm yearning for one!! Pruxxx

  21. geeeeeez he is so cute!!

    thanks for the Gap tip - i had no idea, but i just got a smart phone for work today (huzzah!), so i'll be sure to keep that in mind. ;)

    ps - thanks for you kind words. this weekend was kind of a tuffy, but we made it through! :P

  22. Hi Stacey, aww your son is so adorable!!! You also look good, girl!!!

    Kristin xx

  23. What a lovely shot of you, and he is such an adorable little guy! Sounds like a good weekend!

  24. Love seeing Baby Z...looks like a fun relaxing weekend!!

  25. Look how chic you are! So gorgeous, love the purple leggings! And Zion is darling, too! Ahhh, technology, gotta love it! XX!

  26. awww looks like you had a wonderful weekend with the family. you are one beautiful and statuesque woman! lovely shot in front of the fountain. adore the pic of your son peeking out the door

  27. Looks like a lovely weekend and Baby Z is super cute. And you look so gorgeous in the fountain pic! Rachaelxx

  28. Hi Stacy!
    What a fun post! Your baby is soooo cute and you so stylish as you pose next to the fountain with your pretty pink hat and purple leggings! So glad your hubby is back especially during this time of the year. There is just something extra fun about November and December - oh yes...I know what it is - Christmas!!
    many blessings!

  29. Oh, WOW, you look FABULOUS, and look at how cute your son is (awwwwwwww), I love this post so much!!!


  30. Hi Stacey,
    I'm happy for you as I can see you've been have a great weekend gathered with your complete family..
    You looked great on the pic and baby Z with his dad were so adorable.

    Pls enjoy your day, my friend!

  31. How adorable :-) You look great in the third image! Such a cute look.

    I hope your week is off to a fabulous start...cheers: Evi

  32. He is such a cutie, and so curious they are at that age. OH, you're looking fab too!

  33. You look RIDICULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!! it must be all that happiness radiating for hubby being home :)

  34. Awww....he's adorable! Love your puffer coat.

  35. De très jolies photos de famille, qu'est ce qu'il est mignon ton garçon.

  36. Striking lady (gorgeous model!), striking family!

    I love seeing pictures of your adorable son together with his Dad. It warms my heart.

    Love to you,


  37. Loving this peek into your family-filled and fun-filled weekend!

  38. How could I have missed this one..?!!
    You guys are adorable and the one where Mr Design Addict (aka 'Dad') is looking over young Z brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how many pictures you are snapping of your lovely men - one big one small! :)

    Beautiful (as are you by the fountain there missy!!)!

    C xx

    P.S. No email subscription link.. Tina just added hers, perhaps she can guide you? I am DESPERATE!! :) xx

  39. your little one is SO cute and you are SO chic! Incredibly so :)

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