Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas...

How is everyone? I have missed you all terribly! My Connecticut visit was a blast and it is  so breathtakingly beautiful there at this time of year! However, while it was great to visit with family, I am thrilled to be back in my own home and bed, and also to have baby Z back on his regular sleeping schedule.  I also can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to.

Have you all started to decorate for Christmas yet? I’m sure a number of you have your Christmas trees up already. I love a colourful Christmas tree and colourful Christmas décor, but I can’t help being drawn to the crispness and simplicity of a white Christmas like the one depicted in these photographs.

These soothing Christmas inspiration pictures are from the portfolio of  the talented photographer, Sandra Aslaken. Do you like your Christmas décor to be extravagant or do you apply a bit of restraint? Personally, I have to have some type of drama which usually translates into colourSmile. Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? Happy Tuesday everyone! XX


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Casa Los Nardos + Connecticut bound!

As you view this magical place, we're headed to Connecticut to spend Thanksgiving with family. We're taking a road trip which promises to be quite adventurous with baby Z on board! This house is referred to as Casa Los Nardos and is a remodel. Schmidt Arquitectos are the masterminds behind this amazing remodel and don't you just love the architectural lines of this place? Besides the luscious trees that create the perfect cocoon for this nest, i love the southwestern vibe that the interior has mixed in with some modern touches.

Since i probably will not be blogging for the next couple of days(and will not be able to visit you today since this was a prescheduled post), i am wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, well, have a fantastic Thursday and a joyful weekend! See you all here again next week! XX

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yellow Curtains + Final Birthday Sneak Peek.

curtains 001
These are the yellow curtains/drapes that I referred to in my yellow post last week. I really do love ‘em!

Birthday-34 080
Birthday-34 067
Yesterday, i posted part one, now here is the finale:
The hubby, baby Z and I had a lovely simple birthday celebration at home. I decorated with stuff from around the house and I paid about $6 for the balloons.

Birthday-34 077 Birthday-34 073
On the menu was some jerk chicken(Jamaican style). The hubby is a master chef and makes finger licking good jerk chicken! We had salad, roasted corn, baked potato  and mango sorbet rounded out the course as dessert.  Red stripe beer and wine were the beverages of choiceSmile.  My birthday celebration is officially over, I promise! Happy Monday everyone! XX

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthday Peek Part 1 featuring Jaclyn Anthony Designs.

Birthday-34 007
It was all about a dash of leopard for me in my attire as I celebrated my birthday this weekend. I am especially smitten with this gorgeous custom leopard cuff/bracelet called the Bri that I ordered from Jaclyn of Jaclyn Anthony Designs. This cuff  has wow factor and Jaclyn certainly did not disappoint! If really unique jewelry pieces appeal to you, then head over to her etsy shop!

Birthday-34 016
Do you see these earrings? Gorgeous, aren’t they? Well, they were a birthday present from Jaclyn. She also designed those! I love my birthday present Jaclyn-thank you! Stay tuned for part two(i'm really extending this b'day thing for as long as i can:-))…XX

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dominique Vorillon and Thank You!

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I truly felt loved! I had a super time last night and it will be a party filled weekend for sure! Why not celebrate for more than one days, right? Yes, this birthday was even extra special because the hubby was home to share it with me too!
Today, I’m sharing some eye candy spaces from Dominique Vorillon. I first saw him on another blog(don’t remember the name). I bookmarked him then, and I recently saw him featured at desire to inspire. I love how his  portfolio’s repertoire has something for everyone.  It’s a feast for the eyes, especially for someone as visual as myself… 

Any special plans this weekend?  Whatever you do, enjoy it! Have a fantastic weekend everyone and much love to each of you! XX


My Giveaway Prize + Giveaway Winner!

random 033
random 034
I love my giveaway prize(the one that Kara of Elements Interiors sponsored)-it smells so good too. Plus, I received a book and a nice decanter. The lovely Kara even included something for the hubby tooSmile. Thank you Kara!  The winner for the giveaway that I partnered with Kara on is Joni Taylor!  Congrats Joni! You’re definitely in for a treat! Kara will be contacting you shortlySmile. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Birthday + New Look!

When you arise in the morning think of what a
privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love …
Marcus Aurelius

random 022
I know it’s a privilege and a blessing that I have lived to see today, my birthday, the day I become the beautiful age of thirty four. Yup, I am thirty four today!

I wanted to mark this special day virtually by also giving my blog  and tumblr a new look. The talented and gorgeous Shari of Little Blue Deer brought my vision to fruition.  I am thrilled with the outcome and hope you like it too! Thank you Shari!

This evening, I’ll be busy in front of the mirror donning my glamour look for a night out on the town. Can’t wait! Aren’t you happy it’s Thursday? XX
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I’ve been admiring yellow lately and its many variations. In fact, I recently put up some yellow curtains that I had custom made for my kitchen(yes, even though I’m moving and there’s a for sale sign outside) I am in love with them. I was inspired from a yellow handbag that I have. I had it on the kitchen table one day and thought, I really love how the yellow pops against the colour green that is in my kitchen. So, I took the handbag with me to the fabric store, matched it and placed the order for my curtains.  This was all before I decided to sell the house and build a new one( I will show pics of the curtains and of the progress of the  new house in another post). In any case, I made sure the measurements of the curtains would fit the windows of the new house.  Anyway, a little pop of yellow can do wonders to  enliven a space and add a wow factor; just like the sofa in the space above.

This yellow door is perfect for the façade of the house. I love yellow paired with black and white. It has a bit of dramatic air.

Oooh, la, la, see what I mean! Dramatic (for sure), stunning and might I add sexy!

Splashes of yellow in the accessories is perfection for this neutral room.

A yellow wall as headboard equals a very cool bedroom!

Some neon yellow chairs in this loft space create a funky mix!

After Monday’s lethargy, I’m definitely feeling refreshed today and hope you all are too! Happy Wednesday! XX
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Some stripes, colour and whimsy!

I am quite lethargic this morning and not feeling quite ready for Monday. This China Vogue editorial somehow mimics how I’m feeling right now; not quite ready to open the box that is called Monday…

Yup, i even thought of going back to lay down and pretend that it was still the weekend! However, baby Z would not have it!

Looking for some coffee! Smile

One final attempt to rebel against opening Monday’s box all the way… 

For additional info on what the model is wearing and to see more pics, click here. Well, I am off to have some coffee. Welcome to Monday my friends. I hope everyone had a fab weekend! XX

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Simple home + Veteran’s Day.

Yesterday, we got a wonderful dose of colour from our friend, Miles Redd. Today, we’re going take it down a notch with this beautiful mostly white space.

The sprinkling of the brown tones from the floor and furniture is a lovely contrast, definitely not jarring.

Isn’t the design of the dining table unique? Black in the middle and white on the ends. It’s probably extendable too.

Loft bedroom-love it!

Lovely vignette with a quiet and peaceful edge

An industrial and functional kitchen

Aren’t the living spaces gorgeous, especially the one with the wall of books? So cozy…

I adore this collage on the walls behind the sofa. I love the efficient use of space too.

A nice and simple bedroom that only lends itself to some great pillow time. That rocking chair seems to just be waiting on me to sit in it…
Today is Veteran’s day and I just wanted us all to  acknowledge it by remembering our veterans; those who have served/still serve and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. I’m grateful to have my vet home and my thoughts and prayers are with those(and their families) who are still away serving their country. Happy Thursday everyone! XX